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Annette BI Portfolio

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Annette BI Portfolio

  1. 1. Business Intelligence Proficient In Portfolio Database Modeling ETL Name: Annette Tako Email: annette.tako@setfocus.com OLAP Development Phone: (678)-481-3158 TSQL MDX Reports and Presentation
  2. 2. Table of Contents • Data specification document • Data Mapping document using excel • Data model design using Database Diagram • Data model design using Visio • ETL page • SSRS reports on SharePoint • Excel reports on SharePoint • Dashboard page on SharePoint
  3. 3. Sample summary page of Specification Doc • Introduction: Company is fictitious construction company. Owners need an application to evaluate profitability of each project. • Requirements doc created after interviewing the owners of the company
  4. 4. Requirement Document
  5. 5. Data Mapping Document
  6. 6. Data model Page which I created using database diagram in SQL management studio
  7. 7. Data model using VISIO for my final project
  8. 8. ETL Data Load Process Above picture shows an ETL package which I built using SSIS. Package used to automate data load from source files to database. The rectangular boxes in red are placed next to tasks which automate data cleansing (for standardize names).
  9. 9. Report built using SSRS and published to Office SharePoint 2007 Report uses 3 filters displayed to right. Filter From Date and To Date will be loaded based on Full Name selected
  10. 10. Excel Report built using OLAP cube and published to SharePoint Red ellipsis shows different tabs for reports created. User also has the ability to filter by county
  11. 11. Dashboard created using PPS User can filter for specific employee. Drop down have all employee names in alphabetical order. Top bar and line chart shows labor cost by month. Bottom grid shows labor cost by job compared to total labor cost for job