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Social media executive training

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SME Training

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Social media executive training

  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Were Unhappy with What they did. Enjoyed Writing Enjoyed Talking to People Wanted to Manage their Own Time Wanted Own Business Wanted to be Masters of Their Own Destinies So they are now Social Media Executives
  4. 4. SO WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA? Social Media refers to the use of web-based and mobile phone communication to turn communication into an interactive page.
  5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6a_KF7TYKVc&f eature=relmfu
  6. 6. SO WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA? Social Media refers to the use of web-based and mobile phone communication to turn communication into an interactive page. Videos – Podcasting Customer reviews Twitter LinkedIn Myspace etc
  7. 7. SOCIAL MEDIA EXECUTIVE The PARTY PLANNER! If you are thinking of going into the social media industry you must be able to connect with your guest, clients. You must be able to get important information out such as your company info, keeping your followers updated – That keeps them on your page. You must always try to be invisible but make sure your host looks good making sure everything runs to plan.
  8. 8. SO WHAT DO YOU DO IF YOU ARE SOCIALMEDIA ASSISTING? You must be able keep your profile up to date all the time If you come across any problems you must always pass it on to the relevant person and not taking it up on yourself. (remember you are invisible) Make sure you can get information out at the right time to the right people You got to be able to build an active following And good customer service skills is needed at all times.
  9. 9. WHY SOCIAL MEDIA Local Businesses are Jumping Onto Social Media as a Cost Effective Way to Get Started Marketing Online You Know and Buy from these Businesses Everyday They Need Your Help!
  10. 10. WHY SOCIAL MEDIA IMPORTANT ? It is a Cost Effective Media It‟s Free, quick results if people are accepting your request, its also the future for socialising. Remember social accounts is part of people‟s everyday life so it‟s a great way to advertise your company. If Facebook was a country it would be the largest country in the world to this is the best time to jump on social media just by looking at the attraction figures.
  12. 12. BARACK OBAMA
  13. 13. SO HOW DO YOU GET STARTED ONLINE? First you must create a solid & positive presence online for yourself which means building a attracting website and bringing traffic to your site. Set up a social blog such as facebook etc and start building up your followers from there. This all takes time but results we will show you how.
  14. 14. YOUR NETWORK Your network is your foundation! Need a Network slide! Family, Friends, Colleagues Past and Present Anyone you know!
  16. 16. NOW TO GET STARTED – YOUR FIRST STEPS Set up your Website and Blog with Word press All you have to do is set up your accounts (most are free of charge)  Twitter  Facebook  LinkinIn  YouTube  Paypal Ensure you know what you are doing with these accounts inside out. That‟s your Start to a Career in Social Media
  17. 17. END Your Introduction to social media!
  19. 19. YOU MUST KNOW YOUR GAME PLAN Create Game Plan, Your brand:  Business name  Logo  Your Sales Proposition After you figured out your game plan set up your website, set up your profiles with consistent a professional look.
  20. 20. CREATING YOUR BRAND FROM SCRATCH You need a business name and a tagline Brainstorm before your decide your name. Ideally 4 or 5 Develop your website Create a profile consistent voice and colour choice on. Develop your Stationery. Make sure you have a good attractive logo, website, business cards.
  21. 21. YOU AND YOUR SERVICE Decide on a Corporate or Personal Brand E.G PROPERTY BUYERS OR Baggy @ PROPERTY BUYERS Decide which is better for you and if it doesn‟t work u can always change the name.
  23. 23. NAME, USERNAME & URL Brainstorm 4 or 5 Profile names Ensure that you have the same profiles for  Facebook  Twitter  YouTube  LinkedIn  Other SM Profiles www.namechk.com
  24. 24. BLOG AND WEBSITES OWN YOUR WEBSITE! Buy your domain and own your site. Create Your Website – ensure you have:1) About You2) Your Services3) Contact us After designing the basics on your website start displaying the link on your social pages which bring easy access to your website!
