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Premium Insight Septembre
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Premium Insight December 2013

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Premium Insight is a study made by SAME SAME but different in order to explore the digital activity of premium brands and luxurious “Maisons”.

This new edition will focus on the most innovative strategies in terms of display, emailing, e-commerce, social media and mobile.

Enjoy your reading !

Premium Insight December 2013

  1. 1. PREMIUM INSIGHT December 2013
  2. 2. PREMIUM INSIGHT PREMIUM INSIGHT SAME SAME but different Premium Insight is an overview of the digital activity of premium brands and luxurious “Maisons” focusing on the most innovative strategies in terms of display, e-commerce, social media, mobile and O2O... Founded in 2009, SAME SAME but different is the strategic and creative digital agency of luxury and major brands: Digital operations and website design / e-influence campaigns / Mobile solutions / Digital In store / Consulting & training for leaders. This issue is composed of: SAME SAME but different works world-widely with offices in Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York. • A review of the main digital news • A closer look to the jewelry and watchmaking sector • A focus on a trend • An analysis of a Chinese topic PREMIUM INSIGHT December 2013
  5. 5. NEWS FOCUS RADAR L’ORÉAL PARIS Enhancing underground beauty… For one month starting the 4th of November, L’Oréal Paris offers New Yorkers the first intelligent vending experience in the city’s subway, at the Bryant Park station. L’Oréal Paris Intelligent Color Experience is a three step process: the “magic mirror” analyzes what you are wearing, then offers a color-matching selection of cosmetics, and lets you purchase directly from the machine. Once you are done, L’Oréal invites you to share your experience on Twitter, by publishing a picture of your new look followed by #bringyourbold. The famous model Coco Rocha offered a demonstration of how the machine works. Our opinion: Quite a daring move from L’Oréal with this surprising location and innovative experience. A good strategy to get closer to the customers in a fun and useful way. PREMIUM INSIGHT > The website December 2013 > The video
  6. 6. NEWS FOCUS RADAR MICHAEL KORS Me, MySelma and I… Michal Kors launched a digital campaign for the Selma handbag that targets the brand’s fans. On the 21st of October, a contest was created. The concept ? Take a picture of your Selma bag around the world followed by #JetSetSelma and post it on Instagram. A selection of the best pictures appear in a gallery on the Michael Kors website. As of today, the brand has chosen 77 photos of Selmas shot in various contexts, creating a fun and beautiful gallery that has been projected at the Palais de Tokyo. The winner has been rewarded with a brand new Selma. > Instagram > The gallery > The application Our opinion: User generated content can work! Jetsetselma shows that followers have evolved and are know able to create beautiful content. Moreover, these pictures found their purpose in a brand event. An operation that highlights the power of the bag, of the clientele, of the brand… PREMIUM INSIGHT December 2013
  7. 7. NEWS FOCUS RADAR JUST CAVALLI Just a bite, but not only… On the 15th of October, for the launch of its new fragrance “For Him”, Just Cavalli created a game on Facebook called “Just a Bite” available on desktop, iPhone and iPad. Go back in time to find out what happened last night, how the mysterious Cavalli logo got tattooed on your hand and who it is linked to. Visit different locations – apartment, parking lot, streets of New York, night club and roof top. The experience is linked to your Facebook profile - you’ll find pictures of your friends or books that you have marked as read on your profile. At the end of the game, share your experience and/or participate in the contest in order to win one of the new fragrances. Our opinion: Just Cavalli offers a videogame-like experience. The idea of putting a few hints from the user’s Facebook profile was interesting yet not exploited enough. Instead of offering the opportunity to participate in a contest at the end of the game, why not have merged both? PREMIUM INSIGHT > The Facebook application December 2013 > The iPad application
  8. 8. NEWS FOCUS RADAR CHANEL Fly me to the Moon(phase)… On the 17th of October, the Maison Chanel launched a digital campaign composed of a website and a video to promote the revisited J12 Moonphase wristwatch from the decade old J12 collection. The specificity of this watch is that it informs you of the lunar calendar’s phases. Chanel sends its fans to the moon on an interactive website. Scroll through the website and discover a video, the collection details, a moon calendar and a store locator. The Maison invites you to fly through the years of the lunar calendar section where you will find out everything about the different phases of the moon. Our opinion: The website is well done, the idea is interesting and consistent with the product being promoted. Our only regret is that they didn’t link the operation to social media. They could have you share, for example, the lunar phase of your birthday… PREMIUM INSIGHT > The website December 2013 > The video
