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How to Index Backlinks With Best Indexing Tool

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How to Index Backlinks With Best Indexing Tool

  1. 1. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a Backlink Indexer Vikash Kumar
  2. 2. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a Backlink Indexer 257 If you want to index backlinks fast to gain a quick ranking then you’ll love this epic post. Making backlinks consumes more time and even more effort. But, when it is not indexed in Google then the value of it is much less. So a lot of your time and effort will be wasted if your backlink is not indexed. If you are a newbie and do not know how to instantly index backlinks, then I have shared a simple tutorial to get your backlinks indexed. What will you learn? Why index backlinks? How to Index backlink safely Backlink indexing methods Index backlink using Indexer How to submit huge backlinks list (For GSA blast) How to Check Indexed backlink? How to Save time & Effort In the current scenario, there are many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques and the strategies. If you are a Blogger, then you may aware about “Content is King” sentence. I do also agree with it, but if content is King then the Backlink is Queen, and you know without the Queen, the King is nothing. So backlink is a most important factor to rank your niche Blog or long term site. White hat SEO is the best practice of search Engine optimisation, but in the other hand, Matt Cutts de ned that every single backlink is labelled as a Blackhat. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a BacklinkIndexer
  3. 3. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a Backlink Indexer But the main thing is that you cannot get good ranking without backlinks, in many cases, you can rank on low competition keyword without backlinks. In most of the cases, you need some good quality backlinks to gain the ranking of your Blog/Website. Why to Index Backlinks? —-All the backlinks are not indexed naturally by Google— You have made lots of quality and high-quality backlinks, and now you are waiting so your Blog will get ranked. But you know; only making backlinks is not the end of the game, making backlink will be totally waste if your backlink will not index. All the effort, time and another thing you have spent for making backlinks will be gone into vain. Backlink indexing is a crucial part in terms of Search engine optimisation. It is just like, you have made high- quality dishes, but you have not taken a bite. Then what is the need of making such type of dishes? In the same way, what is the need of high-quality backlinks if you not got them indexed? So a single low-quality indexed backlink of your competitor will be more worth than your high-quality backlink which is not indexed. Quickly make $$$$ do Event Niche Blogging. #Google Search Console Method For Indexing backlink with this method, you need to sign in into your Google Account. If you have not sign in then, follow the link to sign in. Then further. 1. Go to the following link, submit URL to Google. 2. After opening the above link, you will get the following input box, 3. Just enter your URL Note: there is a limit of the indexing site through Google search console. Daily you can submit up to 50 links in a single day with a single account. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a BacklinkIndexer
  4. 4. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a Backlink Indexer Time Consuming: This method takes lots of precious time because you have to submit the link again and again, and also you have to verify every time that you are not a robot. So all these processes will take your lots of time. Manual Submission: You have to do the manual submission of each link. No fast indexing: Yes, by this method you cannot index backlink fast. It will take some time to index your backlink. Limit: In a single day, you can submit unto 50 links only. But think if you have made backlinks with GSA, then it is impossible to index those entire links with this method. #Web 2.0 Method This one is a cool method for indexing your backlink. You can also index your backlink with this method. You just need to follow some steps, and then you can submit your link for indexing. So let’s have a look, Create a Web 2.0 Property First, you need to create Web 2.0 sites. For indexing backlinks, it is recommended to create a high-quality web 2.0 blog. Blogspot, WordPress, Weebly, and Tumblr are good examples of high-quality web 2.0 sites. So you choose any one. Go to any of the above Web 2.0 sites. Create an account. And create a web 2.0 site. Further, you can do some setup. Create a post Now you will get an option of creating a new post. Click on that, choose some title related to your niche (optional). Now paste all of your links in your post body, and then publish the post. Create a Google Webmaster Account This is the main process of this method, for indexing backlink through this method you need to submit that Web 2.0 posts URL to the Google. For doing this, creating a Webmaster property will be a better idea. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a BacklinkIndexer
  5. 5. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a Backlink Indexer Submit Sitemap Now you have to submit a sitemap of your newly created web 2.0. After submitting sitemap of your web 2.0 blog, the post will be submitted for indexing. It will take few days to completely index the site. As soon as the site is indexed, your backlinks are submitted for indexing. #Pinging Method Pinging method is one of the well know methods for backlink indexing. Before writing this post, I have done many types of research, I have gone through each and every guide, articles, and experiments related to the pinging method. Then I did my own experiment with this method. You can see the horrible results down below. For pinging method, I have followed Pingfarm.com, which is the free mass pinging website. I just posted my links in there and then submit for pinging. After 10 days, I have noted down the result. You can see my experiment result in the graph below. #Ultimate Method with One Hour Indexing Before one month, I didn’t know about this amazing method. I was aware only of above method for backlinks indexing. Whenever I was indexing backlinks, it took my 2-3 hours. After wasting that much time I was unable to get good results. Due to this problem, many of my niche sites are not ranking for the last 6 months. I was reading Mathew Woodward’s blog, and then I got to know that there is an automated and best tool for indexing backlinks. Therefore I decided to go with Onehourindexing. Then on that day, I have signed up for basic plan of One-hour indexing, which offers 10000 Backlinks/Per Day that is quite enough for me. Then I have submitted my old backlinks and then I have started monitoring on this whole process. After one week, I was amazed to see the results. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a BacklinkIndexer
  6. 6. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a Backlink Indexer So, I thought to do some more experiment and then to share with more people. Because there are many people, who do waste their time without getting good results. # [Tutorial] How to index Backlink with One hour indexing. Here I am going to share a tutorial for how to index backlink using One Hour Indexing. In this tutorial, I have shown each and everything about One Hour Indexing. So you can easily submit your links for indexing. There is no need of extra knowledge for indexing your backlink using One Hour Indexing. You just need a premium account of One Hour Indexing, the rate is not so high, and it is under your budget so you can easily grab a premium account. So before starting this tutorial we are assuming that you have one hour indexing account. Now follow the below steps, where I have shared a complete One Hour Indexing guide. 1. Open Onehourindexing homepage and then click on the login. 2. On the next screen, you will have to enter your Login ID & the password. After lling the details click on Sign in. 3. Now the dashboard will be open, from the navigation menu, click on the Upload Links for uploading new backlinks. 4. After clicking on the Upload links you will get the following screen. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a BacklinkIndexer
  7. 7. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a Backlink Indexer Batch Name: It is just like a campaign name, by default it is current date and time you can edit it. Links per Day: It means how much links you want to index daily. By Default there are 40, that means 40 links in a single day. If you want to index all of your links immediately then you have to set it to 0(Zero). Importer: By using this you can load your backlink URLs from a text file. Links: You can paste all of your links in this box. Then further you can click on upload backlinks. How to submit huge Number of Backlinks? If you have to submit a huge number of backlinks likes 10k, 20k, 30k and even 60k then how you will submit those backlinks for indexing? So for this, I will recommend you to go with One hour indexing that is best indexing tool (I can say after my own experimentation). Go to their sites. Here is the link onehourindexing.co How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a BacklinkIndexer
  8. 8. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a Backlink Indexer Sign up for the basic plan. Upload your links from a text file. Now sit back and check out the result after one week. You will get good results for sure. If you have blasted backlinks with GSA, then one hour indexing is perfect for that. #My Case Study [Experiment] From last few weeks, I was doing a huge experiment on backlink indexing with different-different methods. I have used all the above-mentioned methods to index backlinks. First of all, I have taken different sets of backlinks of my niche blog for indexing. Set 1: 50 Backlinks for pinging method Set 2: 550 Backlinks for Console method. Set 3: 550 Backlinks for Web 2.0 Method Set 4: 550 Backlinks for OneHourIndexing Now, I have decided that I will submit 55 links daily Site 1: Set 1 Then First I have used pinging method for site 1. I have submitted all of 50 backlinks using Pinging method. Site 2: Set 2 In this second set, I used Google Console method. Daily I do submit 50-50 backlinks. It consumes daily 20-30 minutes, for 550 backlinks it has been taken 11 days. Set 3: Site 3 In this set, I used web 2.0 method for all 550 backlinks. I created a web 2.0, then made 5 posts consisting 110 backlinks each. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a BacklinkIndexer
