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WCIT 2012 - Assespro Oficial Bid Book

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WCIT 2012 - Assespro Oficial Bid Book

  2. 2.        World Congress on Information  Technology    WCIT 2016 Brasilia, Brazil    Exploring Paths Ahead: Discover,  Embrace, Thrive    May 15‐18, 2016      1 
  3. 3.   Table of ContentsBrazilian Proponent 3Project 8 Executive Summary 8 Project Requirements 11 Financials 13 Program 21Brazil & Brasilia 24 ITC 28Letters of Support 35       2 
  5. 5.  ASSESPROAssespro is an active organization comprised of dynamic businesses who striveto stay ahead of the curve. Our homepage (www.assespro.org.br) is chock fullof parallel conferences, gatherings, regional information and informationexchange. We are excited to receive global public policy representatives in SãoPaulo for WITSA’s GPPS2013 and look forward to continuing to bring the world´sITC best to Brazil through Assespro´s activities with ALETI and WITSA.Assespro will celebrate our fortieth anniversary during WCIT 2016 Brasilia.Founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1976, it is among the oldest IT business entities inthe world and the first in Brazil.Through the years, Assespro has successfully defended the interests of Brazilianinformation companies ensuring Assespro’s importance as recognized in all levelsof government. Further, Assespro is an active member of the Committee forInformation Technology and the Internet Steering Committee of Brazil’s Ministryof Science and Technology.Assespro’s strategy is to strengthen its associates and thereby contribute to jobcreation by a dual focus on broadening demand in the internal market andincreasing exports. These actions are implemented by Assespro National Boardon the federal level while the Assespro Regional Boards participate in theirspecific areas. Among the principal benefits that members of Assespro enjoyare: Generating opportunities for growth Political representation Market interaction Up-to-date policy informationITC in Brazil: Yesterday and TodayEstimates put the amount of direct jobs from ITC in Brazil at around 600,000people in 2012. Since 2003, the number of IT companies grew at a rate of 4.3%per year. By 2012, there are expected to be 73,000 ITC companies. Thesoftware and IT services industry is composed of many small companies. Morethan 95% of them have 19 or fewer people employed and opportunities aboundas international ventures seek viable partnerships in Brazil. Moreover, thenumber of companies with over 20 PE have grown at an average rate of 10.9%since 2003.From 2003-2009, net income for the software and IT services industry grew, inreal terms, 8.2% annually. In 2012, the forecast of sector revenue is US$40.7billion; 1.8% of Brazilian GNP.This is a stark contrast to the mid 70s when the main client for informationproducts was a Brazilian government banking institution, the Caixa EconômicaFederal who hired most of the large services required by the government andIBM who needed punched cards. There were a few software companies, some 3 
  6. 6.  others rented equipment, most companies punched cards. All of these weresmall enterprises, very small, but numerous.This market was not controlled by the federal government, unlike the majority ofproducts and services at the time, therefore pricing was chaotic and variedwidely. It was in the card punching and data input services that mostcompanies were able to maintain sufficient volume to stay afloat. But the priceof these services came to the point where costs were not met and businesseswere failing.In Rio de Janeiro in 1976, a group of these pioneering IT businessmen gottogether to define measures to fortify the burgeoning industry and formed theAssociation of Service for Data Processing Businesses: Assespro.Today, Assespro is well structured, pro-active and experienced. Being afederation of regional organizations, it has also over fifteen additional offices,most at state capitals, which are directly in contact with the approximately 1,400member organizations whose universe of membership is comprised of the topbusiness people from Brazil all of whom possess vast in-depth knowledge andrepresent 90% of all independently held Brazilian ITC companies. Theseregional offices manage their own resources, including manpower, IT andtelecommunications infrastructure and websites Since 2008, Assespro’s nationaloffices are headquartered in Brazil’s capital city of Brasilia.The Assespro leadership structure is as follows:One national presidentFour vice-presidents: • Vice-President of Public Policy • Vice-President of Planning and Governance, and • Vice-President of Finance and Sustainability • Vice-President for International RelationsAssespro also coordinates fourteen regional organizations throughout Brazil:Alagoas, Bahia, Brasília (Distrito Federal) Ceará, Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais,Paraná, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul,Santa Catarina, São Paulo, Sergipe. Each region also has one president and fourvice-presidents. FINANCIAL STATEMENT: ASSESPRO NATIONAL CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEET INCLUDING REGIONAL OFFICES: SC, AL, RJ, RS, PR, PE, PB, SP, BA, ES, MG, DF LEVANTADO EM 31/12/2011 (EM REAIS) ACTIVE ACCOUNTS 31/12/2011 31/12/2010 CURRENT AVAILABLE On-hand 2.648,44 1.780,73 4 
  7. 7.   Bank Accounts 287.384,97 136.326,47 Investments 656.583,82 594.959,43 Reserves 13.162,78 25.102,28 Total AVAILABLE 959.780,01 758.168,91 Other Tax Refund 2.497,80 2.497,80 Judicial Settlement 150,75 150,75 Other 65.285,91 37.253,84 Total OTHER CREDITS 67.934,46 39.902,39 Total Current 1.027.714,47 798.071,30 NON CIRCULATING INVESTMENTS Business investment 1.760,30 1.760,30 Other - - Total INVESTMENT 1.760,30 1.760,30 FIXED INVESTMENT Machine, Equipment and Tools 134.710,70 127.055,99 Furniture and Utensils 179.876,08 149.380,48 Computadors and Peripherals 122.469,96 119.394,78 Facilities 51.610,91 58.437,84 (-) Depreciation (296.529,82) (246.556,14) Total do FIXED 192.137,83 207.712,95 Intangilbles Trademarks e Patents 1.166,30 1.166,30 Software 3.516,14 9.669,23 (-) Amortization (1.252,42) (6.486,25) Total INTANGABLES 3.430,02 4.349,28 Total NON CIRCULATING 197.328,15 213.822,53 TOTAL ASSETS 1.225.042,62 1.011.893,83 Assespro: National and Regional Contact Information ASSESPRO National HQ Address: SRTVS Qd. 701 Bloco A Salas 829/831 – Centro Empresarial Brasília – Asa Sul – Brasília/DF – CEP: 70.340-907 Site: www.assespro.org.br Telephone: (61) 4501.8301 E-mail: contato@assespro.org.brLuís Mário Luchetta, PresidentE-mail: luis.mario@assespro.org.brTelephone: (41) 9116-3032Jeovani Salomão, Vice-President for Government Relations 5 
  8. 8.  E-mail: jeovani@memora.com.br / jeovani.salomao@assespro.org.brTelephone: (61) 3963-0030 / 8118-4836Márcio Luis Miorelli, Vice-President for Planning and GovernanceE-mail: marcio.miorelli@assespro.org.br / márcio.miorelli@advancedit.com.brTelephone: (51) 8125-6956Roberto Mayer, Vice-President for Public RelationsE-mail: roberto.mayer@assespro.org.br / rocmayer@mbi.com.brTelephone: (11) 9216-9776Raul Colcher, Vice-President for Finance and SustainabilityE-mail: raul.colcher@assespro.org.brTelephone: (21) 8620-8500Regional Contact InformationAlagoasClaudio Coelho RomeiroRua Eng Roberto Gonçalves Menezes 53 – Sala 116 – Maceió/AL – CEP: 57020-680(82) 3031-0310; assespro@assespro-al.org.brwww.assespro-al.org.brBahiaAndrea CampeloRua Conselheiro Dantas, n° 8, Edifício Paraguassu, sala 408 – Comércio,Salvador/BA CEP: 40.015-070(71)3241-0152; assespro-ba@assespro.org.brwww.assespro-ba.org.brBrasilia (Distrito Federal)Luiz Maria de Ávila DuarteSRTVS Qd. 701 Bloco A Salas 829/831 Centro Empresarial Brasília, Brasília/DF –CEP: 70.340-907(61) 4501-8209; assesprodf@assesprodf.org.brwww.assesprodf.org.brCearáMarcio Roger BragaAv. Dom Luis, 880, Sala 407 – Fortaleza/CE - CEP: 60.160-230(85) 3264-2669; Assespro-ce@assespro-ce.org.brwww.assespro-ce.org.brEspírito SantoCarlos Augusto Ferreira de AlmeidaRua Marins Alvarino, 150, Itararé , Vitória – ES – CEP: 29047-660(27) 3324-4097; secretaria@assespro-es.org.brwww.assespro-es.org.brMinas GeraisIan Campos Martins 6 
  9. 9.  Av. Afonso Pena, 4000 - loja 1 - Cruzeiro Belo Horizonte/MG – CEP: 30.130-009(31) 2514-0200; assespro@assespro-mg.org.brwww.assespro-mg.org.brParanáSérgio YamadaR. Roberto Fischer, 208 - Parque de Software - Prédio Central - CIC –Curitiba/PR – CEP: 81250-025(41) 3337-1014; assespro@assespropr.org.brwww.assespropr.org.brPernambucoYves NogueiraR. Domingos José Martins, 75, Sala 501, Bairro do Recife, Recife/PE Cep: 50030-200(81) 3224-9954; assespro@assespro-pe.org.brwww.assespro-pe.org.brRio de JaneiroIlan GoldmanPraça Pio X, 55, Sala 901 - Centro - Rio de Janeiro/RJ CEP: 20040-020(21) 2507-7181; assespro-rj@assespro-rj.org.brwww.assespro-rj.org.brRio Grande do NorteGeorge BulhõesRua Desembargador Antônio Soares, 1278 – Tirol, Natal/RN CEP: 59022-170(84) 4008-9490; assesprorn@gmail.comwww.assesprorn.orgRio Grande do SulReges Antonio BronzattiAvenida Ipiranga 6681, Prédio 96D, sala 207, Porto Alegre/RS CEP: 90.619-900(51) 3433-5180; assespro@assespro-rs.org.brwww.assespro-rs.org.brSanta CatarinaHugo Sérgio DittrichAv. Osmar Cunha 183, Bloco B Sala 212 Centro Florianópolis/SC CEP: 88015(48) 3223-3358; administrativo@assespro-sc.org.brwww.assespro-sc.org.brSão PauloMarcos SakamotoRua Teodoro Sampaio, 417, 3º Andar - Pinheiros São Paulo-SP CEP: 05405-000(11) 3064-0003; assespro@assespro-sp.org.brwww.assespro-sp.org.brSergipeRoger DantasAv. Doutor Carlos Rodrigues da Cruz s/n Capucho, Aracaju- SE CEP: 49080-190(79) 3259-1778 / 2106-0600 ; secretaria@assesprose.org.br 7 
  10. 10. Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro Project Project
