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A [Brief] History of [Digital] Future (revised)
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Premium Insight January 2014

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Premium Insight is a study made by SAME SAME but different in order to explore the digital activity of premium brands and luxurious “Maisons”.

This new edition will focus on the most innovative strategies in terms of display, emailing, e-commerce, social media and mobile.

Enjoy your reading !

Premium Insight January 2014

  1. 1. PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014
  2. 2. PREMIUM INSIGHT PREMIUM INSIGHT SAME SAME but different Premium Insight is an overview of the digital activity of premium brands and luxurious “Maisons” focusing on the most innovative strategies in terms of display, e-commerce, social media, mobile and O2O... Founded in 2009, SAME SAME but different is the strategic and creative digital agency of luxury and major brands: Digital operations and website design / e-influence campaigns / Mobile solutions / Digital In store / Consulting & training for leaders. This issue is composed of: SAME SAME but different works world-widely with offices in Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York. • A review of the main digital news • A closer look to the jewelry and watchmaking sector • A study of a case • A focus on a trend • An analysis of a Chinese topic PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014
  5. 5. NEWS RADAR CASE DIOR Introducing Dior Instagram Dior finally launched its Instagram account in November. The Maison created four hashtags, called “inspirations”, to organize the content on the platform: #DIORLIVE : latest news about the Maison, runway shows, exhibitions #DIORBTS: behind the scenes of the Maison and its know-how #DIORBY: the Maison’s collaborations #DIORTIPS: the Maison’s advice Our opinion: Dior is one of the last luxury brands to open an Instagram account. Ordering the platform with four categories is original, a good and meaningful way to organize the content. > Instagram PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014 FOCUS
  6. 6. NEWS RADAR CASE JEAN PAUL GAULTIER A Hotte Christmas by Jean Paul Gaultier After last year’s “Le Noël des enfants pas sages”, Jean Paul Gaultier comes back with “Hotte spot”, a digital animation for Christmas. Why “Hotte spot”? Because, Hotte is the French saying for Santa’s sack meaning that Jean Paul Gaultier, will offer a “Hotte” full of presents to its users. Because of the sensuality of the movie On The Docks, released on October 14th and used for this interactive video. Finally, because viewers will have to chase the hot spots in the video to win the presents hidden behind them. Our opinion: Another proof that interactive videos are becoming the big deal. The video is available only on the website despite the fact that Youtube is the player. Seems strange… > The video PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014 FOCUS
  7. 7. NEWS RADAR CASE HERMÈS What’s in the box today? For the holidays, Hermès launched “Hermès on ice”, an Advent calendar starring the Maison’s famous orange boxes. Discover each day a new animation followed by the reveal of a gift suggestion. A fun and well animated calendar that brings a little more magic to Christmas. Our opinion: Among the multitude of luxury brands Advent calendars (Dior, Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton), Hermès’ creativity, freshness and humor stand out. > The calendar PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014 FOCUS
  8. 8. NEWS RADAR CASE LOUIS VUITTON Louis Vuitton time travels For the release of its new iPhone and iPad cases, Louis Vuitton revisited the famous arcade game Block Breaker via an interactive animation. Choose your gaming level in function of the cases, the iPhone 5 for easy, the iPad Mini for normal and the iPad for hard. The Maison also published a video with other retro games like Tetris, Space Invaders and Asteroids. Our opinion: This campaign brings back childhood memories and users can spread the nostalgia on social media by sharing their scores on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. > The video and the game PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014 FOCUS
  9. 9. NEWS RADAR CASE AKQA Stargazing wishes To celebrate the New Year, the agency AKQA, specialized in innovation and digital services, offered a poetic holiday greetings up in the sky. And to make the experience even more magical, the music was composed by Robert Del Naka, also know as 3D, member of famous Massive Attack. What is the concept? Once you have written and sent your wishes, the receiver will have to find them in the stars by holding up his device (iPhone or iPad). Our opinion: And the prize for 2014 best wishes goes to the agency AKQA that managed to create a wonderful experience without having to go through an application. > The video PREMIUM INSIGHT > The website January 2014 FOCUS
  11. 11. NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS PIAGET Time to celebrate! For Christmas, Piaget created an interactive video highlighting emblematic pieces of the Maison’s collection. In the video, the user is invited to click on the creations and learn more. The interactive video is customizable through a dedicated website. Fill out the form, watch the preview and send it to whomever by e-mail, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. The Maison also collaborated with the magazine IW and offered an interactive shopping experience that unveils the Piaget Christmas Selection. > The interactive video PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014 > The shopping experience
