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  1. 1. It is a first super thermal power plant of RAJASTHAN state. It is located at SURATGARH in GANGANAGAR district. It has 6 units right now in the working.  Here each and every unit has 250MW capacity. It’s total capacity is 1500MW. There are two another units are also on construction which has capacity of 660MW each. This power station continue supply from 1999 .
  2. 2. WHAT IS THE BOILER:- Boiler is a closed vessel in which the water under pressure is transferred into steam by the application of heat. FUNCTION :- The function of boiler is to transfer the heat to the water in the efficient manner. WORKING:- The chemical energy convert into the heat energy by the combustion process which is absorb by the boiler. QUALITY:- A boiler must be designed to absorb the maximum amount of heat release in the process of combustion.
  3. 3. Fire in tube or hot gas send through the tubes and boiler feed water in shell side. Fire tubes submerged in water. Applications It is used for small steam capacities. (up to 25T/hr and 17.5kg/cm2 ) Merits Low capital cost and fuel efficient(82%)
  4. 4. Water flows through the tubes Water tubes surrounded by hot gas. Applications For steam range 5.5 to 130T/hr Used For power plant Merits Used as high capacity steam boilers. Demerits Efficient control system need. Capital cost is high.
  5. 5. It is comes as a complete package that’s why it is called package boiler. It is generally shell type with fire tube design, Large number of small diameter tubes leading to good heat transfer. It has higher thermal efficiency compared to other types boilers.
  6. 6.  Dry bottom furnace .  Slag type or wet bottom type ,  Oil fired furnace .
  7. 7. Boiler drum is the secondary part of the boiler where the water absorb the heat and converted into the stream ,that steam send to the turbine after reheating by the super-heater .
  8. 8. 1:- Heat loss due to un-burnt carbon. {This loss can be reduce by using of proper grinded fuel} 2:- Heat loss due to dry flue gasses. {This heat can be minimize by the completely utilize of heat of flue gasses} 3:- Heat loss due to moisture in the fuel. {For minimizing this loss we must use of dry fuel as possible as} 4:- Heat loss due to surface radiation . {we can minimize this heat loss by proper maintenance of the furnace }
  9. 9. Combustion is a chemical reaction between fuel and oxygen which results is release of heat. ~Oxygen is required to burn the fuel that is provides from the atmospheric air. REACTIONS :- Carbon (C) + Oxygen (O2) Carbon-Dioxide(CO2) + Heat Hydrogen(2H2) + Oxygen(O2) Water (H2O) + Heat
  10. 10. The Efficiency of Boiler May Be Defines by:- A:- Combustion Efficiency. “ This efficiency is related to the combustion of fuel and air inside the furnace “ B:- Thermal Efficiency . “ This Efficiency is related to the heat transfer to the water inside the boiler drum” C:- Fuel And Fluid Efficiency. “It indicates the overall efficiency of the boiler inclusive thermal efficiency of the heat exchanger , Radiation and Convection losses output divided by input”