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Sectors of the media industry

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Sectors of the media industry

  1. 1. Sectors of the Media Industry BY LANI BALDWIN
  2. 2. Publishing IndustryWhat is it?Publishing is made up of a various groups of industries including:Books, Magazines and Newspapers and Information Services.What kind of people work I the sector?The Publishing industry employs 195,000 people, which is around 36% of thecreative media workforce. 51,000 people work in the newspaper sector, 50,500work on journals and magazines, 33,000 work in the book industry and close to12,000 in other information services.
  3. 3. Publishing IndustryWhat kind of skills are needed?Employers look for people who are highly literate and have basic office skills e.g.taking important calls. Also employers look for people who have some technicalskills and entrepreneurial or management assets.What are some of the different jobs?Some of the jobs in the Publishing industry include; proof reader, copyeditor, technical author, writer, event manager etc.
  4. 4. Interactive Media IndustryWhat is it?Interactive media industry is a very adaptable industry that overlaps into manyother sectors such as; television X factor or social media Facebook. This sector isworth several billion pounds and employs over 40,000 people.What kind of people work I the sector?
  5. 5. Interactive Media IndustryWhat kind of skills are needed?Working in this industry is a team activity. Contributing ideas to each other isa crucial aspect to this sector and everyone is expected to do so. Peopleemployed in the interactive media industry must be able to communicateclearly to one another and understand each others demands. People who arelikely to succeed are multi-skilled, able to change jobs comfortably, and withthe ability to continuously keep learning and adapting skills quickly.What are some of the different jobs?Due to high pace technology, and adaptability the job roles are unfixed, althoughthere are some principle roles; Designer, InformationArchitect, Programmer, Web Writer etc.
  6. 6. TelevisionWhat is it?The television industry is the most popular form of entertainment andinformation. But the rapid growth of the gaming industry is a strong competitor.What kind of people work in the sector?People who work in the Television Industry come from all over the UK (although62% are based in London). There is no specific gender that works in the TelevisionIndustry.
  7. 7. TelevisionWhat skills are needed?Some people who work in the Television Industry must be highly skilled (gone tocollege and university) and others not so. These people must also be adaptablebecause of the drastic changes in technology.What are some of the different jobs?Some jobs in the Television Industry include; Editor, Director, Make-up Artist etc.
  8. 8. FilmWhat is it?The Film industry is one of the most successful types of entertainment, the Filmindustry also contributed £4.3 billion to the UK’s economy in 2006. Film isbecoming increasingly popular, in 2007 516 films were released in the UK, this is a58% increase in the past decade!What kind of people work in the sector?Within the Film industry there are four main sub-sectors;production, facilities, distribution and exhibition. These main roles are filled bysmaller and larger companies within the film industry, and some highly-skilledfreelancers. Women make up of 43% of people working in the Film industry, alsothe Film industry consists of several ethic backgrounds.
  9. 9. FilmWhat kind of skills are needed?You need to be highly creative, highly qualified and used to changing technology.What are some of the different jobs?Some of the jobs in the Film industry include; Director, Editor, Camera Crew etc.
  10. 10. RadioWhat is it?The Radio industry is the distribution of audio content and consists of threedifferent sectors; publicly-funded radio, commercial radio and community orvoluntary radio. The Radio industry now employs 22,000 people.What kind of people work in the sector?There is no majority of male or female workers in the Radio industry, althoughall/most of the people who work in the Radio industry are highly-skilled and wellqualified. About a quarter of the workforce are freelancers. Also most of theworkforce are of an older generation, some are a lot older than employees in othersector in the creative media industry.
  11. 11. RadioWhat kind of skills are needed?People who in the Radio industry must be spontaneous as most radio shows arelive, they also need to be creative, and have a good knowledge or understanding ofthe English language (good grades whilst in school).What are some of the different jobs?Some if the jobs in the Radio industry include; presenter(show host), Broadcastassistant, Reporter, Station manager etc.
  12. 12. Computer Gaming IndustryWhat is it?The first games were launched in the 1960’s, and quickly became firm favouritesin the UK by the 1970’s. Computer Gaming quickly became a major industryglobally.What kind of people work in the sector?Within the computer Gaming Industry there are 485 businesses, with the majoritybeing classed as game developers. These businesses employ a total of 7,000people. Women employed within the Computer Gaming Industry is approximately6% this is incredibly low, much lower than any other sector.
  13. 13. Computer Gaming IndustryWhat kind of skills are needed?What are some of the different jobs?These are some of the jobs in the Computer Gaming Industry; GameDesigner, Artist, Creative Director, Animator, Lead Programmer etc.