  25. 25. COLOUR AND STYLE Find a Colour combination that fits your Brand
  26. 26. SETTING UP YOUR PROFILE Completed Website! You need to set up your Profiles:1) Twitter2) Facebook3) LinkedIn4) Youtube Be Consistent with your Social Media Profiles – Voice – Colour themes – and Logo Ensure Brand is Cohesive
  32. 32. LINKEDIN
  33. 33. NOW YOU HAVE SET UP YOUR SOCIALPROFILE AND WEBSITE? On Establishing your Web Presence – you need to find people! 1) www.twellow.com 2) www.wefollow.com These sites will help you find people in your area who are interested in what you are looking for so you can sell your services to the right people. On Facebook & Linkedln - use suggestion button.
  34. 34. MARKETING YOURSELF Now you have people following you, you must talk and gain relationships with your followers. Start talking to your followers. The key is BE INTERESTING & BE INTERESTED! Talk about your business but also have fun with your followers for example talk about what‟s interesting to people , share funny or inspirational messages and ask open ended questions. REMEMBER BE INTERESTING AND BE INTERESTED!
  35. 35. DO NOT BE A GURU!!!
  36. 36. DOING IT RIGHT! Always stick to what you know In social media if you pretend to be someone else it will show. Be helpful! With twitter you can re-tweet other people status you do that for others others will do it back for you. And most important is always check your social network site, never leave it alone to long.
  37. 37. NEVER STOP DEVELOPING RELATIONSHIPS Always to continue to develop relationship even if you have reached your targets. Keep talking to people on your page to keep them
  38. 38. LEARN AND PRACTICE Keep up to date with new tools, tips and tricks and always keep your page fresh and busy. If you discover new tricks share them with your followers don‟t ever be selfish on social network sites.
  40. 40. TYPICAL SERVICE OFFERINGS Social media evaluations: Profile Set Up Daily Profile Management Content Creation and Distribution
  41. 41. SALES FUNNEL One Time Service Tech Help Training Full Consultancy
  42. 42. ONE TIME SERVICES Social Media Evaluation /Audit Facebook Fan Page Custom Tab Consulting and Training
  43. 43. TECHNICAL HELP Setup Profiles Network Profiles with Existing Websites Facebook Fan Page Setup Custom Graphics Package Wordpress Blog
  44. 44. TRAINING Training you can offer:  1) 1 hour web conference (this would be a Q&A meeting)  2) 3 hour one to one training with clients 2x1.5  3) Onsite half a day training  4) 3 hour small group training.
  45. 45. DAILY MANAGEMENT3 LEVELS OF SERVICES.There are three levels of services you can offers below are examples 1) Basic package: 30min – 1hr weekly. Your job would be to clean inbox up, reply to messages, keep the page functioning as like you‟re the housekeeper. 2) Business package: 1-2hours weekday. In this package you offer more time posting status, promoting there company, controlling more than 3 social sites and keeping the social pages up to date with high customer service offered.
  46. 46. DAILY MANAGEMENT3 LEVELS OF SERVICES. Celebrity package: 3hour. In this package you do what is in the basic and business package along with you blog 5 times a day for your clients, you also do contract creation being the social media contact for your client.
  47. 47. PACKAGE FEATURES.Basic profile management is featured in all packages that are offered..1. Blog management2. Customer services3. Engagement
  48. 48. DAILY MANAGEMENTBASIC PROFILE MANAGEMENT INCLUDE: 3 levels of service –  Basic Package – 30 – 1 hour weekday  Business Package 1-2 hours per day  Celebrity Package – 3 hours a day Accept/Decline request Following back. So you choose who you follow back, this is a twitter feature. You also reply to inbox messages. Delete spam from profile walls that your company has been tagged into. Always try to keep your page tidy.