  11. 11.  Discover, Embrace and Thrive at WCIT 2016 Brasilia!  WCIT 2016 Brasilia ‐ Executive Summary It is with great pleasure that Assespro formally presents this bid to host the twentieth editionof the World Congress on Information Technology 2016 in Brasilia, Brazil. The 1400+Brazilian ITC businesses, as current members of the Association of Brazilian InformationTechnology Companies (Assespro) are thrilled to enjoy wide support from the Braziliangovernment at all levels and know that our financial and organizational commitments arestrong, based on individual, group, regional, national and international experience. We lookforward to exploring our vision of WITSA’s passion of Fulfilling the Promise of the Digital Ageembodied on the theme: Exploring Paths Ahead: Discover, Embrace, Thrive.Brazil, the country the size of a continent, with the 6th largest economy globally, is growingrapidly on all levels including technologically. President Dilma Rousseff stated at theopening of CeBIT 2012, in Germany, that “continued growth has resulted in a process ofsocial ascension”. For the first time, half of the 190 million Brazilians fit squarely into themiddle classes. This impacts the use of digital technology; the Brazilian market has takenon global proportions.”Brasília, its fifty-two year old capital city is home to 2.5 million people and has the highestper capita income and education levels in the country. As a planned city, the heart of activityis concentrated near shopping malls, government buildings, convention centers and hotels.Our expanding economy has attracted intense interest and investment. Brasília isimplementing cutting-edge IT to attend not only its own needs, but the demands of hostingthe Confederation Cup in 2013; the FIFA World Cup Games in the brand new NationalStadium in 2014, and the Olympic Games in 2016. All of these events converge to bring thepromises of the digital age right here to Brasília.With an estimated budget of US$6 million, Brasilia and Assespro are geared up to receiveWCIT2016 along with other mega-international events, and are committed to WITSAlicensing fees and payment schedule along with other required conditions of hostingWCIT2016.DatesMay 15-18, 2016 will bring you to the heart of the world’s attentions. The potentialopportunities for B2B, social and networking events beyond the scope of WCIT2016 Brasiliaare immense as every major industry is here to stake out their spot for the greatest sportingevent of the world. Due to this happy coincidence we are planning interactive panels thatlook at the thriving world of sports technology. Sunday’s golf tournament will be just thebeginning of an energized evaluation of the latest networking dynamics.The International Airport of Brasília (BSB)The airport is the hub for destinations all around Brazil and is therefore, one of the busiest.Currently undergoing major construction, the airport will have a new passenger terminal tomeet the influx of travelers during the World Cup and a new cargo terminal for increasedtrade. The timing of WCIT 2016 could hardly be better! 8 
  12. 12.  Most people fly into Brasilia, though it is easily accessible by bus. The airport (BSB) isnamed for the president who made Brasilia’s construction possible: Juscelino Kubitchek. Itis an international facility and serves as a hub for 200 destinations around Brazil, and hasnon-stop international flights to plenty of destinations around the globe. New expansions arealready underway to meet the flux of travelers expected in the exciting next four years.Language SupportBrazilians enjoy receiving visitors and are working to expand their language abilities.Portuguese is a beautiful language and “Como vai?” is always a welcome greeting, taxidrivers are among the service industries taking classes to be prepared for millions ofinternational visitors expected in the next four years. There are also six InterschoolLanguage Centers of the Distrito Federal (the “DF” - Brasilia’s local governmentaldesignation) is already offering high-school graduates free classes in English, Spanish andFrench, plus course work in the areas of human relations, public relations, history andtourism. There will be trained personnel at tourist points all around Brasília, including theairport and hotels.LodgingBrasília is Brazil’s capital city; as such the 60 hotels in Brasília are accustomed to receivinghigh-level officials and authorities. Today there are already 11,000 rooms and 23,000 bedsmostly concentrated within walking distance to the Convention Center to be used as WCIT2016 venue. By 2014, there will be another 12,000 beds as hotels grow to meet demand.Besides its current infrastructure, 30,000 service sector workers will participate in specializedtraining from the Ministry of Labor and the Secretary of Tourism of the DF in time for theWorld Cup, and educational opportunities will continue through 2016.VenueBrasilia’s Centro de Convenções Ulysses Guimarães (CCUG) is the largest ConventionCenter in the Central West region of Brazil, and expansions are already in the works toprepare it for the World Cup and the Olympic Games. Centrally located, it is just 10 minutesfrom the airport and very close to most hotels. Today, the CCUG has a main auditorium thatseats 3,000, an exposition hall, modular rooms for up to 1,750 giving a total capacity of9,000 people. The new expansion will include updates and two new buildings including anoutdoor garden and food court. Beneath the Center is an underground passage leading tothe National Stadium.Since the CCUG is managed and operated by the Secretary of Tourism, and given ourstrong support from local government, the cost of using this amazing facility will benegotiable, helping boost income. Just recently, the CCUG has hosted several internationalevents like the Open Government Partnership, the World Stroke Congress, and the XVInternational Anti Corruption Conference.VolunteersThe success and civic participation of Rio+20, volunteering has become more popular. From2000 initial volunteers in May 2012 at Rio+20, the recent call for FIFA World Cup Volunteers(2014) garnered over 22,000 people registered. Training programs in hospitality havealready begun through the Ministry of Tourism for both The World Cup and the OlympicGames. With our strong government support, we are confident that WCIT 2016 will be well-staffed by trained, multi-lingual volunteers prepared for mega world events. 9 
  13. 13.  Health ServicesMedical treatment in Brasília is among Brazil’s very best. With the demands of government,constant international visitation and an active population, we have capable and caring handsto offer assistance. Centrally located are the Regional Hospital of the North Wing (HRAN)located 1.5 km from the Convention Center and the Base Hospital (Hospital de Base), anationally recognized trauma center just 2 km to the south.There will also be a medical post available full-time at the CCUG Convention Center staffedwith nurses, EMTs and a doctor. Brasilia also boasts a capable corps of brigadistas – first-responders for health, security and fire emergencies who will be stationed throughout thefacility.HotelsBrasília’s hotel network is centrally located. Hotels are close to the government offices,business centers and tourist attractions found along the Axis Monuments (EixoMonumental). There are currently 220 hotels with 27,000 beds only 10 minutes away by carfrom the airport. They range between two and five stars and six new hotels are expected inthe next two years. Just outside of Brasília proper are thirty-four hotels with 12,000 beds.Most of these are less than a mile from the CCUG Convention Center, concentrated togetherbetween the North Wing and the South Wing of BrasíliaSeveral training programs sponsored by the local government, the GDF, are already inprogress. Along with local programs, Brasília and the federal Ministry of Labor have createdthe Qualifi-Copa Program that will train and prepare about 30,000 service sector workers by2014.Free Language TrainingThe Interschool Language Center has six units where over 2.000 young people with a high-school education are enrolled and learning different languages for free. The courses alsooffer classes on human relations, public relations, history and actively seek to train studentsto work with tourists and conferences. Even taxi drivers are getting free courses in Spanish,English and French.Tourist Police Taskforce (GPTur)Brasília has a multi-lingual special police taskforce, the GPTur (Grupamento Especializadode Policiamento Turístico). Comprised of highly-trained police officers, each one is fluent inat least one language besides Portuguese, 80% have college degrees and have receivedworld-class training. The most common languages spoken are: English, French, Spanish,Italian, Russian, Hebrew, and one police officer who speaks fluent Mandarin! They arestationed in the Plaza of Three Powers, the National Cathedral, the TV Tower, thepresidential offices (Palacio do Planalto), and the airport. They are all willing and ready tooffer assistance to visitors of Brasilia and can be recognized by a flag on their uniform thatindicates the language they speak.Tourist and Visitor CentersProfessionals are trained to work in Tourist Centers located at strategic points of Brasília: theairport, the Plaza of Three Powers (Praça dos Três Poderes), the central bus station and inthe hotel section of both Wings: South and North. 10 
