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Recruitment process of nestle

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Recruitment process of nestle

  1. 1. 11
  2. 2. ““Interview”Interview” “Analysis of Nestle company”“Analysis of Nestle company”
  3. 3. Table of ContentsTable of Contents • Definition of Interview • Types of Interview • Structure of interview • Contents of Interview • Administration of Interview • Process of conducting interview
  4. 4. Table of ContentsTable of Contents • History of the company • Organization study • Strength and weaknesses • Conclusion • Recommendation
  5. 5. Definition of InterviewDefinition of Interview • Interview is a process in which a potential employee is evaluated by an employer for prospective employment in their company, organization, or firm. During this process, the employer hopes to determine whether or not the applicant is suitable for the role.
  6. 6. Types of interviewTypes of interview • Selection Interview – Conduct at the time of selection • Appraisal Interview – Give promotions and rewards • Exit Interview – When the employee leave the organization
  7. 7. Format of interviewFormat of interview • Structured interview – Directive and standardized format • Unstructured interview – Non-directive and use for complex job
  8. 8. Content of InterviewContent of Interview • Situational interview – Give the situation and ask for solution • Behavioral Interviews – Check the past experience of actual job • Job-related interview – Questions related to required job • Stress interview – Check temperament and depression
  9. 9. Administration of InterviewAdministration of Interview • Structured sequential interview – Standardized questions – Conducted by interviewers in a sequence • Unstructured sequential interview – Ask questions as comes to interviewers’s mind • Panel job interview – Group of interviewers interview the candidate
  10. 10. Continu..Continu.. • Mass interview – Group of interviewers interview group of candidates • Web-Assisted interview – Using internet technology • Phone interviews – On call interviews in order to save the time
  11. 11. How to design and conduct an effectiveHow to design and conduct an effective interviewinterview • Step1 analyze the job (job description i.e. skills, ability,knowldge) • Step2 Rate the job main duties (decision making, computerized, analytical skills) • Step3 Create interview question (prepare question before taking interview)
  12. 12. Continue..Continue.. • Step4 create benchmark answer (multiple answer of those questions) • Step 5 Appoint the interview panel and conduct interview (select the interviewers and conduct the interview)
  13. 13. History of the CompanyHistory of the Company • In 1866 Henri Nestlé developed a milk-based baby food by the name of “Farine Lactée Henri Nestlé” • Swiss origin headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland • In 1905 Nestlé and Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company merged and retain its previous name. • In 1947 the name is changed and give a new name as nestle • After 1960, Nestle gain a strong position and decide not to merge in other companies.
  14. 14. Study of organizationsStudy of organizations • We chose Nestle Company for this analysis. • Use assessment centers to select the candidates • First company conduct telephonic interview to screen the candidates and reduce the pool of candidates • Then take face-to-face interview
  15. 15. Study of organizationsStudy of organizations • Nestle company uses both formats of interview according to the type and requirement of the job e.g. – Structured interview – Unstructured interview
  16. 16. Continue..Continue.. • Use structured interview, when the job is similar • When the company fill the complex , most important and executive positions, the company prefer unstructured or semi- structured interview,
  17. 17. ComparisonComparison (strength and weaknesses)(strength and weaknesses) • Strength • Nestle company use panel as well as mass interview which save the time of interviewers and help the interviewer to compare the candidate and to select the right person for right job.
  18. 18. StrengthStrength • Nestle company use all types of questions in their interview according to the requirement of the job – Situational questions – Behavioral questions – job-related questions – Stress questions • In addition Nestle company use competency and motivational questions
  19. 19. StrengthStrength • Nestle company uses STAR approach in competency based questions – S Situation: Why did you have this deadline? – T Task: What was your specific role in the task? – A Action: What did you do to ensure you met the deadline? – R Result : What was the end result? • Nestle company have experienced interviewers • Uses all the types of interviews e.g. – selection interview – appraisal interview – exit interview
  20. 20. WeaknessesWeaknesses • Weaknesses • The criteria of interview of nestle company is no doubt very clear and useful but there are some weaknesses in their procedure • Sometime interviewer select the candidate on the basis of personal characteristics or personal relationship with the candidate like same cast, belong to same city • Interviewer sometimes selects that candidate which is not eligible for that job on the basis of strong reference.
  21. 21. ConclusionConclusion • We conclude that effective interview is very necessary for any organization. To increase the performance and to achieve the objectives of the organization, every organization need to select right person for right job. In order to achieve this objective Nestle company give more emphasis on selection of the candidates. The HRM department of Nestle company is very strong.
  22. 22. RecommendationsRecommendations • Nestle company have a strong HRM department and experienced Interviewers so we have some recommendations as given bellow: • Nestle company take steps to overcome some biases that are committed by the interviewers • Nestle company gives better training to interviewers • Nestle company should arrange the interview in such a room where any contact is not allowed • Use standard type of questions and create benchmark the answers
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