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Through The Looking Glass: The Value of Good Design

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Our professional lens often shapes how we perceive value. The larger UX / IA and Content Strategy community have always looked at us (Search Engine Marketers / Digital Marketers) as disruptive to the communication goals of the organizations we work for, and rightfully so. We are notorious for undervaluing design, but it doesn’t have to be that way! We need to be more empathetic to those who make our campaigns a success.

In this presentation I provide actionable resources that search engine marketers / digital marketers can use to better integrate into the design process as well as how they can add value and insights to the people on the other side of the house. The key takeaways from this presentation for attendees would be:

– Understanding how designers think and what they value

– Understanding the language and tools UX / IA / CS professionals use in contrast with the language and tools search engine marketers use

– How digital marketers can add value to the workflow of the people we work with (how, when and where to integrate)

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Through The Looking Glass: The Value of Good Design

  1. 1. Steve Floyd Founder / Principle at AXZM twitter: @nawlready phone: (214) 272-9109 www.axzm.com For the last decade I have been creating digital marketing solutions for businesses large and small. In that time I’ve learned a few things about the effect good design has on a campaign and how that design ties into other marketing channels. Content is often swept aside as the last part of a project, when I believe it should be one of the very first things addressed.