  14. 14.  PROJECTWCIT 2016 Brasilia- Administrative and Structural InformationOrganizational and Staffing SupportAs the responsible party for planning, fundraising and operating the event, Assespro willcelebrate its fortieth anniversary during WCIT2016. Today, Assespro represents more than1400 companies divided into fourteen regions, each with its own elected Board of Directors.In 2013, we are strong and thrilled to host GPPS in São Paulo as a precursor to hostingWCIT2016 in Brasília.Assespro is thrilled to partner with the Brasilia’s local governing body, the Government of theDistrito Federal (GDF), where WCIT2016 is energizing every level every government.Obviously, an event of this importance also garners great interest of the federal governmentof Brazil. Many letters of support from federal organizations in the addendum demonstrateBrazil´s commitment to WCIT2016. Many letters of support in the Addendum exemplify theimportance with which policy makers of all stripes want to bring WCIT2016 to Brazil.WCIT2016 Brasília will be administered and organized by third-party businesses under thecommand of Assespro National HQ. There is amazing talent here in Brazil, like our eventcompany, A&C Eventos who will directly coordinate human resources (a full staffing planmay be found in the addendum). They just successfully managed Rio+20, the UnitedNation’s largest single international event. A&C also successfully coordinated theinauguration of President Dilma Rousseff and the State Visit of President Obama in 2011.We also count on the support of Project Managers Institute (PMI) who will bring a top projectmanager to contribute to a smooth and engaging event. We also have a great marketingcompany, NBPress, lined up for regional and international coordination, and BluMar TravelAgency who will make easy one-click package purchasing possible,,A&C EventosA&C has been identified to function under the management of Assespro to be involved withthe full-time coordination of the event. Having been in the market for fourteen years, A&CEvents has become a hallmark of event management companies. Their commitment to bestpractice that is transmitted via their conscientious and professional staff guarantees qualitydependability. (www.aeceventos.com.br) Their recent projects were the 42nd BrazilianCongress of Orthopedics and Traumatology for 7,000 participants; the 8th World StrokeCongress State Visit of President Barack Obama to Brazil; Presidential Inauguration ofPresident Elect Dilma Rousseff and the successfully produced mega event Rio+20. A&C´spackage contains pre-event bonuses including website support, accounting service,secretarial service along with specialization in hiring, coordination and hands-on experiencenecessary for a successful event. 11 
  15. 15.  WCIT 2016 Staffing PlanDescription Staff DurationProject Manager 1 4 yearsTour Agency 1 2 yearsMarketing Team 1+ 2 yearsPre-event Secretarial Services 2 6 months priorAccounting Team 2 1 yearGeneral HR Coordinator 1 4 daysAccreditation Supervisor 1 4 daysWelcome/Accredidation tables (DAY 1&2) 18 2 daysWelcome/Accredidation tables (DAY 3) 10 1 daySupervisor for Rooms A-E 1 4 daysHuman Resources Supervisor 1 4 daysCleaning Supervisor 1 4 daysBilingual receptionist for material distribution table 3 4 daysBilingual recepcionist for master audio 4 4 daysBilingual recepcionist for Rooms A - E 10 4 daysBilingual recepcionist for Information booth 2 4 daysBilingual recepcionist for VIP room 1 4 daysBilingual recepcionist for "holding desk" 3 4 daysSound manager/multi-media support 4 1 weekSet-up and take-down 16 6 daysSignage Administrator 1 5 daysTourism table - Bilingual specialists to book excursions etc. 2 3 daysCCUG Wi-fi, tech manager 1 5 daysTech support in each meeting room 5 3 daysWebsite Creation Team and mantainance 2 1 year priorArt team/Printer (Design and Oversight): posters, folders, 3 6 months priorprograms, notebooks, invitations, pens, certificates, IDbadges, signs, etc.Simultaneous Interpreters; Portuguese- English - Spanish 6 3 daysAudio-Visual Coordinator 1 4 daysCyber Café staff/coordination 2 4 days Decorator Service: coordinator, staff 1+ 6 months priorShuttle Coordinator and staff 1+ 4 daysPhotographer 1 5 daysSocial Events Coordinator 1 6 months priorTalent for 3 events 6 1 year priorFood & Beverage Coordinator 1 6 months priorCatering Service for WCIT - Continental breakfast, afternoon 6 months priorcoffee break, water stations around CCUGCleaning Crew 5 daysSecurity detail (day and night shifts) 5 3 daysOn-site Full-time Ambulance and Doctor 4 3daysEmergency Responder squad 8 3 daysVolunteer coordinator 1 3 month priorVolunteers 10 3 months prior 12 
  16. 16.  PMIPMI is the world’s leading not-for-profit membership association for the project managementprofession, with more than 600,000 members and credential holders in more than 185countries. Our worldwide advocacy for project management is supported by our globally-recognized standards and credentials, our extensive research program, and our professionaldevelopment opportunities. Their São Paulo branch will also participate by identifying aproject manager who will fit our unique organizational needs for WCIT2016. NB PressNB Press sprang up in 2007 as a result of ten years of communications and publicityprojects developing corporate marketing plans and specialized and general media and pressreleases. Strong relationships with the press, strategic planning vision and experience havecontributed to successful press campaigns that have brought growth to brands and partners. Plus, the draw of WCIT2016 is so strong that the organizers of Campus Party Internationaland the successful new iTech fair are both interested in bringing their events to Brasiliaduring the week scheduled for WCIT 2016 Brasilia! Campus Party would take place in theCity’s main Park while iTech would occupy the half of the convention Center UlyssesGuimaraes – the same location planned for WCIT2016 Brasilia.Even more, the Board of Aleti, the Federation of ITC Associations in Latin America,Caribbean, Spain and Portugal, will hold their official meeting for the first semester of 2016during WCIT2016 Brasilia also. .WCIT 2016 Brasilia will be a major international ITC Congress with three parallel IT,communications and internet events going on within walking distance!Organizational Partners & Financial GuaranteesAssespro is fortunate to count on the government of Brasilia who is proud to be the host cityfor the World Congress on Information Technology 2016. WCIT 2016 Brasilia will enjoysupport not only from the active the ICT industry, but Government as well. The Secretary ofScience, Technology and Innovation on the regional level, and the Ministry of Science andTechnology and Innovation on the national level are the institutions responsible for Brazil´sstrategies in each of its respective arenas. It is the consensus that the main strategic edictfor the next decade in Brazil will combine improved quality universal education, scientificresearch advancement, innovation and social inclusion aimed at reducing the digital gapwithin Brazilian society by involving academia, industry and government. Today, ITC inBrazil has systematic governance that enjoys effective tools to monitor and evaluate resultswith greater integration in policy, politics and agencies.The government of the Distrito Federal (GDF) of Brasília pledges to provide the licensing feeplus organizational support knowing that with Assespro and partners and will make WCIT2016 Brasilia a huge success.The Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation of the GDF (SECT), the Secretary ofTourism who will coordinate with A&C Eventos details of the physical space of theconvention center from decoration to security screening to multi-lingual receptionists aroundthe convention center complex.The Secretary of Publicity has already designed WCIT 2016 Brasilia logo and will participatein advertising and promoting the event. The logo is inspired by the new Digital Towerdesigned by the legendary Oscar Niemeyer to be non-religious and non-political simplybeautiful and utilitarian for technological advancement. 13 
  17. 17.  On the federal level, we can count on key members of the National Senate and Chamber ofDeputies, the Ministry of Foreign Relations, The Ministry of Science, Technology andInnovation, the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Development, Industry andCommerce will participate actively in WCIT2016 Brasilia with providing speakers, expertise,consular support to attendees, organizational support and funding.Assespro will also be active in fund-raising as will our steering committee, currently chairedby Assespro’s Vice-President for Public Relations, Roberto C Mayer. The collaborativeefforts, directed by a top PMI project manager in conjunction with NBPress marketingcompany among our members alone will guarantee a successful WCIT 2016 Brasilia.Draft Budget and Attendee InformationWCIT2016 Brasília will be a successful event as the timing and location and governmentsupport guarantee favorable pricing for everything from cost of the installations of theConvention Center Ulysses Guimarães to special travel package options due to the timeframe so being near the Olympic games. A full budget estimate keeps costs aroundUS$6,000,000.We anticipate an expected attendance of at least 3,000 people, with the likely possibility ofmore as attendees of iTech – Brazilian annual’s technology fair, the Aleti Board Meeting, andCampus Party come to visit WCIT 2016 Brasilia. Brazilian interest in WCIT2016 Brasilia isstrong as is interest from around South America, including our partners at Aleti, therefore,we expect that the attendance break down will be 2/3 from the South American region and1/3 coming from around the world with a larger proportion of those being from SouthAmerica and Africa than in previous WCITs (including from Portuguese speaking countries inAfrica). WCIT 2016 Brasilia promises to be an enriching event for everyone. South America 67,0% Europe 14,0% North America 10,0% Africa Middle East Asia 5,0% 1,0% 3,0% WCIT 2016 Brasilia Congress - Working Budget All values in US$ 14 
  18. 18.   Congress InfoCongress Days 3Paid Attendees 2935 2380Full Conference Pass 2200 1850Developing Country Pass 250 200B2B 1-day Pass (single) 50 50B2B Group 3-day Pass (10 people) 150 100Student/Professor Pass 35 30Gala Dinner 50 50Closing Ceremony 100 50Accompanying Person 100 50Comps 200 200 Total 3135 2580 Scenario 1 Scenario 2RevenueTickets $3,122,750.00 $2,594,500.00Brazilian Sponsorship $1,500,000.00 $1,600,000.00International Sponsorship $3,000,000.00 $2,500,000.00Government Sponsorship $600,000.00 $485,000.00Exhibition/Fair Space $250,000.00 $200,000.00Merchandise $5,000.00 $4,000.00Subtotal $8,977,750.00 $7,383,500.00ExpensesCongress Item Cost CostCatering (4 days @ CCUG) $72,700.00 Conversion rate used:Medical and EMT Services $12,000.00 US$1 = R$2.25Security $15,000.00Insurance $2,000.00Accounting $8,500.00Secretarial Service $20,000.00Website set-up $8,000.00Exhibition Set-up $28,355.00WCIT 2016 Photog $1,850.00Art work: notepads, programs, $7,750.00folders, certificates, pens,credentials, etc.Printing Services/Production $12,200.00Participant kits (Maps, pens, $33,000.00booklets, folder, bag, pen drive)Signage $17,200.00Translation Services $26,000.00 15 
