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Wood chipper drum type

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Drum type wood chipper can process both wood logs and agro stalks into small chips, important shredding machine for a biomass pellet plant.

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Wood chipper drum type

  1. 1. Azeus Machinery Co.ltd Email: info@biopelletmachine.com Website: www.biopelletmachine.com Wood Chipper-Drum Type Keywords: Drum wood chipper,wood chipper shredder,wood shredder,mobile wood chipper,portable wood chipper shredder,electric wood chipper,best wood chipper,commercial wood chipper,wood chipper shredder A wood chipper is a machine used for crushing wood, generally tree logs or branches, into smaller woodchips. They are often portable, being mounted on wheels on frame suitable for various working environment. There are two kinds of wood chipper
  2. 2. according to structure design: disc-type wood chipper and drum-type wood chipper. Disc wood chipper is usually used in papermaking industries for it’s mainly process wood logs, while drum wood chipper can process both wood logs and agro stalks in various size. Performance Features of Drum-type Wood Chipper 1. Wood logs with max diameter from 25-35 cm can be processed smoothly. 2. Processed chips length can be freely adjusted. 3. Equipped with 2 blades, the chipper can guarantee an efficient working procedure. 4. Wear-resistant material for mat, high quality steel for dead knife and blades. 5. Drum wood chippers can process both wood material and agro stalks. More details,please visit http://www.biopelletmachine.com/product/sawdust-making-machine/wood-chipper-dr um-type.html