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33 Statistics About Sales & Marketing in Scientific Instrument Companies

33 Statistics About Sales & Marketing of Scientific Instruments - Collected at the annual meeting of the German Physical Society 2012 in Berlin. For Scientific Companies Only.

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33 Statistics About Sales & Marketing in Scientific Instrument Companies

  2. 2. The following statistics are based on the response of 86 CEO`s, Sales & Marketing executives working for 61 different scientific companies ...collected during the DFG spring meeting 2012 in Berlin
  3. 3. The educational background of all respondents No Science Reading Note: This and all following statistics are based on 86 respondents. 86 Statistics answered by sales force only are based on 69 respondents. (Those statistics are specially market). Science
  4. 4. The educational degree of all respondents University degree PhD Professional education
  5. 5. The average size of scientific companies Number of companies up to 10 employees up to 20 up to 50 up to 100 up to 200 more than 200
  6. 6. Number of respondents Business with scientists tend to be more complex than business with industry customers Yes No No difference It depends * The definition of ‘complex’ was left to the respondents
  7. 7. Industry versus science: The respondents serve ... mainly scientific markets mainly industrial markets more or less equally
  8. 8. The average lead time of a sales cycle from first contact to sales Number of respondents less than 3 months 3 months to half a year half a year to 12 months 12 months to 18 months more than 18 months
  9. 9. Average time spend to prepare a quote more than one hour between 30 min and one hour less than 15 min up to 30 min
  10. 10. Number of respondents that make cold calls more than two per month No cold calls one or two per month (Sales force only)
  11. 11. Number of sales cases won by cold acquisition versus customer`s initiative Initiative by customer Cold acquisition
  12. 12. Number of respondents (Sales force only) The last sales case got lost because... Price was too high Specification was not sufficient Competition did a better job Customer didn`t trust I don`t know why Other reason
  13. 13. The price of scientific equipment is an issue in... no issue almost all sales cases few sales cases half of all sales cases
  14. 14. The technical specification of scientific instruments is an issue in... few sales cases no issue almost all sales cases half of all sales cases
  15. 15. Emotional aspects play a role in selling scientific equipment Yes No Sometimes
  16. 16. Number of respondents that have received an internal or external sales training Sales Training No
  17. 17. Number of respondents that got trained on competition Sales Training on Competition No
  18. 18. Number of respondents (Sales force only) How sales force respond* to an email inquiry from a potential customer Send a quote immediately Give a call to get more information Send an email to get more information Others *Sales force that sell capital-intensive equipment (e.g. > 50.000 EUR) did not respond differently from sales force that provide low-cost equipment .
  19. 19. Number of companies that provide different brochures for scientific and industry customers Different brochures Same broschures
  20. 20. Number of respondents Respondents about the strategic positioning of their companies. We are... Technology leader Quality leader Price leader
  21. 21. How sure respondents are about the strategic position of the companies they work for I know the company's strategy I don't know the strategy but I have my own guess about I don`t know
  22. 22. Number of respondents How often respondents represent their company on conferences and exhibitions (per year) not more than 2 times about 3-6 times up to 10 times more than 10 times
  23. 23. How often respondents report their sales forecast to their boss Monthly Quarterly Yearly On request Never I`m the boss (Sales force only)
  24. 24. Number of respondents that use CRM software Yes No
  25. 25. Number of respondents How respondents keep track on leads and open sales cases I use Excel I use CRM I use my emails I use paper and post-its Its all in my brain Others
  26. 26. A choice of CRM tools in use Act! SAGE AG-VIP SQL Axapta_ (MS Dynamics AX) Channel CTM Deleco Exact Genesis Goldmine Lexware MS_Dynamics Selfmade Outlook BCM SAP SLX Sugar Superoffice Wincard
  27. 27. How respondents with access to CRM software use it for tracking leads and sales opportunities Refuse CRM Use CRM
  28. 28. Business travel time up to half of the working time up to 30 percent less than 10 percent of the working time up to 15 percent
  29. 29. Number of respondents that say the purchase decision of scientific customers depends on ... mostly technical aspects both technical and emotional aspects mostly emotional aspects
  30. 30. Number of respondents that say the purchase decision of industrial customers depends on ... mostly technical aspects both technical and emotional aspects mostly emotional aspects
  31. 31. Marketing for scientific products means... Marketing = Advertisment Somewhat more
  32. 32. Number of respondents about the importance of scientific tools for their scientific customers Our product is the main tool for their scientifc work Our product is important but there are other important tools too Our product makes scientific life easier but it would also work without it
  33. 33. The respondents about the importance of various information sources for potential customers The Top 5 The Flop 3 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. Test Measurements 2. Application Reports 3. Scientific Publications Recommendation Website Data sheets Personal contact Exhibition
  34. 34. Raman Spectrometer Spectrometers Lithography UHV Systems Surface Analysis Equipment Vibration-Systems Laser Electron Ellipsometer Nanopositioning Anti- SPM Controller Vacuum components Effusion cells Optical Components Cryostats Evaporation Sources Cells This is what the respondents sell Effusion Thin Film Deposition Vacuum mechanics Diffractometer Metrology Sensors Wafer Handling Tools Temperatur Equipment Electronics Components Vacuum Pumps Laser Photonics Piezo components QCM SNOM AFM Optomechanics Mass Spectrometer Potentiostats Power supplies Nanoindenter Low Beam line Femtosecond Monochromator Components XRay Technology UHV Valves STM Plasma Process Technology ALD
  35. 35. Number of respondents that intent to exhibit again at the DFG Spring meeting if hosted at the TU Berlin Exhibitors with booth in the main building likely yes likely no Exhibitors with booth in the adjacent building likely yes likely no
  36. 36. www.b2science.de For scientific companies only