  19. 19.  Decoration of typical Brazilian flora $16,350.00Transportation Services/Shuttle $77,300.00(for day and night events)HR $33,450.00Venue all rooms, plus business $75,000.00centers, VIP room, 13 moldularrooms, Auditorium, etc)Gala Dinner (venue, security, $49,122.00caterer, whiskey, wine, live jazzperformance)Closing Ceremony (cocktails, $250,000.00security, major guest speaker,international level Braziliansinger/show)Keynote speaker; Headliner fees $50,000.00 Guest/Board Accomodations $72,200.00 Guest/BoardTravel $82,500.00AV $32,000.00Press/Media Coverage $90,000.00Furniture rental $7,000.00Housekeeping/union fees $13,600.00Generator, a/c reinforcement $17,500.00Postal Fees $4,750.00WITSA licensing fee $775,000.00Project Manager fees $30,000.00Integrated logistiics center for $5,800.00WCIT2016Misc. (walkie-talkies, office $1,850.00supplies)A&C Eventos overhead 15% $151,810.00Taxes $38,420.00 Subtotal $2,138,207.00Balance US$6,839,543.00 US$7,383,500.00Brasília is broadly supported by the Brazilian government on all levels. As mentioned above,the city government of Brasília proper (GDF) has pledged to fulfill the licensing fee of$750,000 to WITSA. Other strong governmental sources of funding are: The Government of Brasília (GDF) Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Distrito Federal – SECTI-DF The Order of Industry for IT of the Federal District – SINFOR-DF The Foundation for Support of Research – FAP-DF The Federation of Industries of the Federal District – FIBRA Technology and Innovation Institute of Brasília – IBTI Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation – MCTI Ministry of Communications – MC 16 
  20. 20.   Brazilian Telecommunications Co. – Telebras The National Counsel for Scientific and Technological Development – CNPq Brazilian Petroleum Co. – Petrobras Banco do BrasilSelection Prerequisites Assespro is prepared to assume all financial responsibility associated with the WorldCongress. The Government of the Distrito Federal will pay WITSA: 1. $100,000 (USD),payable no later than April 15, 2013. 2. $200,000 (USD), payable in full no later than April 15, 2014; 3. $250,000 (USD), payable in full no later than April 15, 2015; 4. $200,000(USD) in full sixty (60) days prior to the first day of the Congress. If other paymentschedules are preferred, arrangements will be discussed and agreed upon at the time of thecontract signing between Assespro and WITSA. Assespro agrees to WITSA Requirements of 1. Complementary WCIT registrationshall be provided for three (3) WITSA Secretariat staff, 2. as well as for the WITSAChairman, Deputy Chairman, Public Policy Action Committee Chairman, Chairman Emeritus(2), General Counsel and Secretary General. 3. Provide WITSA with eight (8) GuestAttendee Registrations, including the Registration Fee but excluding expenses related tolodging, travel, personal insurance and optional tours In addition, Assespro shall usereasonable efforts to guarantee registration of such officials at the Headquarters Hotel, or ifnecessary, at a second and nearby hotel satisfactory to WITSA, its approval not to beunreasonably refused and Assespro will provide 8x10 ft exhibit space with table and three(3) delegate tickets for each WITSA Global Partner understanding that WITSA will pay forthe signage required under agreement with each partner. Assespro will also provide avenue for a WITSA General Assembly and Committee meetings in conjunction with theevent. These meetings usually take place over two days immediately prior to the event.The VenueThe Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center (CCUG) is one of the largest in Brazil. At thistime the CCUG can comfortably accommodate 9,400 people in its 54.000m2 area. Spreadbetween three areas: the North Wing with its grand Master Auditorium, the Central Wing andthe South Wing both of which can be used for Exhibit space, demonstrations, subdivided toprovide modular space, or just about anything WCIT 2016 might possibly need. 17 
  21. 21.  The entire CCUG is quite large! For the 3,000 expected attend for WCIT2016, The NorthWing described just below is perfect for housing the entire conference, with the possibility ofeasily extending our needs to the central wing if necessary. This allows participants tointeract more readily with each other while also keep WCIT programs, speeches,demonstrations, and to sponsored stands and booths together. It will also allow the Southwing to be available for one of the parallel events: iTech!The North WingAuditorium seating for 2,827310 m2 (1,017ft2) stage13 modular meeting rooms: capacity for 660 in 6 rooms on ground floor 760 in 7 rooms on the balconyMedical station2 Central translation booths4 Dressing roomsRefreshment barComplete tech/infrastructure support: Sound room, storage rooms, etcMulti-purpose space (1,148 ft2) for circulation, extended seating and/or standsPress roomVIP roomCentral Exhibit Space2.005 m2 - Capacity for 110 9m2 (29.5 ft2) standsSouth Wing11,900 m2 - holds 285, 9m2 (29.5 ft2) standsThe CCUG is just fifteen minutes from the Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport, within1-2 km from the central hotel district and all spaces boast high ceilings and garden views.With the plans to expand already in the works to attend the needs of FIFA World Cup 2014and the Olympic games, the CCUG will be the premier convention center of Brazil.Address:SDC Eixo Monumental – Lote 05 – 1° Andar – Ala SulTelefone: (61) 3214-2712Website: www.setur.df.gov.br.Public Relations/Marketing PlanPress coverage and the promotion/marketing of WCIT2016 Brasília are regionally andinternationally directed. With the support of top ITC-geared marketers promotingparticipation, the logo created by the creative staff of the Secretary of Publicity of the GDF ofBrasilia, an interactive website, industry articles, Assespro member engagement, Twitter,WITSA international support and the plethora of intra-industry outlets: webcasts ofWCIT2016 Brasilia, newsletters, embedded links in partner websites, press releases, etcWCIT2016 Brasília will be the hottest ticket of the year.Staffing plan for Marketing and Public RelationsNB Press will form a team for WCIT2016 of three people: one coordinator and twoprofessionals in the area of IT specific to produce press releases before, during and after theMay2016 in Brasília.WCIT2016 Brasília will be thoroughly promoted: 18 
  22. 22.  Press releases before WCIT2016 Brasília1. Official press release for WCIT2016 Brasília2. Press releases with calls to speakers and key participants.3. Press releases offering topic suggestions to attract businesses and generate discussionpoints prior to the event with mass media and ITC specific appeal4. Organize and plan out strategies for press conferences with Assespro about the themesof WCIT 2016 Brasilia that attract media coverage to cover the Congress and participate inpromoting its development and success.5. Official invitation for press and media with personal follow-up to each journalist.6. Confirm press members’ participation and presence – RSVP7. Release and publicize names of participants8. NB Press will receive the press each day of the Congress9. Tour the facilities and present the structure of the WCIT 2016 to the journalists present10. Accompany all interviews during the event in conjunction with WCIT 2016.11. Publicize the closing ceremony of WCIT 2016 in a major press release.12. Organize press folder of all press clippings, notes, etc post-event.Marketing plan1. Starting early, November 2012: getting participants and speakers onboard to add WCIT2016 Brasilia in their agendas2. Create a “WCIT 2016 Brasilia” website(?), in November 2012, website with full, real-timeupdates, maps, information, suggestion pages and Blogs.3. Save-the-Date Emailing Assespro Brazil and other ITC WITSA partner organizations ofthe Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Europe.4. Embedding website link on partnering ITC WITSA organizations throughout the globe in20145. Opportunities for press events beginning in force in 20146. Launch all inclusive packages on our WCIT 2016 Brasilia in 2015 where participants andcompanies can either purchase their Congress package, airfare and hotels with one singleclick, or opt to select separately.7. In 2015, ads and articles will be placed in major ITC journalistic vehicles (see list below)8. Mailing Lists/Email lists to the press and partners, NB Press will use their specialized,constantly updated lists to stay in touch with journalists and media9. NB Press will use automated tools to send press releases differentiates them from otherregional companies which takes care to stay close to press contacts, sending pertinent andspecific news to the right journalist at the right media outlet.Media outreach 1. NB Press maintains open communication with the principal mass and corporate ITC media. 2. Speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and participants will all be encouraged to embed the WCIT 2016 Brasilia on their own web sites and media pages. 3. Frequent conference calls to keep journalists and media in the loopMedia contacts NB Press will work to promote WCIT 2016 Brasilia with Global Mass Media: Yumiuri Shimbum (Japan), , Reference News (China), The Times of India, Le Monde (France), The Guardian (U.K.), Rakyat Merdeka (Malaysia), Bild (Germany), The New York Times, Mundo Ejecutivo (Mexico), Buenos Aires Herald (Argentina), Latin American Post (Columbia), Business News Americas, etc Brazilian Mass Media: Folha de S. Paulo, O Estado de S. Paulo, Jornal da Tarde, weekly magazines Business Media: The Economist, Financial Times (U.K), Valor Econômico, Brasil Econômico, DCI, Revista Isto É Dinheiro, Revista Época Negócios, etc 19 