  9. 9. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a Backlink Indexer Then I created a Google Webmaster account and then added that web 2.0 in that. Further, I created a sitemap and submitted. It has taken almost 2 hours. Set 4: Site 4 In this set, I used one hour indexing. I just clicked on upload links, uploaded all the links from a text le, I set 50 links per day and then clicked on upload. The entire process took hardly two minutes. After all done, I have checked all the indexed backlink on 12 days. I was amazed to see the results. Because one web 2.0 methods worked well but not so well. But the amazing result is one hour indexing… Check it out for yourself! Out of 550 root domains, it has indexed 527 root domains amazing. th How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a BacklinkIndexer
  10. 10. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a Backlink Indexer #Benefits: Save time & Effort Safe In the blogging, safety comes rst, because what will you do if your Blog will be penalised by Google, then all the backlink and backlink indexing method will be the waste. But there’s nothing worry as it is totally safe. Yeah, Onehourindexing is a safe method to index backlinks. There is no need to worry about it. Time Saving It saves lots of your time because in Onehourindexing you have not to submit one by one links, you have not to verify that you are a robot or what? Also, you don’t need to create web 2.0, make a post and all that. You just have to paste the link and then proceed. That means, by choosing a few options and in a single click, you can index your backlinks. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a BacklinkIndexer
  11. 11. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a Backlink Indexer Index Backlinks fast After submitting links for indexing, your dripped links will be indexed quickly. Also, you can check your dripped links next day in the dashboard of Onehourindexing. Accurate According to my experiment, it is 95.81% accurate. All of the mine backlinks are indexed by this awesome backlink indexer. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a BacklinkIndexer
  12. 12. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a Backlink Indexer Totally Automated You just have to paste the link, either you can also upload the link from a text le, then sit back all the process is automated. Now you don’t have to do anything, all things will be handled by Onehourindexing. Report You can check a report of dripped links; also you can download all the dripped links. How to Save Time & Effort? If you have gone through my experiment and whole post, then you have the idea about how you can save your time as well as your efforts. Yes, by using OneHourIndexing you can save your time and efforts. Because it is one click backlink indexing service, you do not need to submit each link manually. You do not need to create new web 2.0 properties. Just submit all of your links and sit back, it will be automatically indexed. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a BacklinkIndexer
  13. 13. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a Backlink Indexer So we can say it is an ultimate and time-saving method. Although it is worth indexing service. You can choose one hour indexing. How to check Indexed Backlink? It is the best question, yeah I have submitted all of my links but now how to check that all of the mine backlinks are indexed or not? So for checking that our link is indexed or not, we will choose a free method, that is Google search. Just use Info: your link Example Info: xyz.tumblr.com But it will be very tough if I have made thousands of backlinks. For that method, choose one of the best SEO tools, which show link profile. I use Ahrefs for this purpose. #Conclusion Thank you so much for being on this awesome post. You have gone through above all the methods to index your backlink. So if you want to index your backlink ef ciently in less time, then One Hour Indexing is the best solution, because it does save lots of your time. You can submit your backlinks for indexing in no time. Also, this is the safe method. At the end, I just want to say that if you want to harvest fruits, then you will have to plant their seeds, water them and make efforts. So if you want to make good money by ranking your site, then you have to make a small investment in one of the best backlink Indexer that is One Hour Indexing. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a BacklinkIndexer
  14. 14. How to Index Backlinks Instantly with a Backlink Indexer Is this post worth enough for a Share? What do you think? Share it.. Red More Cool Guide Rom Here - www.nichekws.com