  9. 9. NEWS FOCUS RADAR DOLCE & GABBANA Dolce, Gabbana & family… On the 22nd of November, the Maison launched the DGFAMILY project and invited its fans to share their family pictures on their website. In order to submit your photo, either sign up on the website or login through your Facebook account. So far the platform has collected 47 pages of pictures. The project is also shared on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter, where users post their photo followed by the #DGFamily hashtag. A few celebrities like Peaches Geldof and Stefano Gabbana participated in the project sharing their own family pictures. Our opinion: This project is a nice way to promote a value, family, that is very coherent with the brand’s communication. A poetic crowdsourced project that will definitely strengthen the bond between the Maison and its fans on numerous social platforms. PREMIUM INSIGHT > Participate December 2013 > The gallery
  10. 10. NEWS FOCUS RADAR GUERLAIN Hanging out on the Champs Élysées… On the 22nd of November, the Maison Guerlain invited its fans to discover its brand new flagship store on 68 Champs-Élysées, by creating a virtual tour available on Google+ and Google Hangout. The event started at 11:30am and was hosted by representatives of the brand and special guests such as Natalia Vodianova, house perfumer Thierry Wasser… Our opinion: A good way to share with the entire world, what has now become the world’s biggest boutique. This reopening was also a good occasion to talk about the Maison and its key products. Was it effective, did it reach a lot of people? Hard to tell… > The video PREMIUM INSIGHT December 2013 > The website
  12. 12. NEWS RADAR FOCUS TIFFANY & CO. At the end of October, Tiffany & Co. launched their new website with additional services: - History and know-how about each collection - Diamond consultant in the engagement ring section (e-mail, phone, instore) - New filter tools in the wedding ring section Update of the “Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder” application, that now allows women to visualize how each ring would fit on their finger by taking a picture of their left hand. Our opinion: Tiffany’s new website is an aesthetic, well organized and modern platform. The application is interesting, let’s see if they expand the concept to their entire line of products… PREMIUM INSIGHT > The application > The website December 2013
  13. 13. NEWS RADAR FOCUS CARTIER Cartier released its Winter Tale video on the 19th of November. The campaign allowed the brand to create an Instagram account on which they posted teasers of the video. Winter Tale pages on the website and on Youtube that shows the video and a selection of Cartier gifts suggested for Christmas. Re-launch of their Twitter account that had been inactive since 2010. Our opinion: The Maison Cartier remains very powerful in terms of video. However, it is lacking social impact despite the re-launch of its Twitter account and the creation of an Instagram account that displays less than 10 pictures. > Instagram PREMIUM INSIGHT > Youtube > Twitter > The website > The video December 2013
  14. 14. NEWS RADAR FOCUS VAN CLEEF & ARPELS Interactive video (except on iPhone) that invites the user to discover the different pieces of the Diamond Breeze collection and the Maison’s know-how. > The video JAEGER LECOULTRE On October 1st, Jaeger Lecoultre invited its fans to discover the Duomètre Unique Travel timepiece and how it functions thanks to a digital tutorial. PREMIUM INSIGHT > The tutorial December 2013
  15. 15. NEWS RADAR FOCUS CHOPARD The Maison Chopard launched its new website on the 20th of November now available in seven different languages – English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese. > The website PIAGET On the 27th of November Piaget released a new application, the “Master in ultra-thin Major complications” for iOS that allows users to discover the Maison’s ultra-thin watches thanks to descriptions and videos and also experiment “an acoustic of rare quality” thanks to an interactive section. PREMIUM INSIGHT > The application December 2013
  16. 16. FOCUS: Interactive videos
  17. 17. NEWS RADAR FOCUS INTERACTIVE VIDEOS Interactive videos seem to be the trend of the moment. Pharrell Williams and 24 hours of happy, Bob Dylan’s Like a rolling stone, so many great examples that have aroused our curiosity. Music has definitely lead the way in terms of interactive videos but today more and more brands are taking advantage of this amazing tool. Let’s go back to when it all started, in 2005… > Pharrell Williams video PREMIUM INSIGHT December 2013 > Bob Dylan video
