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10 E-Learning Trends to watch in 2016

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Being in touch with trends in online learning is crucial for anyone responsible for managing and delivering E-Learning and training within their organisation. So we've prepared a handy infographic that contains our predicated 10 key E-Learning trends and foresights to watch out for in 2016. You can read the full blog on this at blog.aurionlearning.com

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10 E-Learning Trends to watch in 2016

  1. 1. @aurionlearning /company/aurion-learning/AurionLearning /aurionlearning blog.aurionlearning.com /aurion-learning www.aurionlearning.com ©Aurion Learning 2016 FOR 2016 2Gamification Resources notcourses1 3Explosion of devices 4 More responsive design 5Continued rise of video 6Authoring in the cloud 7Tin Can (xAPI) 10 The self-directed learner 9 Invisible LMS The new blend 8 To read a full overview of our predicated E-Learning trends and foresights in 2016 visit blog.aurionlearning.com E-LEARNING TRENDS10