  23. 23.   Especialized ITC Outlets: Computer World, Information Week, Decision Report, Convergência Digital, CRN, Partner Sales , Portal do canal, Distribuidores & Mercado Industry newsletters The aforementioned media outlets are examples of the journalistic vehicles that we plan to work with during all stages of planning and execution of WCIT2016. Other options and suggestions are always welcome. The team at NB Press will be available for comment by phone and email to reply to journalists seeking information.Local press • NB Press has strong relationships with journalist in all major cities of Brazil, especially those who write and promote the happenings of ITC. • Invitations for the opening of WCIT2016 Brasilia will be sent to local and regional media outlets • Through the pull of parallel events of iTech and Campus Party, NB Press will stress the impulse created by WCIT2016 and its importance locally, regionally and nationally • By working closely with Assespro and the project manager, activities will be developed to spread the net and reach out to possible participants, sponsors, collaborators.Marketing and Promotional Over-View • Assespro members will be well-informed and will reach out to partner WITSA members through business missions, supporting and sponsoring other ITC conventions • NB Press will listen to feedback and suggestions to broaden discussion topics • Offer details to print and internet media • Regular meetings to monitor strategies to improve results • Periodic reports on activities • NB Press will accompany press and professional interviews about WCIT 2016 Brasilia • Press materials will be approved by email with coordinators • Real-time digital updates by email of press clippings, all print materials will be digitalized and made available. • Informational material for Partners of WCIT 2016 Brasilia will be sent digitally when found on the internet • E-press conferences will be held by NB Press NB Press Mission Statement Contribute directly and indirectly to the growth and positioning of business and organizations through communication and publicity through large-scale media campaigns that reach the cores business of our clients. Values NB Press bases all activities on ethics, respect, professionalism and transparency. Our conduct emphasizes and constant search for results in publicity and communications for our clients. Our values can be seen by satisfying the needs of present and future clients. NB Press offer services that focus on going beyond expectations by offering highly qualified attention and results.  20 
  24. 24.  Overall Program ThemeFulfilling the Promise of the Digital Age: Exploring Paths Ahead: Discover, Embrace,Thrive!In 1500, the Portuguese Capitan Sergio Cabral discovered a new land, Brazil. ThePortuguese found plentiful natural resources, balmy climate and immeasurable beauty andthey embraced the new land and way of life. The indigenous people participated in thegrowth of the new colony and the strains of their facial traits are broadly seen throughoutBrazil as are the over 10,000 Brazilian Portuguese words borrowed from the Tupí language.Today, Brazil is a marvelous, thriving country!We invite you to Brasilia, the heart of if all. The meeting place of Brazilians from everycorner of this continent-sized country and the leaders of every stripe: military, medical,academic, business, and government. Here we will explore how the Promises of the DigitalAge are still evolving, like Brazil itself: together we will Discover, Embrace and Thrive toFulfill the Promise of the Digital Age!Major EventsAmong the major events planned for WCIT2016 Brasília is a grand opening ceremony withPaulo Coelho and; technical demonstrations by partner members, InMetro and ESPNSports; Speeches by President Lula; exciting closing program with Pelé at the NationalStadium with a pocket show of a new Broadway show; Breakout sessions about the healthsector, tariffs and taxation, what’s new, comparative panels, and sports technology; specialactivities like VIP visits to the Digital Capital Science & Technology Park, the Digital Tower,the National Stadium, and networking events with leaders of the world´s 6th economy.ProgramShuttle service with multi-lingual drivers and guides will make stops at the hotels for day andevening events making logistics extremely comfortable and pleasant. There are taxis readilyavailable at all hotels and many may choose to just walk the 1500 meters from to the hotelarea to the Convention Center Ulysses Guimarães. Golf Tournament at the Clube de Golf with foreign diplomats and local personalities Sunday Dinner – a typical “churrasco”- at the Club with musicians playing “chorinho” Coffee at the CCUG Formal Welcome by His Honorable Governor of the Federal Monday District, the president of Assespro National Board, Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation, and Key-note Speaker: Paulo Coelho, author Discover Lunch at the CCUG hosted by Apex, Fibra, Sebrae, CNI Applications of Afternoon Sessions with ITC in Brazil Mr. Otaviano Canuto, VP of the World Bank, Huffington Post Columnist, The Minister of Science and Technology, President of 21 
  25. 25.   InMetro, the President of Embraer, Petrobras, Softex, Oracle, HP Evening Gala and Awards Ceremony Clube do Exercito with samba presentation and Brazilian singer Gal Costa in concert. Coffee at the CCUG Morning Session of Comparative panels inviting representatives TUESDAY from several different countries to compare and contrast pertinent issues such as tariffs, health solutions, information exchange, etc Break-out sessions Embrace Lunch hosted by Assespro National and partnersNew Perspectives Afternoon Sessions with Campus Party Experience – engaging the next generation; ITC applied to Sports – ESPN, Globo, FIFA; Breakout Sessions Evening concert of the National Symphony at the Teatro Nacional coupled with a wine tasting of the best Brazilian vineyards Coffee at the CCUG Morning Session on Aerospace applications with Embraer Wednesday representatives, international aviation companies, and Marcos Pontes, astronaut Lunch at sponsored by Petrobras Thrive! Afternoon Sessions on Sustainable Energy and Comparative Techniques of R&D Looking ahead Closing event will be a fantastic concert and demonstration at the National Stadium! Presentation by Pelé along with an extravaganza technical of 3D imaging display and pieces of the upcoming Broadway show “Free Runner”A variety of other panels, break-out sessions and interactive programs will be defined andready for announcement at the time of the WCIT 2014 closing ceremony.This is merely a sketch of ideas for comparative panels, B2B specific events, formaladdresses, technical demonstrations etc. Our planning will select the most innovative,applicable and ideological proposals received for the WCIT 2016 Brasília and welcomesuggestions from WITSA members.After WCIT 2016 Brasília, our travel agency, Blu-Mar has selected several all inclusiveoptions for you and can easily help you identify other options we haven´t thought of yet! 22 
  26. 26.  B2B, Pre- and Post-WCIT 2016 Brasilia Social EventsCocktails with Brazilian business (SMEs), lunch with government authorities, a symphonicconcert in honor of WCIT2016 at the Teatro Nacional with a wine tasting, a golf tournamentwith local and international dignitaries and business people, a smashing closing ceremonyand access to specialists in every area of IT in Brazil. Being in the heart of Brazil, we´veincluded an entire section on the region and our travel agent will design packages to exploreyour hearts desires!For things to do right here Brasilia there are:Museums: Memorial JK honoring President Juscelino Kubitschek, Indigenous PeoplesMuseum, Plaza of the Three Powers Praça dos Tres Poderes (the Lucio Costa museaumunderneath the Plaza is a gem!), Espaço Ecco (Modern Art Museum) read our section onBrasilia to find more!Tours:  Brazilian Congress, City Tours, Helicopters tours, Churches of Brasilia, Alvorada –the President’s residence, Architectural tour: in-depth look at the grand works of OscarNeimeyer, Lucio Costa, Burle Max, Bruno Giogi, Athos Bulcão, Alfredo Ceschiatti, DanteCroce, Two of the better tour companies are Prestheza and Aerovan with its 2-time dailyPasseo Turístico. Other tours may be arranged depending on group size and interestSports: Tennis, golf, sailing, boating/jet ski rental, swimming, equestrian sports; Brasilia’sCity Park Parque da Cidade – open daily; and the Eixão Brasilia’s central avenue– open forpublic use every SundayShopping: (Malls are simply called “shoppings” - an abbreviated term for “shopping mall”)Conjunto Nacional shopping mall, Brasilia shopping, Liberty Shopping, Iguatemi Shopping,Park Shopping, Patio Brasil, Antique stores, Brasilia Design Center, and Casa Park for homedécor.Visit local CharitiesAfter-school programs, Orphanages, elder hospice, children with HIV/AIDs, hospitals, etc.Most are located just outside of Brasilia’s Plano Piloto (the central region that forms theshape of an airplane) and visits can be arranged.More!: Visit a local Jaguar Sanctuary with wild macaws, pumas and, of course, jaguars(www.nex.org), Open air, sustainable Zoo, Presentation on local precious and semi-preciousgems like topaz, aquamarine, tourmaline, amethyst, etc., Plastic surgery – since Brasilia isthe home to the political world, local surgeons understand the need for speedy recovery andnatural looking results. Day tours to Cristalina to purchase gems from dealers,Pirenopolis, Hot springs at Caldas Novas, Goias, Enjoy one of the many regional“pousadas” or inns close to hot springs, with lots of outdoor charm filled with Brazilianwarmth and hospitality. Balsamo Spa packages (day or week) specialized in weight lossLunching and DiningNo lack of great dining in Brasilia! Sushi, Italian, Regionally-themed restaurants, Arabicfood, Portuguese, Spanish, International, exotic (try Patu Anu!). Don’t miss the home-madegoiabada with cheese from Minas Gerais, pao de queijo (cheese bread), ice cream fromevery imaginable fruit, and of course, the beef or the local churrascarias! 23 