  49. 49. PACKAGE FEATURES. Basic Profile Management Content Distribution Audience Targeting Building Reputation Monitoring Customer Service Engagement Strategic Consulting Content Creation Facebook ad and Content Management Blog Management
  50. 50. DAILY MANAGEMENT Accept and Decline Requests Following Back Reply to Inbox Messages Delete Spam from Wall
  51. 51. DAILY MANAGEMENT Content Distribution Posting Status Updates to profiles  Repost existing blog content, articles, audio, videos Cross Posting Setting up Auto-Status updates
  52. 52. AUDIENCE BUILDING Audience building is a huge part of social media, to do this you must grow followers. There are always a recommendation tab on social network site. Connect with potential clients by using that tab. Influencer, Blogger Outreach Use the search, follow and connect way to connect with potential customers in the target market.
  53. 53. REPUTATION MONITORING/MANAGEMENTGoogle Alerts & Search.Twitter.com Name, Company Name, ProductsListening Software that Data MinesReputation Management Dealing with results of monitoring Reputation monitoring involves dealing with negative and positive results such as bad status. Do your best to keep the company reputation clean and good.
  55. 55. DAILY MANAGEMENT CUSTOMER SERVICE Responding to public and private inquiries Directing customer to help Interface with suppoort directly Creating a FAQ if needed.
  56. 56. DAILY MANAGEMENT ENGAGEMENT.There are different types of engaging depending on the type of package you client goes for.Engaging involves commenting to blogs, replying to emails and messages and also responding to basic questions on behalf of client.Basic engagement includes: RE-Tweeting blogs that are on other social media sites, thanking people in messages and post and maintaining good customer service skills.Advance engagement includes: Twitter & facebook chatting and also blog commenting but remember keep voice and way you communicate the same.
  57. 57. DAILY MANAGEMENT & CONTENT CREATION Guidance on Blog, Audio, Video Content Project Mange Outsourcers Assist in development Content creation is assisting your client in  Blogging  Video and Audio
  58. 58. EMS VIDEO
  59. 59. DAILY MANAGEMENT BLOG MANAGEMENT. Blog management includes replying to blogs and writing blogs on a day to day basis depending on type of package.In blog management you:1) Update your status2) Back up everything you say3) Reply to any comments or messages sent4) Tracking stats such as friend request etc.
  60. 60. DM FACEBOOK AD AND CONTESTMANAGEMENT. Very simple its all about creation all you need to do is: 1) create advert/page 2) Set it up with you clients details 3) Monitor the page 4) And if any change need to be made do it!
  61. 61. DM CONSULTINGAll Packages get consulting  Weekly – Celebrity  Bi-Weekly – Business  Monthly – BasicOn Call AssistanceGuidance on content, contests, promotionsUpdate client on new technologies/changes
  62. 62. PACKAGES DETAILS AND PRICING. Basic package £350.00 monthThis includes no more that three profile controlContent distribution, 1-2 status blogged on each profile per daycustomer service response.
  63. 63. PACKAGES DETAILS AND PRICING. Business package £ 650 monthEverything that is included in the basic package plus:1) Additional 2 social pages2) Engagement is involved3) Reputation monitoring4) 5 status updates per day for each social pages your client has.
  64. 64. PACKAGES DETAILS AND PRICING. Celebrity package £ 950 monthThe celebrity package includes everything that basic and business package plus:1) Blog maintenance2) Content guidance3) Reputation management4) Day to day status updates But remember if you have got clients on this package no more than 2 – 3 clients as too much work results in bad consistency in your job.
  65. 65. TECHNICAL SET UP PRICES Evaluations = £ 125+ Technical set up = £ 175+ Facebook fan page set up = £ 125+
  66. 66. CUSTOMIZATION Add or Remove services as they are needed Bundle services (ex Launch plan etc) For „Up-sells‟ partner with web designers, SEO, Mobile, Local, Blog Writers, Graphic Designers, etc
  67. 67. WHEN CREATING YOUR SERVICES! Set limits and stick to them for example customer service help and status updates per day, use the package set out as a guideline. Focus on your strengths and do not try to “do it all” Listen to market, listen to your clients!
