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David Amaryan’s Vision and Strategy for Balchug Capital

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Balchug Capital has ambitious expansion plans for the future as the investment environment in Russia is expected to improve with new governmental reforms, economy improvements and a forecasted stimulation in capital flow due to sanctions easing. With several years of investment experience, and a keen focus on global multi-asset class portfolios, David Amaryan founded Balchug Capital and holds the position of Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer and has done so since its inception in 2010.

Balchug Capital is an alternative investment manager that specialises in international and cross asset event-driven opportunities for institutional investors and HNWIs, as well as advising on secular growth strategies, which are used to balance clients’ portfolios. With offices in Cyprus and Moscow, Balchug Capital has established an impressive track record of stable above-market returns and continues to attract large investors. Over the next two years, David Amaryan plans to open additional offices in London, Geneva and New York in order to support the firm’s expanding investor base.

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