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Graduate Program Sample Fliers

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Redesigned graduate program fliers to answer prospective applicants questions (i.e., alumni, funding, career opportunities, salary, etc.).

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Graduate Program Sample Fliers

  1. 1. Communication Sciences & Disorders If you are interested in the process of communication and swallowing, and have a passion for understanding disorders of speech, language, hearing, or swallowing, the field of speech-language pathology might be right for you. The Communication Sciences & Disorders (CSD) M.S. program prepares students for entry-level careers as speech-language pathologists. Master of Science If you meet the following requirements, consider applying: • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university • Undergraduate GPA ≥ 3.0 • GRE scores (no more than five years old; GRE verbal reasoning must be 50th percentile or above) • Interested in working with people who have communication and swallowing disorders in schools, medical settings, private practice or other contexts • Able to enroll as a full-time student Is this graduate program right for me? CSD bachelor’s degree: • Approximately 6 semesters or 2 years No CSD bachelor’s degree: • Approximately 9 semesters or 3 years How long does it take to complete the program? • Most courses are held on campus. Class times vary. • Some courses are offered online or in a hybrid format (i.e., online and in-person) Are classes offered on campus, online or both? The following options are available to enrolled students in good standing: • Partial scholarships are offered to help defray the cost of graduate school • Graduate research assistantships • Financial Aid Visit Student Financial Services at sfs.gsu.edu for more information. Is funding available? In addition to the potential for career and salary advancement opportunities, graduates who successfully complete this program are employed in a variety of settings, including: • Public schools • Private schools • Private practices • Skilled nursing facilities • Hospitals What career opportunities will I have after graduating? ESC.EDUCATION.GSU.EDU ACCORDINGTOTHE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR’S BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS ISTHE MEDIAN ANNUAL SALARY FOR A SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST $71,550 JOB OUTLOOK EXPECTEDTO GROW BETWEEN 2010-2020 23% APPLICATION DEADLINES ☐ Fall December 1 ☐ Spring Does not admit ☐ Summer Does not admit REQUIRED MATERIALS ☐ GSU online application ($50) ☐ GRE scores ☐ Resume, goals statement and recommendation letters (2) ☐ Transcripts from all schools attended ☐ TOEFL scores (international applicants) QUESTIONS? Graduate Admissions graduate.gsu.edu Program Coordinator Julie A.Washington, Ph.D. csdprogramcoor@gsu.edu Department Recruitment Team escrecruitment@gsu.edu ☐ CSDCAS online application ($125 application fee) ☐ GACE Program Assessent (or proof of exemption; required if you do not currently meet certification requirements in Georgia)
  2. 2. Speech-Language Pathologist Passionate About Treating Kids with Brain Trauma “Working at CHOA is great, it’s my dream job! I’m working with children with brain injuries, so I work with kids before they go back to school or home.” Hometown Education Job Title Employer Atlanta, GA M.Ed. ‘13, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA B.S. ‘11, Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa,AL Speech-Language Pathologist Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) Family experiences fueled my interest in field Atlanta is an amazing place to be a graduate student Achieving dream job has been extremely rewarding After completing my bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders, I immediately enrolled in Georgia State University’s CSD master’s program. My motivation to pursue a career in this field was fueled by an interest in special education. Some of my family members have children with special needs and they’d gone through speech and occupational therapy. Based on these experiences, I became interested in speech and how much communication means to all of us,so I decided to go into a field that helped kids and adults with a variety of communication disorders. With Georgia State being located in downtown Atlanta, it offered me numerous practicum experiences in healthcare systems, private practices and outpatient facilities. Towards the end of my last year while interning at a school, I met the head speech therapist of Fulton County and she offered me a job as a clinical fellow at an elementary school. I had to be supervised for 10-15 hours per month, but I was able to perform all the duties of a speech-language pathologist. Once my clinical fellowship ended after two years, I realized I didn’t want to continue my career in schools because I wanted to have more experience with newly diagnosed children.Since I began working for CHOA,every child I’ve had an experience with has been rewarding.All the kids come to us with low level functioning, so being able to train them to learn how to swallow and communicate with their families and peers is amazing and well worth the degree! Kristen Ethridge, M.Ed. ‘13 ACCORDINGTO U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT’S BEST JOBS IN HEALTHCARE IN 2016 MEDIAN SALARY $71,550 SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST TOP PAY WITH MASTER’S DEGREE $90,360 JOBS AVAILABLE IN GEORGIA 1,900+