  27. 27.  WCIT 2016 Brasilia – Discovery Begins Now!Brazil is an immense country, the world’s fifth in surface area (3.3 million square miles or 8.5million square Km) and the largest country in South America. With 7,491m km (4,655 mi) ofAtlantic coastline Brazil shares borders with Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guyana,Colombia Peru, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay: every South American country exceptEcuador and Chile.Brazil is an immense tropical paradise teeming with extraordinary natural history, stunningscenic beauty and the greatest biodiversity of any country in the World. Comprising of sixmajor habitats such as the Amazon Rainforest widely recognized as having the greatestbiological diversity in the world, with the Atlantic Rainforest and the Cerrado, sustaining thegreatest biodiversity. To the south, Caatinga and Pampas where the Araucaria pine forestgrows under temperate conditions. Plus, Brazil is the mecca for neotropical birding, simplyan essential pilgrimage for any birders boasting the second richest avifauna in the world anincredible 1837 bird species and an amazing 230 endemics and rising with new speciesdiscovered every year! Scientists estimate that the total number of plant and animal speciesin Brazil could approach four million.   The Golden Parakeet -Guaruba guarouba- or Ararajuba in Portuguese, a species of thefamily Psittacidae (macaws, parrot, etc.) has beautiful green and yellow plumage and occursonly in the Brazilian Amazon. Due to the coloration of its plumage and to its distributionrestricted to Brazil, it is considered the national bird.Brazil is the only Portuguese-speaking nation in the Americas, which makes the language animportant part of Brazilian identity which underscores a national culture distinct from those ofits Spanish-speaking neighbors.DemographicsThe most recent Brazilian census was conducted by the Brazilian Institute of Geography andStatistics (IBGE) in 2010. The data showed that of the 191 million Brazilians, 91 millionidentified themselves as white, 82million as mixed race and 15 million as black. Amongminority groups, 2 million Brazilians identified themselves as Asian, and 817,000 as 24 
  28. 28.  indigenous. In 2007, the National Indian Foundation reported the existence of 67 differentun-contacted tribes, up from 40 in 2005. Brazil is believed to have the largest number of un-contacted peoples in the world.Much of the census data released reflects the progress Brazil during a decade of sustainedeconomic growth and government policies aimed at reducing poverty. Between 2000 and2010 adult illiteracy fell from 13.6% to 9.6% while among children aged 10-14, illiteracy fellfrom 7.3% to 3.9%. The proportion of children not attending school fell from 5.1% to 3.1%and basic services also improved showing that access to drinking water, electricity andsanitation increased nationwide.HistoryThe land now called Brazil was claimed by Portugal in April 1500, on the arrival of thePortuguese fleet commanded by Pedro Álvares Cabral. The Portuguese encounterednatives divided into several tribes, most of whom spoke languages of the Tupi–Guaranifamily. Colonization was effectively begun in 1534, when King Dom João III of Portugaldivided the territory into twelve hereditary captaincies, and in 1549 the king assigned aGovernor-General to administer the entire colony. By the mid-16th century, sugar hadbecome Brazils most important export and the Portuguese imported African slaves to copewith the increasing international demand.Through wars against the French, the Portuguese slowly expanded their territory to thesoutheast, taking Rio de Janeiro in 1567, and to the northwest, taking São Luís, in 1615.They sent military expeditions to the Amazon rainforest and conquered British and Dutchstrongholds,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazil ‐ cite_note‐36 founded villages and forts. In1680 they reached the far south and founded Sacramento on the bank of the Rio de la Plata.At the end of the 17th century, sugar exports started to decline but beginning in the 1690s,the discovery of gold by explorers in the region that would later be called Minas Gerais, incurrent-day Mato Grosso and Goiás, saved the colony and thousands of immigrants came tothe mines.In 1808, the Portuguese royal family and the majority of the Portuguese nobility, fleeing thetroops of the French Emperor Napoleon I that were invading Portugal and most of CentralEurope, established themselves in the city of Rio de Janeiro, which thus became the seat ofthe entire Portuguese Empire. On September 7, 1822 Prince Pedro de Alcântara declaredthe countrys independence from Portugal.BrasiliaThe idea of building a capital in the interior of Brazil was an old one, having been proposedon various occasions since the end of the 17th century. When elected president of theRepublic of Brazil in 1955, Juscelino Kubitschek made the creation of the capital city a 25 
  29. 29.  symbol of his policy to upgrade the image of the entire country, to expand industry, and toundertake major construction projects. In 1956, President Kubitschek, popularly known asJK, appointed a commission to determine an exact location for the city, set up an executivebody to carry out the construction work, named Oscar Niemeyer as Director of theDepartment of Architecture and Urban Affairs, and Lucio Costa won the public competitionheld for the overall logistic planning of Brasilia.The 20th-century principles of urbanism, as expressed by Le Corbusier, have rarely beenapplied on the scale of capital cities. Only two noteworthy exceptions exist: Chandigarh andBrasilia. Its creators intended that every element, from the layout of the residential andadministrative districts (often compared to the shapes of an airplane or a bird in flight) to thesymmetry of the buildings themselves, should be in harmony with the citys overall design.The official buildings, in particular, are innovative and imaginative.The definition of an urban ideal based on the separation of functions, the incorporation ofvast natural spaces, and a street plan where wide traffic lanes broke with the tradition ofnarrow streets, was implicit in the theoretical training of Costa and Niemeyer.The pilot plan that Costa drew up for Brasilia “born of the initial gesture of someonedesignating a place and taking possession of it: a cross formed by two bars intersecting atright angles”. This figure was then adapted to the topography and the natural slope of theground: its orientation was improved by curving the arms of one of the crossbars. Thecurving north-south axis traces the layout of the wide transportation artery. Along it are theresidential zones separated into numbered (no streets bear names, only numbers)superquadras, each possessing its own commercial, green spaces, schools, churches, etc.The perpendicular east-west axis, known as the Monumental Axis, links the administrativesections of Brasilia. Oscar Niemeyers most renowned edifices are here. They arenoteworthy for the purity of their forms and their obvious monumental character, the result ofa balance between horizontal and vertical buildings, rectangular volumes and curvedsurfaces, and the raw, unfinished materials and polished exteriors of certain structures. 26 
  30. 30.  Among the most beautiful buildings in the urban landscape of Brasilia are those sited aroundthe Plaza of Three Powers, the Planalto Palace (the president’s offices), and the SupremeCourt, the National Congress complex that has twin skyscrapers flanked by the cupola of theSenate building and the inverted dome of the House of Representatives. Other structures ofan exceptional artistic quality are the Esplanade of the Ministers, the National Cathedral, theJuscelino Kubitschek Memorial and the National Theatre.Officially inaugurated in April 1960, Brazil’s capital city was built in a 1000 days and becamethe first contemporary site to be awarded UNESCO’s distinction as a World Heritage Site, in1987. It is a capital that was created ex nihilo in the center of the country, a landmark in thehistory of city planning.CultureBrazilian music encompasses various regional styles influenced by African, European andAmerindian forms. It developed distinctive styles, among them are bossa nova, samba (astyle of music and dance), chorinho, MPB, sertanejo, frevo, maracatu, pagode, forró, andaxé.Brazil possesses a richly spiritual society formed from the meeting of the Roman CatholicChurch with the religious traditions of African slaves and indigenous peoples. Thisconfluence of faiths during the Portuguese colonization of Brazil led to the development of adiverse array of syncretistic practices within the overarching umbrella of Brazilian RomanCatholicism, characterized by traditional Portuguese festivities, and in some instances,Spiritists, though most Brazilian Spiritists are also Christians. Religious pluralism increasedduring the 20th century, and a Protestant community has grown to include over 15% of thepopulationThe most popular sport in Brazil is football, or soccer as it is known to many. The Braziliannational football team is ranked among the best in the world according to the FIFA WorldRankings and has won the World Cup tournament a record five times. Brazilians also enjoyVolleyball, basketball, auto racing, and martial arts also attract large audiences. Brazilmens national volleyball team, for example, currently holds the titles of the World League,World Grand Champions Cup, World Championship and the World Cup. In martial arts,Brazilians developed Capoeira and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. And in auto racing, three Braziliandrivers have won the Formula One world championship eight times.The Planetarium of BrasiliaInaugurated in 1974, it has been an active outlet for scientific exploration for Brasilienses(people who live in Brasilia). Recently undergoing a major renovation, the new facilities willbe amplified to provide 3D multi-media programs of a wide-variety of subjects. This willbring new possibilities to Brasilia and broaden the horizons of the public that go beyond thestars.The Mané Garrincho National StadiumIts simple circular form of the National Stadium, the Estádio Nacional, is in harmony with itsgrand neighbors on the Eixo Monumental, the main east-west avenue in central Brasília.The roof cladding made of glass, metal and photovoltaic elements shimmers in the sunlight,but at nighttime, when lit from within, it appears to be a starry sky. The National Stadium isbuilt with the 2006 Green Goals in mind and many of the structural aspects are not onlybeautiful, but functional and sustainable, from water saving features and a roof drainage witha siphon system to the photovoltaic modules on the roof that save energy and still smoothlyaccommodate up to 70,000 cheering fans. 27 
