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Athena Remittance Management System-ARMS

  1. ASolutionForExchangeCompany Athena Instant Remittance Scalable, Secure Web 2.0 software solution for both Local and Foreign Remittance
  2. Customer Beneficiary Statement Bank Workflowinshort How Local Remittance Works Athena Instant Remittance
  3. Request Balance • Validate Device • Validate User • Process Request • Generate Response Response Requestingquerytooursystem Balance sheet / Mini statement USSD Athena Instant Remittance
  4. Request Fund T/F • Validate Process • Generate Confirmation with Beneficiary informationConfirmation Message Requestingquerytooursystem Fund Transfer USSD Bank Customer Confirmation • Business logic Evaluation • WS request to Commission agent Perform Accounting Transaction Confirmation with Updated Balance Athena Instant Remittance
  5. How Foreign Remittance Works ACompleteRemittancePlatform Athena Instant Remittance
  6. iRemittance KEY NOTES Athena Instant Remittance
  7. SmartAccounting-iRemittance Remittance Accounting • Rule Engine for Agent Commission • Rule Engine for Fee Calculation • Cover Fund Management • Daily Collection Report • Daily Disbursment Report Athena Instant Remittance
  8. SanctionList–iRemittance WHAT ABOUT DOMESTIC SANCTIONS TARGETS ? International SANCTIONS Targets screening Athena Instant Remittance
  9. PaymentgatewayIntegration-iRemittance 3rd Party Payment Gateway Integration Athena Instant Remittance
  10. • Cashier • Agent • Customer • Administrator • Software configuration manager ArmySecurityineverysteps Some Predefined Role : Dynamic Role-based Security Role Customization along with Privilege Adjustment Athena Instant Remittance
  11. Few more Security ArmySecurityineverysteps • IP Binding • Audit Logs • Password Policy • Double Layer validation process • Careful WCMS • Session fixation • SQL injection, Escaping and many more... Athena Instant Remittance
  12. InsideLookofyourTransaction Enquiry management of entire transaction life cycle. Enquiry Management System Athena Instant Remittance
  13. DeviceCompatibility Pay from anywhere Economy Mobile Rich Mobile Computer Tab Athena Instant Remittance
  14. TightlyCompliance Anti Money Laundering Compliance Need More Compliance? • Linked Transaction with relationship • Sanction list verification with Auto-update • Amount limit to send task without any photo-ID • Amount limit for Address verification • Legal documents for Corporate Customer • Source of fund Declaration with Profession • Declaration amount restriction and many more. • Daily/Monthly Max transaction configuration. • Many more and still adding and updating… Athena Instant Remittance
  15. ConfigurableandFlexible Configurable • Plug-able logic for Mobile accounting • Currency conversion rate • Purpose of Fund Transfer, Photo ID Type • Distribution Outlet Configuration • SMS and Email Templating • Document Attachment • Theme Customization • and many more… Athena Instant Remittance
  16. • Customer Registration • Beneficiary mapping with linked transaction • Sanction Verification • Allow online access to customer • Statement/Reports on remittance accounting Cashier Pre-definedRolewithcommonUsecases Athena Instant Remittance
  17. • Customer Registration • Beneficiary mapping with linked transaction • Sanction Verification • Commission Reports • Transaction Status monitoring Agent Pre-definedRolewithcommonUsecases Athena Instant Remittance
  18. • Internet Banking • Mobile Banking • Manage Transaction • Manage Beneficiary • Transaction Status monitoring • Enquiry management Customer Pre-definedRolewithcommonUsecases Athena Instant Remittance
  19. • Send Transaction to Destination Bank • Cancel Transaction • Currency posting for Agent • Update currency conversion rate. • Apply Role based security • Manage Sanction List • Reports on remittance accounting and monitoring Admin has full control on application, including configuration, add/edit privilege and can manage branches and exchange houses. Power User - Admin Pre-definedRolewithcommonUsecases Athena Instant Remittance
  20. ConfigurationforAdvancedUser-iRemittance • Agent Registration • Define commission rate • Update/Apply rule of "Regular fee" • Configuration related to compliance • and various system entity mapping Software configuration manager Athena Instant Remittance
  21. LicenseofiRemittance • Pay As You Go • Managed Service • On-Premise License. Type of Software License Athena Instant Remittance
  22. Email,SMSNotification-iRemittance • Email software generated Invoice to customer • SMS notification beneficially to receive payment • SMS notification customer when beneficially get paid. Notification Notification mapping with different type of transaction event Athena Instant Remittance
  23. Tools,technologyandplatform Supported Database Supported Platform Supported Application Server Application is extensively tested on: Athena Instant Remittance
  24. No additional license for Database and OS. We recommend to use CentOS as Operating system and PostgreSQL as database server. No additional software license CostCutofOSandDatabase Athena Instant Remittance
  25. Tools, Technology and Platform: Tools,technologyandplatformofthisSolution Athena Instant Remittance
  26. Thank You. InstantRemittanceManagementSystem Athena Instant Remittance