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Technological resurrection

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Classification of the approaches to the technological resurrection

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Technological resurrection

  1. 1. Classification of the approaches to the technological resurrection
  2. 2. We have a problem: death
  3. 3. Death is the loss of the information and it could be reversed https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Information-theoretic_death
  4. 4. “Technological resurrection” is reconstruction of a person based on the information about his personality (The problem of personal identity will be solved in future and we will not discuss it here. We assume for now that informational equivalence is enough)
 More about personal identity
  5. 5. There are many possible ways to reconstruct information about a human mind We suggest classification from most plausible to least possible Prepared while alive Superintelligence driven New physical discoveries Use of “quantum immortality” Partial resurrection Transformative resurrection
  6. 6. The best ways to the resurrection: prepared while the person is still alive. Cryonics, link Plastination, link Digital immortality, link Brain scanning Not available now
  7. 7. Future superintelligence will be able to reconstruct people, who’s resurrection was not prepared
  8. 8. Future superintelligence could use something called “quantum archaeology” Technical feasibility is not clear, as what is currently called “quantum teleportation” is not allowing data transfer
  9. 9. Possible discovery of the new laws of physics and changes of the world model open new ways to the resurrection New physical laws could make information retrieval possible: • Reading information from the past, • Wormholes, • Time machines, • Parallel worlds, • Recovery of the lost information via the new types of traces Changes of the world model: • We are in the simulation, and it records everything • Aliens exist and record data about us
  10. 10. “Quantum immortality” could help technological resurrection QI improves subjective chances of cryonics. QI allows creation of the “universal problem solver”, which could be used for the resurrection of other people http://lesswrong.com/lw/n7u/the_map_of_quantum_big_world_immortality/
  11. 11. Partial resurrection: only part of the information is retrieved • Reconstruction based on the expectations of the relatives • The same DNA-based clone, educated in the new conditions, partly similar to his past culture; • Improved version of a person The new person is only partly similar to the previous one, according to the values of the “resurrectors”
  12. 12. Transformative resurrection: not a person, but something else • Theatre: transformation during game: cosplay, dialogue of voices • Life inside the memory of another man - in dreams, in fantasies; shared brain • Transformation into qualia, mood, image, symbol
  13. 13. Transformative social resurrection: • Foundation: an organisation continues the projects of the person after he died • Museum: personal belongings, archive, research institute, catalogue-raisonne • Biography, biopic movie • Collected works, chat-bot, books • Children • Family, • Monuments • Legacy, memories of people, heroization • Preservation of the cell line and body parts, mummy • The embodiment of values and ideas • Symbolic reincarnation: name.
  14. 14. Transcendental resurrection: this is a category for all known religion believes • Physical resurrection according to God’s will • Confluence with God • Reincarnation • Afterlife • Transformation into transcendental
  15. 15. Full map
  16. 16. History of Russian Cosmism Fedorov (son of duke Gagarin) Idea or resurrection Korolev Space rockets constructor Tsiolkovsky space colonisation Idea to solve overpopulation Gagarin Fun of Tsiolkovsky fist cosmonaut
  17. 17. Two types of the immortality and two corresponding types of resurrection Subjective immortality: immortality from the point of view of the observer (based on experiences and memories) Objective immortality: immortality from the point of view of the society (based on expectation and behaviour) Examples: “quantum immortality” Examples: “digital immortality”, foundation, DNA-clones
  18. 18. The main problem: people do not want technological resurrection Religious concerns: But Jesus Christ was first transhumanist Identity problem But superintelligent AI will solve it, now it is just a chance to win No practical steps: But digital immortality recording could be done almost for free
  19. 19. Best ways of the resurrection • Sooner • In a better place • Together with friends • Without errors
  20. 20. Prepared by Alexey Turchin, Foundation Science for Life Extension, alexeiturchin@gmail.com