  12. 12. NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS TIFFANY & CO. Tiffany & Co Ho ho! For the holidays, Tiffany & Co. created an Advent calendar, “Merry Countdown”, a Facebook application that offers a selection of gift ideas from the Maison’s collections. Tiffany & Co. also introduced The Tiffany Christmas Carriage that wondered along the streets of Paris and London. Pictures of the carriage were posted on the Maison’s social media accounts, the #tiffanychristmas hashtag was created and a Tiffany Holiday board was published on Pinterest. > The Facebook album PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014
  13. 13. NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS CARTIER My kingdom for a Cartier For its exhibition, « Le style et l’histoire » at Le Grand Palais in Paris, Cartier created an application, “Joaillier des rois”. Discover the Maison’s history, its emblematic pieces and the figures who wore them such as Marie Bonaparte, The Duchess of Windsor or Elizabeth Taylor. The application offers a detail of 6 important periods in Cartier’s history illustrated by archive documents, 14 iconic figures, and 41 high definition pictures of emblematic creations among 81 illustrations. The iPad application is available for purchase on the Apple store for 3,59 euros. > The video PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014 > The application
  14. 14. NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS HARRY WINSTON 12 Days of diamond Starting on the 13th of December, Harry Winston offered a Christmas countdown to the Midnight strike on a dedicated page of its website, presenting 12 diamond pieces. Every day, the Maison posted these creations on their different social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. > The website PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014
  15. 15. NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS CHOPARD An enchanting holiday season For Christmas, Chopard created a tab on Facebook allowing its fans to browse among a special Christmas selection for him and for her. 20 years of Happy Sport watches The Maison is celebrating 20 years of its famous watch, Happy Sport. For the occasion, Chopard created a dedicated space on its website enabling their fans to discover each timepiece with a photographic timeline. > The website PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014
  16. 16. RADAR NEWS CASE FOCUS BOUCHERON JAEGER LECOULTRE BVLGARI To celebrate 2014, Boucheron published a video on its different social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube – wishing fans a “dazzling New Year”. Available in French and in English, the video illustrates the Maison’s boutique, at Place Vendôme, “an address of exception since 1893”. On the other hand Jaeger Lecoultre celebrated the New Year with a “Season’s greetings” visual. For the holidays, Bvlgari celebrated the Maison’s Serpenti collection, referring to the end of 2013, the Chinese year of the snake. > The video PREMIUM INSIGHT > Facebook January 2014 > Facebook
  17. 17. CASE: E-magazines
  18. 18. NEWS RADAR CASE E-MAGAZINES Luxury brands have much to offer in terms of content. History, knowhow, news, events are spread out, strategically, on many different platforms, either on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Google + and Tumblr. What seemed to be missing, was a recurring digital meeting. Therefore, some luxury brands decided to create magazines which would diffuse all of the Maisons’ content, on an homogeneous and aesthetic space. Dior and Cartier each have developed their own e-magazine. PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014 FOCUS
  19. 19. NEWS RADAR CASE CARTIER Rouge Cartier • A monthly magazine • Organized in four or five main subjects • A limited offer in terms of social media Types of content: • Text • Images • Videos Themes: • Inspirations • Creations • Know-how • Behind the scenes • Exclusive content > The magazine PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014 FOCUS
  20. 20. NEWS RADAR CASE DIOR Dior Magazine • Publication of one article at a time • Almost daily • Launched in August 2011 • Sharing functions on Facebook and Twitter Types of Content: • Images • Text • Videos Themes: • Fashion shows behind the scene • History of the Maison • Anecdotes • Archives • Illustrations • Exclusive news > The magazine PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014 FOCUS
  21. 21. NEWS RADAR CASE VAN CLEEF & ARPELS Flipboard On the 5th of December, Van Cleef & Arpels became the first luxury brand on Flipboard. Their magazine, A Quest for Beauty, gathers the Maison’s different types of content. PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014 FOCUS
  22. 22. NEWS RADAR CASE VAN CLEEF & ARPELS A Quest for Beauty An organized magazine: • 4 main themes • Visual pages (mosaic of pictures) Type of content: • Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • Pinterest • Google + • Websites • Tumblr • Blogs • Flipboard articles Themes: • History • Know-how • Behind the scenes • News • Creations • Exhibitions > The application PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014 FOCUS
  23. 23. NEWS RADAR CASE OUR OPINION Digital magazines allow brands to maintain a strong relationship with their aficionados and create special occasions to get them together around the Maisons’ main topics. Where self generated magazines have the advantage of the control over the look and feel, Flipboard’s added value stands in the massive use of the platform – 85 million users. Readers’ habits are maintained, they get to create their own magazines from their tastes and interests by adding content (from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, any rss feed) either on the desktop editor or directly from their phone or tablet. They can also flip through the magazines of their favorite brands or media. And, for brands, no need to create more content, since the platform gathers, in an efficient and simple way, their entire digital ecosystems. PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014 FOCUS
  24. 24. FOCUS: Art collaborations
