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definition and features and types of instructions

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  1. 1. INSTRUCTIONS Class 6, Unit no 1 Miss Seema Rafiq
  2. 2. What Instructions Are? Instructions are a list of directions that tells us how to do, complete or avoid any task or activity. In simple words INSTRUCTIONS tells us how to do what and what not. OR We can say that Instructions guides us and tell us to do things correctly.
  3. 3. Features of Instructions Instructions have these features:  Title  Headings  List of requirements  Clear sequence of steps for readers to follow  Expected outcomes  Simple and direct language  Use of the second person “you”  Use of the Imperatives  Verbs to identify actions that have to be performed
  4. 4. Instructions for cooking
  5. 5. Instructions for Recipes • Instructions plays an important role in preparing food. • This covers all the important features of instructions like: • Title • Headings • Ingredients • Clear sequence of steps • Use of imperatives • Expected outcome
  6. 6. Examples of different types of instructions Instructions are involved in almost every aspect of our lives for example: • Working • educations • Business • Sports • Organizations • Health • Safety
  7. 7. Classroom Instructions
  8. 8. Use of Imperatives for instructions • Use the imperative for directions. Turn left.Stop!
  9. 9. Use of imperatives for instructions For road safety Use a seat belt.Follow road signs.
  10. 10. Use the imperative for instructions. • For warning….. Watch out for that bicycle. slow down ………
  11. 11. . Don’t park here. 1. Don’t stop. Park here 1. Stop. 2. Pass on the left. 3.Turn on your lights. 4. Exit here. 2. Don’t pass on the left. 3. Don’t turn on your lights. 4. Don’t exit here.
  12. 12. . 1. Go. 2. Walk. Example: Stop. 1. 2.
  13. 13. 3. Don’t park here. 4. Turn right. 3. 4.
  14. 14. Importance of instructions • Instructions are very helpful to us. • If we do not follow instructions, we will not know how to do things, or we will end up with things that do not work. • Similarly, if we do not give proper instructions to people, they will not know how to do certain tasks.
  15. 15. Class Activity • Show the class how to use the computer. • Show the class how to use the multimedia. • Suppose you are a sports coach….prepare your team for an inter school tournament. • See the flash card and write the recipe following the features of instructions.