  68. 68. DOING THE WORKMODULE 4By Baggy Tiwana
  69. 69. FIRST THINGS FIRST - CLEANING UP THEMESS Filter Out Spam from Twitter and Facebook Find The Important Messages Do the Same For Comments on Blogs Keep Things Tidy for Easy Maintenance
  70. 70. A LITTLE MARKET RESEARCHBrainstorm with your client what they do and also what they want. You can be their social manager if you don‟t understand what they do and what they want.Discuss with your client their current customer so you have an idea what type of customers you client wants.Use researching tools use the researching tools to find your customers for example on Facebook
  71. 71. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIESMake sure you have a set plan with you client with the type of customers you want and also the content your clients wants on the social network siteAnother strategy is post relevant content for example on the “property buyers page you would post something on the lines of properties not about selling cars”Discuss what social network sites your client wants you to useAnd last is monitor the buzz of you page. Use pages like socialoomph.com to find necessary customers for your client.
  72. 72. IMAGE MANAGEMENTSustaining a good image for your client is VERY important.Address negative comments right away. Be helpful, not critical. (notes)Be willing to engage in conversations wherever it is. NEVER limit yourself.Link to positive comments this brings a good image for your client. When praise is said reply back with a thanks.
  73. 73. IMAGE MANAGEMENTCreate a page of „approved responses‟ so people can review your company. This brings a good image for your client. REMEMBER PEOPLE TRUST WORD OF MOUTHRemember you are representing your client.. Do it with class and always ask for permission from your client.
  74. 74. FINDING CLIENTSMODULE 5Baggy Tiwana
  75. 75. FINDING CLIENTSThere are different types of clients available and here are some examples below:1) Totally digital clients for e.g. EBay2) Offline business for e.g. local business, retail, restaurants3) Info Marketers Online – Easiest Clients4) Bands, musicians, movies, event coordinators who needs there events promoting.
  76. 76. HOW TO FIND YOUR CLIENTS Use all Channels Make your blog your main hub Use your community – start with who you know Become known in your local area online and offlineTo find your clients use all your channels, use all your friends and customers you already got on facebook then start building from there.Make your blog your MAIN hub link everything together.Also use your community, start with who you know by adding them then you start to add people they know. Become known in your local area first then you will start to grow.
  77. 77. FOLLOWING UP WITH POTENTIAL CLIENTSGet contact details from your potential clients and email or phone them with them. Have a little chat by selling yourself, explain how you can help them.Then add and follow them on their social network group immediately.Then you start to engage show interest, comment on their blogging and also talk to them about their status they send.
  78. 78. MARKETING YOURSELF. By talking to your potential clients, follow up with those who show interest quickly they could be potential clients. Remember be consistent with your branding/voice always be yourself and not anyone else. Develop relationships and look for leads, when talking to potential clients look at distress signal that may show, someone who are trying to market themselves and is finding it hard.
  79. 79. MARKETING YOURSELF.Be friends communicate about fun topics and common interest.
  80. 80. GETTING STARTED QUICKLYTo get started you need to have potential clients.Search for “social media assistant” in Google alert or on twitter.Leverage your network off and online starting with who you know, also ask friend if they know anyone whop struggles with social networking sites.You must talk with other social media marketers- ask if they need support staff, you will learn so much more.Connect with Virtual Assistants - ask if they need help
  81. 81. GETTING STARTED QUICKLY Connect with virtual assistants – ask if they need help within social media.You can find people if you use these strategies.
  82. 82. FREELANCE SITESWebsites below show list of jobs for social media managers with independent clients.1. Guru.com2. Elance.com3. Odesk.com4. Craiglist.org These sites show people who may need help with social blogging, plus there are hundreds of jobs posted.
  83. 83. MARKETING YOURSELF (CONTINUE) Use your website address on all communications ALWAYS have a short pitch ready when somebody ask what you do Write 1-2 letter blog post you can direct people to it would be a great reference as a follow up from your pitch. Write about who you can help, how you can accomplish their goals and understand what they need. Also when meeting people offline ask them what they do, and listen out for how you as a social media manager can help them.
