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Nature At Its Best - African Wildlife Safaris

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Dial 254-722- 566725 or visit - http://www.authentic-africa.com to explore the wildlife of Africa - Order affordable Wild safari packages as per your budget and Go Wild!

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Nature At Its Best - African Wildlife Safaris

  1. 1. Nature at its best -African wildlife safaris
  2. 2. The call of the wild attracts many people, and although not everyone gives in and hops on a plane to go live among lions, leopards andelephants, many adventurers do participate inAfrican wildlife safari to fulfill a lifelong dream.
  3. 3. Africa is known for its breathtaking scenery, diverse cultures, andextraordinary wildlife. It is a continent that attracts many tourists,some of whom are only interested in its metropolitan areas, while others only want to spend time with nature. Honeymooners, photographers, film makers, adventurers, or wildlife enthusiasts, all want to enjoy the local wildlife, one of Africas most respected and valued prize possessions.
  4. 4. African wildlife safaris deliver incredible experiences, since they include some of the most unique nationalparks and reserves in the world. Each and every one of them has its own diverse habitat and assortment ofwildlife; they all guarantee some of the most incredible memories you will ever make.
  5. 5. If you really an Wildlife Lover and love to explore the Wildlife of Africa then you need to contactNairobi Safari Club
  6. 6. African Authentic Safaris Ltd. Suite 110, 1st Floor, Uniafric House, Koinange St. P. O. Box 4293 – 00200 (City Square), Nairobi - KENYA Phone : 254-2- 2214172 / 2214173 Fax : 254-2- 2214174Hot Line : 254-722- 566725 / 0732 566725 Email : info@authentic-africa.com
  7. 7. Thank You