  31. 31.  EconomyBrazil is the largest national economy in Latin America, the worlds sixth largest economyand the seventh largest in purchasing power parity (PPP) according to the InternationalMonetary Fund and the World Bank. Brazil has a mixed economy with abundant naturalresources. The emerging Brazilian economy has been predicted to become one of the fivelargest in the world in the decades to come, the GDP per capita following and growing. Itscurrent GDP (PPP) per capita is $10,200, putting Brazil in the 64th position according toWorld Bank data.Brazilian exports are booming with exports including aircraft, electrical equipment,automobiles, ethanol, textiles, footwear, iron ore, steel, coffee, orange juice, soybeans, andis the world’s largest producer of beef. The country has been expanding its presence ininternational financial and commodities markets, and is one of a group of four emergingeconomies called the BRIC countries.As part of the BRICs grouping Brazil, Russia, India and China are recognized ashttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BRIC ‐ cite_note‐15having established their political systems toembrace global capitalism. Brazil remains singular in its capacity to continue all elements:manufacturing, services, and resource supplying simultaneously.The ten largest economies in the world 2050, measured in GDP (billions of 2006 USD),according to Goldman Sachs from their famed 2007 study, BRICS and Beyond.TechnologyBrazil also happens to be the worlds second-leading open source country (just behind theU.S.) and boasts an IT services sector that rivals China and India. Sixth largest ITC market globally 5% growth in 2011 Over 1.2 million direct ITC jobs US$96 billion in 2011 business 70,000 ITC companies in BrazilFinancial resources for ITC have risen expressively in the past decade. Training a qualifiedworkforce is being given priority along with investments to expand Research andDevelopment. Data from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation show that 28 
  32. 32.  Brazil invested US$24.2 billion in R&D in 2010, equivalent to 1.19% of the GDP and moreincentives are already in the works.President Dilma Rousseff recently stated: “innovate to compete, compete to grow”. Sheimmediately launched a new chapter in Brazil’s expansion program, Plano Brasil Maior(PBM) which means the “Plan for a Greater Brazil”. It is expansive which offers a variety oftax cuts, incentives and investments for the productivity chain summing up to R$500 billionin loans through the government’s economic and social development bank, the BancoNacional de Desenvolvimento (BNDES) through 2014.The Minister of Treasury, Guido Mantega says that the new package “encompasses tributarymeasures, international financing, ITC incentives with the objective of expanding broad bandinternet access from 11,000 km in 2010 to 30,000km in 2014 thereby reaching 50% of urbanresidences and 15% rural”. Further, the government set a goal of 60 million people withinternet access and jump starting the “One computer per child” Program by 2015.The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) announced a R$2 billion grant tofinance innovative studies and projects through its Finep program. They have also extendeda R$75 billion Program for Sustainable Investment specialization programs and nationallydesigned ITC products. Encompassed in PBM is the Strategic Software and IT ServicesProgram (TI Maior) coordinated through the MCTI. TI Maior will actively position BrazilianITC by way of a series of initiatives that include international presence in partner institutionsand target markets through business centers, diplomatic representation, and variedorganizations like Assespro Brazil.Brazilian foreign policy is also proactive in coordinating cooperative accords to promoteinternational development and growth. Partnerships include plans to understanding oceans,weather, and climate change, strengthening ecosystems research, maximizing the potentialof nanotechnology, refining measurement standards for biofuels, cultivating policies forInnovation, enhancing health, partnering for education and collaborative research, applyingnew technologies for the military, and deepening understanding of the Earth and Spaceamong many others. Brazil is the third largest market for computers in the world 5th largest market for cellulars (245 million) 7th largest internal market for ITCsIn relation to connectivity, there are around 80 million internet users in Brazil and this amount isrising as more homes gain internet access through projects like the program to provide universalbroad band access that has already taken effect and brought 14 million users regionally up to 40million.Brazil is among the world’s most avid communication services and social media users.Instagram, Flickr, Skype and LinkedIn are some of Brazilian favorites, but on Facebook,Brazilians represent 1/3 of users and are fully one-half of Twitter users.Brazil is investing and refining best practices to facilitate innovation and growth in the ITsector. In 2011, Brazil’s IT sector did R$96 billion in business volume, 6.5% of GDP growing4.9% in twelve months. Brazil’s IT sector is the 6th largest in the world and employs 1.2million people. With the expanded cooperation between government, private and academicsectors, Brazil’s IT future is bright.Brasília – ITCsThis pace and focus is mirrored in local and regional plans in the Federal District in andaround Brasilia. Brasilía, formally known as the Distrito Federal (DF) or Federal District, is 29 
  33. 33.  home of more than 700 IT and telecommunication companies creating 30,300 direct jobs.The local ITC economy represents 3.5% of local GDP giving Assespro DF members activevoices all aspects of ITC development from creation through public policy. The governmentof the DF (GDF) is aggressively promoting Brasilia’s natural, central location andinternational positioning as political center of the world’s sixth largest economy to establishthe Digital Capital Science & Technology Park.The Digital Park is one of the GDF’s main projects and will catapult the TIC sector in Brasilia,the third largest in Brazil, to the number one position. Fluid economic activity is expectedfrom the Digital Park through several avenues: systems consultancy, program development,maintenance facilities, etc. in three strategic sectors: Large ITC companies and startups Venture Capital Universities and Research CentersThe need for such a Digital Park is apparent given the number of local ITC companies. TheGDF is working to promote innovative clusters, bring expertise and competitive advantagetogether and equip local ventures to fulfill global needs.Expected occupancy of the Digital Capital Science & Technology ParkCompany Per Estimated Business Direct Jobs Direct Jobs 2Size Company Number of Area (m ) per Total Area (m2) Companies CompanyMicro and 45 712 32,040 5 3,560SmallMedium 200 340 68,000 20 6,800Medium – 500 141 70,500 50 7050LargeLarge 2000 37 74,000 200 7,400TOTAL 1230 244,540 24,810Sources of FundingGovernment of the Federal District of Brasilia (GDF)Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Federal District (SECTI-GDF)Information Industry Union of the Federal District (SINFOR-DF)Research Support Foundation of the Federal District (FAP-DF)Federation of Industries of the Federal District (FIBRA)Brasilia Institute of Technology and Innovation (IBTI)Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Brazil (MCTI)Ministry of Communications of Brazil (MC)Telecomunicações Brasileiras S.A. (Telebras – Brazilian Telecommunications)National Council on Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq)Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. (Petrobras – Brazilian Petroleum)Banco do Brasil (Bank of Brazil)Superintendent o Development of the Midwest (SUDECO)National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES)Bank of Brasilia (BRB) 30 
  34. 34.  ITC Opportunities in Brasilia Technology-based companies and business Science and technology in Brasilia - DF including public and private entities through ITC development Cities and States within the Integrated Development Region of the GDF Companies: IT, telecom, electronics, biotech, medical, nano and other tech modalities Local, regional and federal government through exchange and business promotion Research center and universities with financial, technical and technological cooperation Governmental and non-governmental organizations of national and international character with the goal of designing and elaborating programs and projects Research Support Foundation of the GDF (FAP-DF) collaborating on the formulation of guidelines, coordination and quality-control of development.Digital Tower (Torre Digital)Exemplifying the government’s commitment to TIC access for all, the magnificent newmonument in Brasilia by Oscar Niemeyer is more than an artist’s rendition of a flower of theCerrado, it is a beacon that also ensures digital transmission to the area around it. Visiblefrom every corner of the Federal District, its digital reach is also extensive and strong andinspired the creators of the WCIT2016 Brasilia logo.Digital inclusion is a priority for the GDF. By 2014, 1 million people will be certified by theNew Technologies and Opportunities Orientation Program that offer courses in formaleducation, technology and professional training. Access to broadband internet will beguaranteed along with network expansion to residences, Wi-Fi in public areas and high-speed connections in all government offices. 31 
  35. 35.   Discover, Embrace and Thrive WCIT 2016 Brasilia! 32 
  36. 36.   WCIT2016 Brasilia Proposal acknowledges the following supporters and resources The Office of His Excellency, Governor Agnelo Queiroz, of the Federal District (GDF) of Brasilia, Brazil Brazilian Federal Ministry for Foreign Relations Brazilian Ministry of Communications Brazilian Federal Congress of the Republic of Brazil Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation of the GDF Embratur Secretary of Tourism of the GDF FIFA World Cup Organizing Committee 2014 Secretary of Culture of the GDF Brasilia Convention Bureau of the GDF Secretary of Publicity of the GDF Assespro National and Regional staff and members A&C Eventos NBPress Anna Maria Tornaghi, Events Consultant Softex 2012 Observatory Report Aleti iTech Embratur Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation of the GDF Project Manager: Della C. Henry Brasilia – DF, Brazil; 2012 33 