  84. 84. CONTINUE MARKETING YOURSELF Continue to grow your personal network through twitter, facebook, meet ups Then you‟ll eventually have more clients and opportunities than you can handle Then it will lead to a full time income if you keep at it.
  85. 85. STEALTH MARKETING TRICKS Host an online chat ( very good on twitter) Host an offline chat – promote events invite your friends to events by doing this you are promoting yourself Wear branding t-shirts for e.g. get a funny picture on a top with your blogging for cash logo on it. This will get people tagging you in photo‟s which means you are being shared a lot within other networking sites.
  86. 86. STAYING TOP OF MIND Keep people in mind Keeping talking to people And Your Business Will Explode!
  87. 87. NUTS & BOLTSMODULE 6Gary Charles
  88. 88. YOUR GAME PLAN.Important game plan that needs to be in place before you start being a social media expert Contracts Billing Create their social media strategy Getting paid We will get into all bullet points throughout this slideshow!
  89. 89. CONSULTATIONTo get started sit down with you clients and get all existing profiles, website and passwords needed. Keep all details safe in word document.Create a client folder keeping important details tidy with a checklist, forms and notes.
  90. 90. BEFORE SIGNING THE CONTRACT!Get into their network to access the clean up work needed, using the set up charges as a guideline. This will give you an idea how long it will take you to do the necessary clean up and set up work for you client.
  91. 91. BEFORE SIGNING THE CONTRACT!Discuss the current makeup of customers and web traffic they are getting at the moment.Then you move on to discussing goals and measurable targets, targets that are going to be set every month.Make clear goals in what they want you to do what is their social media intention? Do they want you to:1. Grow their reputation?2. Do they want you to be their face for customer service?3. Or do they just want you to go their social network numbers?
  92. 92. BEFORE SIGNING THE CONTRACT!Once you know what your client wants achieve, Then and only then can you start to provide they service they want.Most clients just want you to grow more followers, manage blog comments and promotions for their company.
  94. 94. ALWAYS CLARIFY EXPECTATIONSDo they want you to grow their friends list?Do they want you to blog more?Make sure everything mapped out so you understand!!
  95. 95. CREATE YOUR PLANPlan of attackAfter a client consultation and understanding their goals take a step back and plan your „attack‟.Map out exactly what task needs to be completed. Some of them maybe daily, weekly or monthly. This may be as simple as cleaning out followers or deleting somebody who doesn‟t engage with you.Create a check list!
  96. 96. COME TO AN AGREEMENTAlways get something in writing, have a basic contract with your client.Agree a 90 day trial period, this gives you enough time to gain a relationship and show you are a value to your client.Get important info on company for you to promote
  97. 97. COME TO AN AGREEMENT Agree on scheduled times to meet. Suggest once a week for 30min Does your client want an email or phone call Ensure clear communication with your client.
  98. 98. GETTING PAIDThink about how you are going to get paid before agreement is signed.Negotiate billing upfront be very clear in website.Ask for payment of set up fee and first month upfront so payment isnt missed.ALWAYS invoice on time this makes you look professional so people can pay you on time.
  99. 99. SHOW ME THE MONEYSet up how people can pay you either by paypal or through a dedicated bank account.Have a easy system for easy record keeping. You need to track how much money you make for tax purposes.
  100. 100. START SMALL, GROW BIGDemonstrate your results by getting activity report from Facebook & Twitter, this is so you can show your client how much your account is growing.With proof of how you have helped develop your client company grow then this justifies growing them into a bigger package which means more money Try and get referrals this will prove invaluable to gain your next potential client.
  101. 101. KEEP IT SIMPLEUse www.clearbooks.co.uk for easy billing and created invoices. This site will also help you do your tracking of expenses and income easier.Use tungle.me for easy scheduling (diary)