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Consumer Trends to Watch in 2015

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Trendbüro, Avantgarde's strategic think tank, compiled a list of important consumer trends and social changes that will (or at least should) affect marketing strategies in 2015.

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Consumer Trends to Watch in 2015

  1. 1. TRENDS TO WATCH IN 2015
  2. 2. •  Eager to impact •  Re-searching online privacy •  Striving for educational success FROM GEN Y TO GEN Z « •  Me-focus and self-projection •  Self-publishers by nature •  Work-life-balance experts
  3. 3. FROM SELF- OPTIMIZING TO SERENDIPITY •  Constant strive for a better self •  Quantified lifestyle with digital support •  Performance boost in fitness, beauty, relationships etc. « •  Technology as enabler for lucky chances •  Innovative potential of the unforeseen •  Fueled by unbroken hunger for experiences
  4. 4. FROM INDIE TIMES TO ECONOMIES OF WE •  IQ: success through personal skills •  The constant search for uniqueness and differentiation •  Brands striving to cater to individualization •  WeQ: generating higher intelligence, creativity, performance thus added value •  Revolution of the sharing economy •  Owner-ship replaced by Impact-ship «
  5. 5. FROM PARTY TO SUPERFOOD •  Pleasure found in going out •  Clear distinction between work and free time •  Drugs & alcohol to cherish the moment « •  Lust for consciousness •  Holistic approach to celebrate life •  The art of cooking & eating as basis for new ideas, touch points & communities
  6. 6. «FROM DIGITAL EXPERIENCE TO UPGRADING RETAIL •  Online shops stepped from points of purchase to brand building •  Creating engagement platforms •  Building loyalty through service & content •  Traditional retail in the constant need to redefine its role •  Magazine-style mirrors digital platforms •  Digital tools boost personalized experiences
  7. 7. FROM BANKING TO PAYMENT •  Lacking distinctive brand images •  Trust problems, especially among Millennials •  Fading touch point relevance •  Rise of mobile payment apps •  Personal contact eliminated •  Opportunities to build brand on new choice drivers: convenience, security and community «
  8. 8. «FROM E-VISIONS TO INFRA- STRUCTURE •  E-product statements of all car manufacturers with high communication efforts •  Main target group: Game changer •  Increasing consciousness among society •  All eyes on infrastructure and further solutions to turn flagship projects into mass options •  Changing mindsets to reach relevance beyond early innovators
  9. 9. «FROM EXCLUSIVITY TO INCLUSIVITY •  Luxury defined by status symbols •  Showy, perfectionistic lifestyle •  Enjoyment through distinction •  Shared experiences & stories-to-tell as modern luxury goods •  New luxury brands cater to innovation, unfolding personality and impact
  10. 10. «FROM E-COMMERCE TO EVERYDAY SHOPPING •  Online shopping’s rise unabated •  Books, fashion and tickets as top sellers •  Mobile devices drive development •  FMCGs, esp. food online shopping only now with high growth rates •  Service, speed & new business ideas drive development •  High competition between big and small players
  11. 11. CONTACT Maja Overbeck T + 49 89 202526 861 maja.overbeck@trendbuero.com