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BA and Beyond 19 - Pieter Hens - The truth about user stories

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In this interactive and practical talk we elaborate on the history and concept of a user story, what it is and what it is not. We elaborate on the 2 problems that stories solve and the 3 problems stories create (and how to mitigate these). This leads to better insight (stories are for telling) and use (you still need documents).

Oh, and do not get me started on the use of "Epics"…

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BA and Beyond 19 - Pieter Hens - The truth about user stories

  1. 1. I write user stories (and dev team implements them) myth
  2. 2. User Story = Cardmyth
  3. 3. ! ? Card Conversation Confirmation ! ! ConstructionConsequences
  4. 4. The real information is out there in a book
  5. 5. I do not need to document / model anymore myth
  6. 6. As a … I can … so that ...myth
  7. 7. As a … I can … so that ... User Focus Outcome / Goal Focus
  8. 8. Do NOT be a template zombie
  9. 9. Epic? Feature? Initiative? Story? Subtask? Enabler? Use Case? myth
  10. 10. Jeff Patton
  11. 11. shared documents aren’t shared understanding continuously decompose & refine talk to each other: tell stories document to help remember