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Barcelona Activa: start-ups at 4YFN

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As the Mobile World Capital, Barcelona is fully committed to the promotion of the mobile sector and has become a mobile startup hub, with a highly dynamic ecosystem, made up of companies, incubators, institutions and investors specialised in the sector.
Barcelona Activa, the local economic development agency, acilitates access to this ecosystem, as well as offering a whole range of services, activities and personalized itineraries to accompany startups and entrepreneurs to grow and start up in the mobile capital.
Barcelona Activa is presenting today 20 startups at this very unique 4YFN platform. Their work proves the diversity of products, services and applications that are being created by the mobile and digital sector in Barcelona.
We would like to invite you to find out about these start-ups.

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Barcelona Activa: start-ups at 4YFN

  1. 1. start-ups at 4YFN B U S S I N E S S D I R E C T O R Y
  2. 2. BARCELONA GLOBAL STARTUP HUB As the Mobile World Capital, Barcelona is fully committed to the promotion of the mobile sector and has become a mobile startup hub, with a highly dynamic ecosystem, made up of companies, incubators, institutions and investors specialised in the sector. Barcelona Activa, the local economic development agency, facilitates access to this ecosystem, as well as offering a whole range of services, activities and personalized itineraries to accompany start- ups and entrepreneurs to grow and start up in the mobile capital. Barcelona Activa is presenting today 20 start- ups at this very unique 4YFN platform. Their work proves the diversity of products, services and applications that are being created by the mobile and digital sector in Barcelona. We would like to invite you to find out about these start-ups. #BoostingMobile
  3. 3. 1 2 5 6 8 7 17 18 20 19 13 14 16 15 9 10 12 11 3 R3 Stand R3.01 Mosaic Factor R3.02 Hubtype R3.03 Sounds Market R3.04 Dycare R3.05 Dothegap R3.06 Bitphy R3.07 Dinbeat R3.08 Match Mode R3.09 Happy Customer Box R3.10 Kiversal R3.11 Foods for tomorrow R3.12 Dae Engineering R3.13 Mouters R3.14 Rational Pixels R3.15 Hippo Technologies R3.16 Buy Yourself R3.17 goPure R3.18 Zymvol R3.19 PlayVisit R3.20 Filmclub 1 2 5 6 8 7 17 18 20 19 13 14 16 15 9 10 12 11 3 4
  5. 5. 6 R3.01 MOSAIC FACTOR ICT (Big Data:mobility of people and LOGISTICS) stefano.persi@mosaicfactor.com mosaicfactor.com Mosaic Factor is specialized in data driven innovation with a strong focus on data sharing and all related challenges and opportunities in sustainable Mobility of People and Goods. We work in close collaboration with the most relevant European entities of the field to design and develop new approaches and technologies to exploit the full potential of digitalization and collaboration in Mobility and Logistics through a deep mastery of data analytics and user behaviour. Mosaic has developed a mobility predictor technology that allows to predict availability of limited resources based on scalable historical and/ or real time data input using forecasting models and machine learning techniques to process and predict in real-time.
  6. 6. 7 HUBTYPER3.02 marc@hubtype.com hubtype.com Great human experiences through conversational apps. Hubtype combines the power and efficiency of bots with the authenticity of real human beings. Using conversational apps, Hubtype enables brands to engage customers through messaging, reducing costs and increasing satisfaction. An official partner of Whatsapp Business, Hubtype offers enterprises the unique opportunity to use a bot-to-human handoff approach. Hubtype integrates messaging platforms like Whatsapp, Messenger,Twitter and others with AI, NLP and NLU providers, CRMs, analytics, and other tools. Its framework allows developers to build, host, manage, and scale enterprise conversational apps (not just bots!) that pass to human agents. AI, Chatbots
  7. 7. 8 R3.03 SOUNDS MARKET Music ecommerce pagusti@soundsmarket.com soundsmarket.com Sounds Market is a mobile marketplace for musicians where they can buy, sell, rent and repair instruments and any kind of music gear, but also find recording studios and spaces where to play with their band nearby, teach and learn how to play any instrument. Thousands of musicians are using our iOS and Android app in Spain. Our business model is based on commissions in each transaction and a freemium model for professional users. After being awarded by Barcelona Activa, we’re being accelerated by Conector Startup Accelerator and looking for funds to help us grow and scale up internationally!
  8. 8. 9 DYCARER3.04 silvia.raga@dycare.com dycare.com DyCare designs wearable sensors solutions that revolutionize the physical rehabilitation process. We innovate in physical rehabilitation with medical devices so that physiotherapists, physicians and orthopedic surgeons can improve the diagnosis, monitoring and evaluation of the mobility disorders of their patients. Medtech
  9. 9. 10 R3.05 DOTHEGAP Tourism/Communication marmercedes@gmail.com dothegap.com Dothegap is the community that promotes exchanges, providing visibility for educational and sports activities both on an international and national level. It’s a meeting point between Training Centres, Sports Clubs, Associations and Professionals who would like to enjoy exchange experiences that will expand their training. Organising an exchange presents two challenges, the need for a contact and the creation of an interesting experience. Dothegap.com provides a network for exchanging activities along with a dashboard and useful content that will make preparing the experience much easier. We promote a social exchange, without intermediaries and no added costs. Let’s exchange experiences!