  25. 25. NEWS RADAR CASE LUXURY BRANDS AND ART COLLABORATIONS The line between art and luxury has always been blurry. Both are subjective, give importance to aesthetics, have a high symbolic value. All luxury brands use artistic fields as architecture, painting and music from every historical period - primitive, classical, modern and contemporary art. What seems interesting to focus on, is how these brands have managed to link their art collaborations to the digital field. The idea, with digital, is to enhance the experiences, focus on innovation and offer more and more visual awe. Digital generates great results in terms of sharing and reaching – that is, if brands fully take advantage of social media. PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014 FOCUS
  26. 26. NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS BOUCHERON The « B Moments » Boucheron celebrated its 120 years at Place Vendôme with a dedicated page on the website representing the boutique in paper artwork illuminated by beautiful plays of light and shadow. This operation was a collaboration between the Maison and the New-York artist, Jo Lynn, an expert in the paper art field. Our opinion: The Maison Boucheron has managed to associate digital modernity with the beauty and simplicity of paper art. The experience suits perfectly the website’s ergonomics. > The teaser PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014
  27. 27. NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS DIESEL Diesel Reboot On the 14th of October, the Diesel exhibition at the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann opened its doors in Paris. A collaboration between Renzo Rosso, the brands founder, Nicola Fornichetti, Art director and the famous Parisian mall. Five starring artists were selected on a dedicated Tumblr, #DieselReboot. Our opinion: We like how this art collaboration was crowed-sourced, using digital tools as Tumblr and a hashtag. > Tumblr PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014
  28. 28. NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS RALPH LAUREN «Wake me up» In July 2013, Ralph Lauren and the Swedish DJ Avicii, co-produced a music video for the song “Wake me up”. It starred the cast of the brand’s Denim & Supply ad. This collaboration was very successful and viewed 221 million times on Youtube making it the brand’s most effective digital campaign ever. Our opinion: This operation demonstrates once more that collaborating with artists can lead to great results and particularly with musicians that have a higher reach. > The video PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014
  29. 29. NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS ABSOLUT VODKA Absolut and Co. Absolut Vodka is well known for its many collaborations with the artistic field. On the dedicated page of the brand’s website, the artists are put in the limelight in a very modern, tech-savy and fashionable way. Discover via gifs, cinemagraphs and videos, the work and philosophy of a sculptural couturier, an artist, director and musician, a digital media artist and a graphic novel creator. Our opinion: Absolut Vodka has been fond of art collaborations for a while now. This operation offers qualitative content that we would have enjoyed seeing on Tumblr. Too bad the brand didn’t expand the project to this platform that generates higher traffic. > The website PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014
  30. 30. BEYOND THE GREAT WALL: Overseas shopping sprees
  31. 31. BEYOND THE GREAT WALL OVERSEAS SHOPPING SPREES PREMIUM INSIGHT • #1 tourist population – 97 million Chinese traveled abroad in 2013 • #1 tourist spenders - 102 billion dollars in 2012 • #1 luxury spenders worldwide • 60% luxury goods bought outside mainland China • A majority of individual tourists – 75% between 25 and 44 years old • 91% of Chinese travelers use social media during their trips January 2014 PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014
  32. 32. BEYOND THE GREAT WALL OVERSEAS SHOPPING SPREES PREMIUM INSIGHT Why spend more outside of the mainland? • Because Chinese people are not satisfied with their local services • Because they want to avoid fake goods • Because they seek unique and rare products • Because they give importance to brands’ original boutiques • Because they enjoy purchasing local goods • Because luxury pieces are highly taxed in China which makes the overseas products cheaper January 2014 PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014
  33. 33. BEYOND THE GREAT WALL OVERSEAS SHOPPING SPREES PREMIUM INSIGHT Another interesting fact to take into account is that Chinese people are traveling more and more alone. This growth can be explained by two major factors: • A new Tourism Law was passed increasing the prices of group tours. • Chinese people have become more comfortable traveling alone since they are always connected thanks to social media. This allows them to cross the language barrier and visit freely. It’s a great opportunity for luxury brands that can demonstrate and target their services. Since Wechat gathers 600 million Chinese users, and is massively used on a daily basis, this application seems to be the most powerful tool to build strong relationships with them. January 2014 PREMIUM INSIGHT January 2014
  34. 34. The next study will be available in February 2014 Michel Campan - mcampan@samesameparis.com Victor Yang - victor@samesamechina.com Julien Gaubert-Molina - julien.gaubertmolina@samesamehk.com Emmanuel Duran Campana - emmanuel@samesameusa.com samesameparis.com samesamechina.com samesamehk.com samesameusa.com © SAME SAME but different
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Premium Insight is a study made by SAME SAME but different in order to explore the digital activity of premium brands and luxurious “Maisons”. This new edition will focus on the most innovative strategies in terms of display, emailing, e-commerce, social media and mobile. Enjoy your reading !


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