  37. 37. Oscar Niemeyer Architecture LETTERS OF SUPPORT LETTERS OF SUPPORT
  38. 38. ASSESPRO MINAS GERAISAssociação das Empresas Brasileirasde Tecnologia da Informação Letter of Intent To: The National Board of the Brazilian Technology and Information Business Association (Assespro) Subject: Candidacy to host the World Conference on Information Technology WCIT 2016 in Brasília Dear National Board Members, As an associate mernber of Assespro, we are pleased to share the fact that Brasília is fully equipped, ready and able to host large national and international events. With its complete logistical infrastructure, Brasília meets ali the necessary requirements to succeed in its candidacy to host the World Conference on Information Technology and deliver a thoroughly diverse and dynamic WCIT 2016 Conference. Thus said, we formalize manifest our support for this event to which we will contribute in one or more the following manners: "__ Human Resources (support staff - before, during or after the event) __ Communications (marketing, press, cornpany invitations to our partners) __ Financial collaboration (Sponsorship, Participant as individuais and/or as a group, etc) __ Liaison with foreign authorities _ Participate in the Brazilian delegation by attending WCIT2012 to support Brazils candidacy We are confident of our ability to receive the world-wide IT community here in Brazil in 2016. Sincerely, Ian Campos Martins 16 de agosto de 2012 Assespro-MG presidência@assespro-mg.org.br (31) 2514-0200
  39. 39. Integro Consultores Associados Ltda.Av. Leitão da Silva, 765/101, Santa Lúcia, Vitória (ES) BrasilCep. 29.046-010 - Tel/Fax (55 27) 3325-4040Letter of IntentTo: The National Board of the Brazilian Technology and Information Business Association (Assespro)Subject: Candidacy to host the World Conference on Information Technology WCIT 2016 in BrasíliaDear National Board Members,As an associate member of ASSESPRO - Associação das Empresas Brasileiras de Tecnologia daInformação, we are pleased to share the fact that Brasília is fully equipped, ready and able to host largenational and international events. With its complete logistical infrastructure, Brasília meets all the necessaryrequirements to succeed in its candidacy to host the World Conference on Information Technology anddeliver a thoroughly diverse and dynamic WCIT 2016 Conference.Thus said, we formalize manifest our support for this event to which we will contribute in one or more thefollowing manners:___ Human Resources (support staff – before, during or after the event)_X_ Communications (marketing, press, company invitations to our partners)___ Financial collaboration (Sponsorship, Participant as individuals and/or as a group, etc)___ Liaison with foreign authorities___ Participate in the Brazilian delegation by attending WCIT2012 to support Brazil’s candidacyWe are confident of our ability to receive the world-wide IT community here in Brazil in 2016. Sincerely, ______________________________________________ Full Name of signer: Marcos Barcelos Reggiani Official Company Name: INTEGRO Consultores Associados Contact E-mail: marcos@integro.inf.br Telefone: +5527–3325-4040
  40. 40. Rio de Janeiro, 20 de agosto de 2012ÀASSESPRO Nacional – Associação das Empresas Brasileiras de Tecnologia daInformaçãoAssunto: Candidatura de Brasília para sediar o World Conference on InformationTechnology – WCIT 2016À Diretoria Estatutária da Assespro Nacional,Como empresa associada à ASSESPRO, temos a satisfação de compartilhar dainformação sobre a plena condição de Brasília para abrigar grandes eventos nacionais einternacionais. Com total infraestrutura logística, Brasília possui o potencial necessáriopara viabilizar sua candidatura a cidade sede do World Conference on InformationTechnology - WCIT 2016.Assim sendo, manifestamos formalmente nosso apoio ao evento, com o qualcontribuiremos conforme informações abaixo.Recursos Humanos (equipe de apoio, antes, durante ou após o evento).Comunicação (marketing, divulgação, convites a empresas do meu relacionamento, nopais e no exterior).Financeiro (patrocínio, inscrições de congressistas, etc)Ciceroneando autoridades estrangeiras.Participando da delegação brasileira que irá ao WCIT 2012 e que defenderá acandidatura do Brasil.Estamos confiantes em poder receber a comunidade mundial de TI no Brasil em 2016.Atenciosamente. QUESTERA CONSULTING S.A. raul.colcher@questera.com +55 21 4042-7710Questera Consulting S.A.*Av. N.S. de Copacabana, 647, Gr. 510CEP 22050-901 . Rio de Janeiro. RJT./F. +55 21 2548-3255brasil@questera.com . www.questera.com 1/1 *Anteriormente denominada Giga Information Group do Brasil S.A.
  41. 41. Letter of IntentTo: The National Board of the Brazilian Technology and Information Business Association (Assespro)Subject: Candidacy to host the World Conference on Information Technology WCIT 2016 in BrasíliaDear National Board Members,As an associate member of Assespro, we are pleased to share the fact that Brasília is fully equipped,ready and able to host large national and international events. With its complete logisticalinfrastructure, Brasília meets all the necessary requirements to succeed in its candidacy to host theWorld Conference on Information Technology and deliver a thoroughly diverse and dynamic WCIT2016 Conference.Thus said, we formalize manifest our support for this event to which we will contribute in one ormore the following manners:___ Human Resources (support staff – before, during or after the event)___ Communications (marketing, press, company invitations to our partners)___ Financial collaboration (Sponsorship, Participant as individuals and/or as a group, etc)___ Liaison with foreign authorities___ Participate in the Brazilian delegation by attending WCIT2012 to support Brazil’s candidacyWe are confident of our ability to receive the world-wide IT community here in Brazil in 2016. Sincerely, Carlos Eduardo Santos Pereira Lauro de Freitas, 17 de agosto de 2012 Diagrama Tecnologia Ltda. ceduardo@diagramatecnologia.com.br +55 (71) 3379-3535 www.diagramatecnologia.com.br
  42. 42. Letter of IntentTo: The National Board of the Brazilian Technology and Information Business Association(Assespro)Subject: Candidacy to host the World Conference on Information Technology WCIT 2016 inBrasíliaDear National Board Members,As an associate member of Assespro, we are pleased to share the fact that Brasília is fullyequipped, ready and able to host large national and international events. With its completelogistical infrastructure, Brasília meets all the necessary requirements to succeed in itscandidacy to host the World Conference on Information Technology and deliver a thoroughlydiverse and dynamic WCIT 2016 Conference.Thus said, we formalize manifest our support for this event to which we will contribute in oneor more the following manners:___ Human Resources (support staff – before, during or after the event)___ Communications (marketing, press, company invitations to our partners)___ Financial collaboration (Sponsorship, Participant as individuals and/or as a group, etc)___ Liaison with foreign authorities___ Participate in the Brazilian delegation by attending WCIT2012 to support Brazil’scandidacyWe are confident of our ability to receive the world-wide IT community here in Brazil in 2016.Sincerely,______________________________________________Full Name of signer: FRANCO MACHADOOfficial Company Name: MOGAI ITContact E-mail: fmachado@mogai.com.brTelefone: +55 27 3337-1818 1/1 Rua Italina Pereira Motta, 440 sala101, Jardim Camburi, Vitória, ES, CEP 29090-370
  43. 43. Dear Members of the World Information and Technology Services Alliance, It is with great confidence that we come by way of this letter to support thecandidacy of Brasília – DF, Brazil as host of your 20th bi-annual World Congress onInformation Technology in 2016. Brasília is an ideal choice to host this auspicious event andwe at PMI São Paulo are eager to participate in its success. PMI, Project Management Institute (PMI) is the world’s leading projectmanagement organization that serves both practitioners and organizations with standards thatdescribe good practices, globally recognized credentials that certify project managementexpertise, and resources for professional development, networking and community. TheInternational Organization for Standardization (ISO) has formed two committees to developstandards for project management; PMI is taking a significant role in the success of both ofthese ISO committees, as well as in other international standards activities. PMI credentialscertify knowledge and experience in project management. A strong project management foundation is the key to success, and PMI’sglobal standards will help make sure everything is done right. We at PMI ES – EspíritoSanto – Brazil – www.pmies.org.br - are ready to support the WCIT2016 in Brasília byidentifying a certified, experienced and creative project manager suited specifically for theneeds of the WITSA community and will make this an outstanding event.Sincerely,____________________________________Miriam MachadoEspírito Santo, Brasil Chapter President - www.pmies.org.brAugust, 21, 2012
  44. 44. Iguassu Falls, Paraná MAPS OF BRAZIL MAPS OF BRAZIL
  45. 45. Brazil’s location in the world Brazil nn Brazil’s figures are impressive: its population is just over 190 million; its territory covers more than 8.5 million km2 (5th biggest country in the world), its coastline stretches for 8.5 thousand km, and it has 5,658 municipal districts. nn The country has 26 states and a Federal District (where the capital Brasília is located), divided into 5 macro-regions: north, northeast, central-west, southeast and south. nn Although 92% of the Brazilian territory is located in an intertropical zone, warm weather predominates (with average temperatures above 20° C). nn Countries that share borders with Brazil: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Guyana, French Guyana, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela, Paraguay and Uruguay.Sea temperature along the Brazilian coast: nn North and Northeast of the country: varies between 20° C and 25° C. nn South and Southeast of the country: varies between 15° C and 20° C.