  10. 10. 11 R3.06 BITPHY Analytics, Big Data, AI joan@bitphy.com bitphy.com We provide Artificial Intelligence to make retail businesses more profitable. BitPhy is a platform that integrates with the POS software and gives relevant information with which retail managers can make better decisions and increase profits. Our users can optimize opening hours, reduce stock- out risks or increase customer loyalty with the information we provide. Upgrade your business to data-driven decision making today!
  11. 11. 12 DINBEATR3.07 tbonmati@dinbeat.com dinbeat.com Dinbeat is a start-up company which develops innovative products for pets, which involves the use of technology. Its big first development is called DinbeatPRO, the first multi-parameter harness to track pet’s health professionally, mainly for veterinary use.This device monitors wirelessly and in real time:electrocardiogram data, breaths per minute, heart rate, temperature, activity, position and bark. With DinbeatPRO vets, not only can save up to 60% in health tracking costs, but also they can improve their services and the life of ill pets. Pet tech
  12. 12. 13 R3.08 MATCH MODE Retail miriam.bg@matchmode.es matchmode.es MATCH MODE is an innovative digital platform that selects and promotes experts specialized in the fashion industry. We created a marketplace that matches clients’ needs with freelancers’ skills, while offering a secure and traceable environment for collaboration. MATCH MODE sets up a team of qualified professionals just a click away, to help make your project a success.
  13. 13. 14 HAPPY CUSTOMER BOXR3.09 agrau@happycustomerbox.com happycustomerbox.com Happy Customer Box (HCB) is a technological start-up with a strong experienced technical and business team whose value propostion is to provide data analytics to guide decision-makers. We cover the whole data value chain, from the mining hardware to the final report, where we place the most value. We install sensoring devices (satisfaction measurement, movement trackers, emotion detection) in specific locations, transforming all these data in useful knowledge. Customer experience BO CUSTOMER HAPPY
  14. 14. 15 R3.10 KIVERSAL Health technology - medical device pdiez@kiversal.com kiversal.com Kiversal is a medtech start-up specialized in the design, manufacturing and certification of IoT medical devices that also facilitates a secure data-communication and data integration into information systems of health centers. Kiversal wants to bring innovation into audiology (digital transformation, innovation and IoMT). We have developed and manufactured an innovative stand-alone digital audiometer with Internet connectivity, easy-to-use, portable and automatic that has its own operating system, can be controlled remotely from the cloud, incorporates a new and simplified calibration system and can be interfaced with an artificial intelligence system in the cloud.
  15. 15. 16 FOODS FOR TOMORROWR3.11 bernat.ananos@foodsfortomorrow.com foodsfortomorrow.com Foods for Tomorrow develops the new generation of plant-based proteins, delivering textures never seen before in the vegetable kingdom. Healthy, tasty and very easy to implement in the kitchen options, for a new generation of customers. Heura® is the name of the first product range and it delivers the experience of eating meat with the benefits of vegetables. Heura® has such a fibrous and fleshy texture that even butchers, when trying it, think they are eating meat. For us it is not about substitutes, but meat successors. Our way of promoting better food is to make it irresistible. Food Tech
  16. 16. 17 DAE ENGINEERINGR3.12 javier@dae-engineering.es. dae-engineering.es DAE is a 4 year old company made up of professional engineers,specialised in the integral development of ideas,products,and customised solutions. We are passionate about the search for creative excellence in the fields of industrial engineering, software and electronics;as well as prototyping and fabrication.We aim for maximum product quality while minimising production costs,always meeting deadlines. Whether you have the ‘next big thing’ in mind, you need a tailor-made solution for your business, or you’re just willing to receive our advice;please get in touch or come over and meet us. We are looking forward to working with you. Technological services
  17. 17. 18 MOUTERSR3.13 xavi@mouters.com mouters.com Mouters is a platform that will help you compare motorcycle and electric vehicle rental companies with just one click. Our website allows you to check and compare among the best rental companies and always helps you find the best prices, vehicle models to choose from and your closest rental points.This is why Mouters is the best option for renting both at a daily and monthly basis. We are strong believers in sustainable mobility and so we also offer rental of electric-powered vehicles. Mouters will help you find the best rental options by saving time and money. Sustainable Mobility
  18. 18. 19 RATIONAL PIXELSR3.14 rida@rationalpixels.com rationalpixels.com Rational Pixels introduces “Sponsoring 2.0”, a dynamic Ad-placement approach for advertising natively within videos.These placements can be automatically modified depending on the viewer profile.This allows new non-interruptive advertising models that optimize publisher revenues and advertiser ROI while keeping the viewer happy. Our technology enables advertising models that are natively thought for online video content, whereas today, online advertising is simply adapting traditional TV advertising models to the online world (pre-rolls, static product placement, etc). Ad-tech, Advertising, Media and Marketing, Artificial intelligence
