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Tiimiakatemia Workshop in Tokyo, Japan, 17.5.15

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Slides for Tiimiakatemia Workshop held in Tokyo, 17th of May, organized by Yurie Makihara and team.

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Tiimiakatemia Workshop in Tokyo, Japan, 17.5.15

  1. 1. 17th of May at Tokyo, Japan Ville Keränen, ville@banana.fi, +358 40 731 2084 #Tiimiakatemia
  2. 2. Really Different! No class rooms but open office space No Teachers but Team Coaches No exams but real life projects No teaching but learning No lectures but Dialogue No simulations but real customers No virtual but real companies
  3. 3. What do you learn at Tiimiakatemia? Self-Leadership Team Work & Project Management Sales & Marketing Skills Presentation Skills Learning to Learn Marketing & Leadership Budgeting = Team Entrepreneurship Based on author’s experience at Tiimiakatemia Jyväskylä, Finland.
  4. 4. Tiimiakatemia Jyväskylä • JAMK University of Applied Science’s unit and a 3,5 -year BBA program for enterprise development. • Founded in 1993 by Mr. Johannes Partanen. • Follows Finland’s and European union standards, certifications and regulations. • Approx. 180 students in over 10 teams and 7 team coaches. • ”Flagship Tiimiakatemia” • Over 500 BBA graduates. • 100 % funded by Finnish society. No education fees for students. Tiimiakatemia’s Rohkeat Tekijät meetup in Helsinki, May 2015.
  5. 5. Tiimiakatemia Network https://prezi.com/kv4ctpdixcmj/tiimiakatemia-network/
  6. 6. Tiimiakatemia Model Books Projects DialogueTeam Coaching
  7. 7. Tiimiakatemia Book Domains • Learning • Teams & Community Building • Entrepreneurship • Leadership • Team Coaching • Marketing • Innovation • Self-Development / Personal Mastery Tiimiakatemia Global’s CEO Heikki Toivanen on the left, and Tiimiakatemia Founder, Johannes Partanen on the right.
  8. 8. Tiimiakatemia Core Books • The Wisdom of Strategic Learning by Cunningham, I. • The Fifth Discipline by Senge, P. • The Experience Economy by Pine, J. & Gilmore, • The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes, J. M., & Posner, B. Z. • The Wisdom of Teams by Katzenbach, J. & Smith D.K. • The Knowledge Creating Company by Nonaka, I. & Takeuchi H. • Dialogue and The Art of Thinking Together by Isaacs, W. • 1000 more books in the Tiimiakatemia booklist by Johannes Partanen. List made by Ville Keränen, Inspired by the Founder of Tiimiakatemia, Johannes Partanen.
  9. 9. Theory and Practice Theory Practice Reading books & writing book essays: Team training sessions where applications of theory are dialogued Experiences gained from practice in real life projects are reflected upon and shared in training sessions. Slide adapted from material by Mr. Jukka Hassinen, from Tiimiakatemia Global.
  10. 10. Partus Ltd’s and TANZICT’s Introduction to Tiimiakatemia® Program © 2014 Partus Ltd (Finland), the distributor of Tiimiakatemia® and Teampreneur® trademarks. www.partus.fi/en. Co-Operatives as Vehicles for Learning and Doing Co-Operative (Team Company) Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 Training Sessions with a Team Coach Vehicle for Learning Vehicle for Doing Books to support dialogue and doing Events Sales Marketing Camping Site Cafe Social Media Consulting Clothing Brand Slide adapted from material by Mr. Jukka Hassinen, from Tiimiakatemia Global. Etc.
  11. 11. “Dialogue is simple. When one speaks, others listen.” -Etienne Collignon • Voicing - Using your own genuine voice. • Listen - generously making space for what someone has to say • Respect - honoring the dignity of another • Suspending - In order to gain new perspectives, letting go of your belief that you are right. http://www.ideaconnection.com/open-innovation-articles/00172-Thinking-Together-Part-1.html
  12. 12. Motorola Reflection 1. What went well? What did I enjoy? 2. What could have been improved? How? 3. What new ideas I got? What did I learn? 4. What will I apply into practice? What will I experiment and prototype?
  13. 13. Unestablished since 2007 Brief history of…
  14. 14. The Art of Hosting Event at Otavan Opisto, Finland, in November 2012.
  15. 15. Dialogue Training Session at Tiimiakatemia Iringa, Tansania.
  16. 16. Curriculum Design Process at Tiimiakatemia Iringa, Tansania.
  17. 17. Team Entrepreneurs in front of the Tiimiakatemia of Iringa University, Tansania.
  18. 18. Thank You. Kiitos. Arigato gozaimashita. Ville Keränen +358 40 731 2084 ville@banana.fi www.banana.fi twitter.com/villemonkey
  19. 19. Tiimiakatemia Thesis by Esa Saarinen 1. In the hall of fame of experience-based learning Tiimiakatemia is # 1. 2. Some people speak, Tiimiakatemia acts. 3. Tiimiakatemia brings dreaming back to professional education. 4. Tiimiakatemia calls out to young people to express their sincerity and joy, apparently as the only educational institution in Finland. 5. In the endless fight between stick-disciplinary-narrowmindedness and breaking out from barriers, Tiimiakatemia chooses excitement. 6. The core of Tiimiakatemia is based on the most sustainable and solid foundation of Finnish basic values: robust pragmatism and the spirit of equality. 7. Tiimiakatemia is based on the power of community and the human in-between, but behind it all is an individual who is willing to give out his everything for the cause that matters. Thesis by Philosopher and Honourable Tiimiakatemian Esa Saarinen at Tiimiakatemia Jyväskylä’s 15th Anniversary Seminar. © 2008 Esa Saarinen. Bonus-slide: