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From DevTestOops to DevTestOps

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DevOps is growing in popularity in last years, particularly in (software) companies that want to reduce its lead time (time to business value from idea to production) measured in days/weeks instead of months/years?

If you want your software to do the right things and do these things right, you need to test it implacably.

The big problem is that companies see (and it is) the testing phase as the bottleneck of the process slowing down product release. To change that, we need a new way of testing our applications, making the release of an application a testing process as well, and involve QA since the beginning within the team. QAs are not a separate team anymore (DevTestOps).

What is the role of QAs in this new approach? How is the testing pyramid affected? How you can fail on trying to speed up release frequency?

In this session, we will not only describe but also actively demonstrate several techniques that you can use immediately following the session for testing applications like unicorns.

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From DevTestOops to DevTestOps

  1. 1. @alexsotob1 Testing in Production. From DevTestOops to DevTestOps Alex Soto Bueno
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  5. 5. @alexsotob5 I think that is the most stupidest thing I ever heard it. — Gideon Grey “
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  7. 7. @alexsotob7 https://puppet.com/resources/whitepaper/state-of-devops-report High-performing organizations are decisively outperforming their lower performing peers ... 

  8. 8. @alexsotob8 https://puppet.com/resources/whitepaper/state-of-devops-report 46X46X More Deployments
  9. 9. @alexsotob9 https://puppet.com/resources/whitepaper/state-of-devops-report 440X440X Shorter Lead Times
  10. 10. @alexsotob10 https://puppet.com/resources/whitepaper/state-of-devops-report 96X96X Mean Time to Recover
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  14. 14. @alexsotob14 OPS PMO DBASEC BIZ DEV QA
  15. 15. @alexsotob15 Continuous integration and testing Build Test Continuous delivery and deployment Release Deploy Continuous operations Operate Monitor Continuous Improvement Continuous Improvement
  16. 16. @alexsotob16 QA Bottleneck
  17. 17. @alexsotob17 I don’t want to survive. I want to live. — Captain B. McCrea “
  18. 18. @alexsotob18 We are on Production
  19. 19. @alexsotob19 Shit! We break Production Environment
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  21. 21. @alexsotob21 Production is not sacrosanct anymore
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  23. 23. @alexsotob23 - Unit Tests - Component Tests - Static Analysis - Coverage Tests - Benchmark Tests - Contract Tests - Acceptance Tests - Mutation Tests - Smoke Tests - UI/UX Tests - Penetration Tests - Integration Tests - Tap Compare - Load Tests - Shadowing - Config Tests - Canarying - Dark Canaries - Monitoring - Feature Flagging - Exception Tracking - Feature Graduation - Teeing - Profiling - Logs - Chaos Testing - Monitoring - A/B Testing - Tracing - Auditing - OnCall Experience - Journey tests Cindy Sridharan Pre-Production Testing In Production Deploy Release Post Release The New ¿Pyramid?
  24. 24. @alexsotob24 But wow! Am I so ready for this change. — Anna “
  25. 25. @alexsotob25 Regression-free versions (tap compare)
  26. 26. @alexsotob26 Diferencia
  27. 27. @alexsotob27 Simple Comparison
  28. 28. @alexsotob28 Noise Detection Comparison
  29. 29. @alexsotob29 Blue-Green Deployments
  32. 32. Blue/Green Deployment CI/CD PRODUCTION ROUTER USERS SCM
  33. 33. Blue/Green Deployment CD/CD PRODUCTION ROUTER USERS SCM
  34. 34. @alexsotob34 Canary Release
  35. 35. @alexsotob35 CI/CD PRODUCTION ROUTER USERS SCM
  36. 36. @alexsotob36 CI/CD PRODUCTION ROUTER USERS SCM
  37. 37. @alexsotob37 CI/CD PRODUCTION ROUTER USERS SCM
  38. 38. @alexsotob38 CI/CD PRODUCTION ROUTER USERS SCM
  39. 39. @alexsotob39 CI/CD PRODUCTION ROUTER USERS SCM
  40. 40. @alexsotob40 CI/CD PRODUCTION ROUTER USERS SCM
  41. 41. @alexsotob41 CI/CD PRODUCTION ROUTER USERS SCM
  42. 42. @alexsotob @AndyGeeDe42 Dark Launches
  45. 45. @alexsotob45 Feature Graduation
  46. 46. @alexsotob46
  47. 47. @alexsotob47 Service A Feature Graduation Service B v1 Service B v2 user-preference:”123*” Service B v3 user-preference:”12*” experimental beta production
  48. 48. @alexsotob48 Service A Feature Graduation Service B v2 Service B v3 user-preference:”12*” beta production Both experimental and beta levels
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  55. 55. @alexsotob55 Istio — ‘Sail’ (Kubernetes — the ‘Helmsman’)
  56. 56. @alexsotob56 Put on your Sunday clothes there's lots of world out there. — Wall-E “ [http://bit.ly/istio-tutorial] [http://bit.ly/istio-cheat-sheet-v1]
  57. 57. @alexsotob57 Every adventure requires a first step. — Alice “
  58. 58. @alexsotob58 Start with the most sympathetic and innovative groups MarketGrowth Time 2.5% 13,5% 34% 34% 16% The Chasm Early Adopters Innovators Early Majority Late Majority Laggards The Technology Adoption Curve (Source: Moore and McKenna, Crossing The Chasm)
  59. 59. @alexsotob59 No chance, no way I won't say it, no, no. — Meg “
  60. 60. @alexsotob60 And Now What? Evangelism Test Guardians Bridge To Management Define Strategies Write Tests No Manual Tests, No Maintenance Tasks
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