  19. 19. 20 HIPPO TECHNOLOGIESR3.15 xavi.terradellas@hippo.tech hippo.tech Hippo technologies is a Barcelona-based start-up that offers mobile, IoT and blockchain solutions for corporate environments of all sectors. Also, usability, design and branding are on our portfolio. Guided by creativity and innovation, the added value given is based on the creative process applying design thinking methodologies and the expertise on development and design working together. We present in 4YFN 7ROW, a platform that allows ticket sales companies to avoid illegal ticket touting using blockchain, increase revenue and provide the final user with a secure blockchain ticket and the possibility to buy&sell resale tickets from their official site. IT solutions
  20. 20. 21 BUY YOURSELFR3.16 guillevillalon@buyyourself.io buyyourself.io Buy Yourself is a point of sale in every customer’s pocket. We help retail companies to remove queues and offer the best shopping experiences in their stores by transforming their customer’s smartphone into a point of sale thanks to our RFID patented technology. We also adapt the experience for stores without RFID. No other infrastructure or app needed, shops ready in less than 24 hours. Not a single sale lost because of those who do not want to queue up to buy in store Retail software
  21. 21. 22 GOPURER3.17 pepe.nunez@gopureapp.com gopureapp.com goPure’s vision is to democratize healthy and personalized nutrition. Our mobile app offers personalized nutritional plans thanks to a cutting-edge algorithm designed by health professionals with more than 20 years of experience.The app facilitates, guides, accompanies and motivates users to integrate new habits easily and to achieve their goals. We are bringing healthy eating in a real way to millennials who do not have time but want to take care of their habits, offering them a definitive solution. Lifestyle
  22. 22. 23 ZYMVOLR3.18 flucas@zymvol.com zymvol.com Zymvol Biomodeling S.L. is a technology providing firm specialized in computer-driven enzyme discovery and engineering for Biotech, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Protein producing companies. The Company provides custom-made solutions that accelerate and enable the discovery and development of new industrial enzymes through molecular modeling and cloud-based high- performance computing. Our vision is to catalyze the replacement of unsustainable chemical processes, which often use expensive and contaminating materials, by sustainable/biodegradable biochemical processes. Our differential value is our modular and adaptable software with excellent cost/accuracy ratio that can replace up to 90% of experimental tests, thanks to our virtual enzyme high throughput screening. Industrial biotechnology
  23. 23. 24 PLAYVISITR3.19 founders@playvisit.com playvisit.com PlayVisit is a Spanish start-up based in Barcelona reinventing the way people discover the world through location-based games, gamification,VR/AR and Big Data for tourism and education. PlayVisit offers a cloud-based platform with authoring tools to create real-life location- based gamification mobile experiences, with no programming skills required and including challenges, that can be integrated in any digital product:website or mobile App. PlayVisit platform consists of 3 main products: • PlayVisit Studio • PlayVisit SDK • PlayVisit Analytics Start creating your own Play-Visit experiences at: www.PlayVisit.com Travel Tech and Education PlayVisit
  24. 24. 25 FILMCLUBR3.20 miquel@filmclub.click filmclub.click FILMCLUB is the NETFLIX for Education. We love movies and we love education. FILMCLUB is a VoD platform for schools and colleges. We provide legal access for film screening in classrooms plus a bank of pedagogical resources based on film fragments. FILMCLUB is a space where educators can find films, pedagogical material and workshops. We reduce the time and effort that educators use to find and create audiovisual contents for educational purposes. Ed Tech and Media
  25. 25. 26 LET BARCELONA ACTIVA BECOME YOUR BEST PARTNER TO LAND IN BARCELONA Forinternational newcomers Are you moving to Barcelona? Barcelona is a welcoming city that facilitates personal landing and the connection with the local community through: • Free and complete relocation guides and welcome sessions in English • Seminars, workshops, expat breakfasts, city business tours • Afterwork gatherings that put you in touch with local international clubs • Courses of Catalan for business Contact us at citypromotion@barcelonactiva.cat “Theleading European cityinquality oflifefor professionals”
  26. 26. 27 For entrepreneurs and start-ups Are you looking to set up your business in Barcelona? Barcelona Activa provides you with a whole range of services, activities and personalized itineraries to accompany you in the process of starting up a company in Barcelona. Sign up for a welcome session in English! Contact us at barcelonactiva.cat/entrepreneurship For companies Are you looking to expand your business in Barcelona? The Business Landing Service, free of charge and fully confidential, provides comprehensive support for added value Barcelona-based investment projects. • Information and advice on procedures for setting up in Barcelona • Online business incorporation service for limited liability companies • Support for recruitment and business location searches • Short-term office space for softlanding • Connection with other players in the business ecosystem Contact us at barcelonactiva.cat/businesslanding “Anopen Mediterranean magnetthat welcomes creativityand innovation”
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  28. 28. barcelonactiva.cat/entrepreneurship barcelonactiva bcn_empreses / #BoostingMobile user/videosbarcelonactiva