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Guidelines for using Open Badges in European youth exchanges

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Take guided steps to set up and prepare a badge system to validate and recognise learning that happens during international youth exchanges.
All badges are available on https://www.badgecraft.eu/en/library

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Guidelines for using Open Badges in European youth exchanges

  1. 1. Open digital badges for youth exchanges >
  2. 2. Welcome to the badge world! This a step-by-step guide which will prepare you for using Open digital badges to recognise learning that happens during international youth exchanges. ABOUT OPEN BADGES ∎ Open Badges is a worldwide standard to validate and recognise learning that happens anywhere. They are visual representation of learning and achievements. ∎ Badges are digital and thus create new possibilities to manage achievements: store, share and display them anywhere on the web and include on CV. ∎ Find out more about Open Badges BADGES IN YOUTH EXCHANGES ∎ Youth exchanges offer non-formal and informal learning opportunities. Badges map learning and structure the Youthpass reflection process. ∎ Badges enable learners to collect evidence of their achievements, verify them with their peers and group leaders. ∎ Find out more about Youthpass / GUIDELINES FOR USE
  3. 3. HOW TO SET UP BADGES Create badge project on www.badgecraft.eu Import badge system from badge library Specify badge content Familiarise with tips for using badges ? 1 2 3 4
  4. 4. Create badge project at www.badgecraft.eu 1
  5. 5. Click to register your account. Login, if you have one
  6. 6. Go to Projects/ Organisations and create an organisation. If have already, skip this step
  7. 7. Create a new project for your activity
  8. 8. Import badge system from www.badgecraft.eu/en/library 2
  9. 9. On-boarding badge claimed with code Special Powers - bonus badge Badge quest: 3 out 5 tasks Unlock 5 other badges Badge quest: 4 out 5 tasks Badge quest: 3 out 5 tasks Badge quest: 3 out 5 tasks Badge quest: 3 out 5 tasks Badge quest: all tasks or nothing Badge quest: 3 out 5 tasks
  10. 10. Type keywords “youth exchange” Import full badge system to your project https://www.badgecraft.eu/en/library
  11. 11. Specify badge content 3
  12. 12. Go to Projects/Badges to view all imported badges “Draft” indicates the badge that can be modified and yet not visible to users. You can change badge status in “Settings”
  13. 13. Modify 3 badges only “Special Powers” badge Group leaders badgeYouth Exchangers badge ★
  14. 14. Select “Modify” to edit badge description according your project details.
  15. 15. Tips for using badges 4
  16. 16. Give to participants the code for the on-boarding badge to use on www.badgecraft.eu/claim or scan it with QR code scanner
  17. 17. SMOOTH START ∎ Introduce Open Badges to all team members well in advance ∎ Introduce Open Badges to participants latest on the 2nd day of activity ∎ Use these resources: Video What is a Badge? Slides of Youth Exchangers game ∎ Give out claim code for the on-boarding badge “Exchanger Onboard” EXCHANGE PROGRAMME ∎ At the end of the day give time for participants to reflect their learning and relate it to badge tasks ∎ At the beginning of the day remind participants about badges and tasks ∎ During mid-term evaluation discuss with participants their badge learning progress SOFT END ∎ On the final day of the programme give time for participants to conclude their learning and claim badges ∎ Relate learning results and achievements to Youthpass key-competences ∎ Talk how to use badges on social networks and on CV RECOMMENDATIONS FOR!
  18. 18. Feedback & support write to info@badgecraft.eu @
  19. 19. References EUROPEAN BADGE ALLIANCE Promotes the use of Open digital badges and other tools to validate and recognise learning during the European mobility activities. www.ebawebsite.net ERASMUS+ European Union’s programme which offers funding for mobility projects in various fields of education & learning https://ec.europa.eu/program mes/erasmus-plus BADGECRAFT Is a multilingual platform to manage any achievements using world-wide standard of Open digital badges www.badgecraft.eu ““