  18. 18. NEWS RADAR THE SUBSERVIENT CHICKEN 2005 FOCUS > The case The Subservient Chicken was one of the very first interactive videos created. Thanks to a search bar on the bottom, users could ask « the chicken » whatever they liked. Hula hoop, jumping jacks, dance, push-ups: you name it, the chicken will do it. GREAT POCKETS NOKIA 2007 Meet Henry Needle in his tailoring shop: he’ll introduce you to his brilliant invention, «Great Pockets», enabling you to carry on yourself, computer, camera, and all of the different tools you can find in a phone. An ironic and well done video, especially knowing it was produced in 2007. PREMIUM INSIGHT > The video December 2013
  19. 19. NEWS RADAR FIRST INTERACTIVE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE 2008 FOCUS > The video This card trick was the first interactive video to appear on Youtube. The magician asks you to remember one of the cards displayed at the beginning of the video. Then you must click on the hidden card you think is the one you remembered. After having clicked you are redirected to another video and shazam! he “amazingly” omits to display the one you picked! THE TIPPEXPERIENCE ON YOUTUBE 2010 > The video Same concept as the Subservient Chicken video but very well integrated into Youtube, the tippexexperience makes you white and write the title of the video which changes according to the verb you pick. The experience generated a huge buzz with around 10 million views. A sequel was created in 2012. PREMIUM INSIGHT December 2013
  20. 20. NEWS RADAR FIRST INTERACTIVE VIDEO IN THE LUXURY SECTOR 2011 FOCUS > The video In this video, the user is invited to chase Longchamp’s Balzane bag through the streets of Paris, by selecting the destinations along the way. FIRST INTERACTIVE SHOPPABLE MUSIC VIDEO 2012 > The video This music video created for the online international retailer Ssense allows users to shop directly from the clip the styles of the different artists starred. PREMIUM INSIGHT December 2013
  21. 21. NEWS RADAR FIRST 360° INTERACTIVE VIDEO IN THE LUXURY SECTOR 2012 FOCUS > The video Van Cleef & Arpels invited you to experience a 360° virtual tour of the Maison’s legendary workshops. By clicking on the hotspots, discover the various informational contents (video, text, photo). FIRST INTERACTIVE VIDEO ON MOBILE 2013 > The video This Maybelline video, #TheGlamourEye, featuring stylist and blogger Kelly Frammel, offers viewers the opportunity to click to choose which signature make-up looks they want to learn about. Viewers were also able to live the experience on mobile thanks to an HTML5 version, avoiding the download of an app which still remains inconvenient. PREMIUM INSIGHT December 2013
  22. 22. NEWS RADAR OUR OPINION After having overviewed the interactive video landscape, there are three main types of videos: THE CONVERSATIONAL / THE INFORMATIVE / THE NARRATIVE The time has come for videos to finally offer an experience designed for interactive tools: viewers are finally taking control. With interactivity, give them what they want and make sure they don’t miss a single piece of what you have to say and show. With interactivity, entertain and surprise your audience - especially in the luxury sector that is very demanding in that matter. With interactivity, explore a fantastic playground and engage with people by putting them in the limelight. With interactivity, be efficient, keep your customers’ attention, be impactful and memorable. PREMIUM INSIGHT December 2013 FOCUS
  23. 23. BEYOND THE GREAT WALL: Singles’ day
  24. 24. BEYOND THE GREAT WALL SINGLES’ DAY PREMIUM INSIGHT December 2013 All the single Chinese!... What is 11.11? A brilliant marketing creation made in China that celebrates individuality. And what better date than the 11th of November with its 4 single digits to celebrate it on? Originally, this day was initiated in the 1990s by singles in universities, but the date really became massive on 11.11.11. The concept is quite simple: treat yourself! PREMIUM INSIGHT December 2013
  25. 25. BEYOND THE GREAT WALL SINGLES’ DAY PREMIUM INSIGHT December 2013 …Now take your cards out! Singles’ Day has become the world’s biggest e-commerce event gathering extraordinary sales numbers. This year, Alibaba, China’s biggest e-commerce company, generated $5.75 billion in one single day! The company reported 402 million unique visitors on its sites. Taobao generated 4 billion euros and the cosmetic and skincare brand Clinique, 1 million euros. Impressive numbers that made Singles’ Day, in terms of sales, more profitable than Chinese New Year or any other holiday. PREMIUM INSIGHT December 2013
  26. 26. The next study will be available in January 2014 Michel Campan - mcampan@samesameparis.com Victor Yang - victor@samesamechina.com Julien Gaubert-Molina - julien.gaubertmolina@samesamehk.com Emmanuel Duran Campana - emmanuel@samesameusa.com samesameparis.com samesamechina.com samesamehk.com samesameusa.com © SAME SAME but different
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    Jan. 3, 2014

Premium Insight is a study made by SAME SAME but different in order to explore the digital activity of premium brands and luxurious “Maisons”. This new edition will focus on the most innovative strategies in terms of display, emailing, e-commerce, social media and mobile. Enjoy your reading !


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