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Best caribbean medical schools

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Best Caribbean Medical Schools, AUSOM is also recognized by the WHO and can be found in their most recent World Directory of Medical Schools. The WHO agency is help coordinate and monitor international medical education programs.

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Best caribbean medical schools

  2. 2. Chartered on the island of Curacao ECFMG, WHO, and IMED listed Our graduates are eligible to practice medicine in the United States and Canada Avalon University School of Medicine
  3. 3. Avalon University School of Medicine Our Mission Educate students in both the science and art of medicine
  4. 4. Begins with an environment which promotes growth and learning Dedication, discipline and direction Fundamental in the development of a skilled physician Avalon University School of Medicine
  5. 5. Avalon University School of Medicine  We have designed one of the best accelerated medical programs in the Caribbean.
  6. 6. Programs offered PreMed / M.D. Program 5 years M.D. Program 4 years
  7. 7. PreMed / M.D. Program Pre-Medical course Pre-Med -1 Pre-Med -2 Pre-Med -3 Pre-Med -4 Four semesters on the island
  8. 8. English Calculus & Precalculus Biology Chemistry & Organic chemistry Physics Medical terminology Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology Introduction to Histology Introduction to Psychology Introduction to Ethics
  9. 9. M.D. Program M.D. course M.D. -1 M.D. -2 M.D. -3 M.D. -4 Four semesters on the island (Basic sciences)
  10. 10. Anatomy Histology Embryology Epidemiology & Biostatistics Physiology Biochemistry Neuroanatomy Pathology Microbiology & immunology Behavioral science Genetics Pharmacology Introduction to Clinical Medicine
  11. 11. Transitional Fifth Clinical Semester
  12. 12. The United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) Step 1
  13. 13. 72 weeks of Clinical Clerkships  Final 2 years of medical school  “Hands-on” clinical training done in U.S. teaching hospitals
  14. 14. S e l e c t i o n F a c t o r s
  15. 15. Interview  Academic Records  Applicant's essay  College Admission Test scores  Extracurricular activities  Life experiences  Work Experience  Letters of recommendation Avalon University School of Medicine
  16. 16. Avalon University School of Medicine MCAT scores are not required for admission We always welcome students who have good determination to achieve their goal and a capacity to work hard We are giving you an opportunity to prove yourself
  17. 17. Why choose Avalon University?
  18. 18. Avalon University School of Medicine  One of the best accelerated programs  Clinical rotations in US hospitals  Low tuition fee  Smaller Class size  USMLE orientation  Daily Quizzes  Well experienced faculty  Dedicated Anatomy, histology and pathology labs
  19. 19. Avalon University School of Medicine  Free access to internet in the campus  Student Information system ◦ You can access your grades ◦ Access lecture notes & power points which are updated every semester  Access to all medical journals  SGA – good student support ◦ Weekend review sessions are conducted by senior students
  20. 20. Q Bank  USMLE standard Q bank for all subjects. ◦ We have around 15,000 USMLE standard Q bank. ◦ Our Q –bank is designed in different levels  Level-1 questions helps to assess how much did you understand the lecture?  Level -2 questions helps to assess concept of the lecture  Level-3 questions are USMLE standard questions
  21. 21. Organ wise USMLE reviews Anatomy Embryology Physiology Biochemistry Pathology Pharmacology Microbiology Histology CVS
  22. 22. Avalon University School of Medicine  Strongly competitive USMLE Step I pass rates  Competitive Residency Placements
  23. 23. Avalon University School of Medicine We promise a quality education
  24. 24.  Tuition and fees are comparatively less than medical schools in America and Canada.  Pre-Med Program  M.D. Program  Financial Aid is available. Avalon University School of Medicine
  25. 25. Advantages of Curacao  Frequent flights from US  Diverse culture  Modern amenities  Strong governmental support
  26. 26. CURACAO AND MEDICAL CAMPUS Avalon University School of Medicine
  27. 27. NEW CAMPUS
  28. 28. Student Health Fair
  29. 29. •On campus housing •Gated community •Safe, secure accommodations for incoming students •24 hour security on site
  30. 30. Double Units in dorm style
  31. 31. Single units with queen size bed, kitchenette, living area and study desk
  32. 32. Living area on ground floor and two dorms in the loft
  33. 33. Argentine Brazilian Chinese Italian Mexican Japanese sushi Lebanese Spanish tapas fondue American
  34. 34. Application form and more information is available at
  35. 35. Questions?