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Shaklee Difference - Laws of Nature

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Dr Shaklee discribes the Laws of Nature in his book Reflections on a Philosophy. In this slide presentation Presidential Master Jim Burke takes it to the next level. His history of working in clinical labs researching Cancer, gives him a deep understanding of how the human body works. To hear this presenation live call me. Contact: Cindy McAsey 888-272-6701

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Shaklee Difference - Laws of Nature

  1. 1. “Shaklee Difference” Laws of Nature J & M Burke Enterprises offers the greatest career training in network marketing Jim & Mary Jo Burke Presidential Master CoordinatorsOur success has been acclaimed and rewarded by reaching the top rank of Presidential Master Coordinators. 1
  2. 2. “OUR MOTHER” The term, “Mother,” has been appropriately applied to the provider of all things on the face of this earth, and man owes eternal gratitude to such a supplier − Mother Nature. “There is little doubt concerning the love each member of the huge Shaklee family holds for Mother Nature, for you have all recognized that she is our sole supplier, I do not believe that you will ever forget that fact, but you just might fail to remember it from day to day.” 2
  3. 3. “There is a story to everything Nature does and that is now our biggest mystery. We must remember one thing, she created the value of life and we must never forget that. That’s why what we remove from Nature is such an incredible component of the Shaklee products.” From Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, Sr. 3
  4. 4. Reflections on a Philosophy It is important that you recognize not only the beauty of Nature, but what it really means in our everyday life. We visualize the products of Nature, such as the trees, the flowers, shrubs, all things natural, but do we realize that Nature is our sole supplier? She gives us everything….. “For over seventy years, ever since I was a young lad, I have been living a most pleasant and profitable relationship with Nature,” Mr. Shaklee explains, “and I trust that you, too, will cultivate such a relationship. You cannot, in any way, alter such a relationship, but you can make it more realistic by so arranging your thought patterns to bring yourself into closer harmony with Nature… Your future will be exactly what you decide to make it.” 4
  5. 5. The incredible component to understanding the “Shaklee Difference” The Laws of Nature have contributed to the quality of the Shaklee products. These laws have determined the quality of the Shaklee products. These laws depend on man not changing them to suite his ambitions of financial success. The soil is where all life begins and the connection of man to Nature. Everything in Nature is recycled so it’s so important to keep all living things in the soil. Every cell in your body is designed to connect with nature and the raw materials that Nature puts into the plant that the cell will identify and allow into the cell the intelligence of the cell is it’s Life Force. The plant has the ability to put the “Life Force” into the seeds – but the ingredients must be in the soil to complete the process. Now the cells in your body have the intelligence to select the ingredients from the blood that it needs to live. It can’t make these ingredients. Only the cells know what the body needs to rebuild. Most of what Nature does is still a mystery. There are still many things in Nature we do not understand, but we can’t ignore the facts. Man can’t improve on Nature – Because man is a product of Nature. Lying in Nature are many ingredients that will prevent every disease on earth. Shaklee is looking to find those ingredients and transfer them to a form that can make a difference in your health. The quality of the Shaklee products reflect that Nature is in the sole supplier of everything that rebuilds our health. Dr. Shaklee 5
  6. 6. VEGETABLE CELLS HAVE LIFE… The creative intelligence is expressed in the vegetable cell fully as much as in the animal cell. Animals are not the only living things on this earth. The intelligence of man has never been able to produce the most simple vegetable life, either. Nor has he been able to produce the most simple vegetable structure in the laboratory. He can copy the shape and form, but he cannot give it life. WHAT IS THE SOURCE OF HUMAN NUTRITION? The primary source is the vegetable. Of course, man may eat the flesh of animals, but all animal bodies must depend upon the vegetable to manufacture the nutritional values necessary to sustain animal life. ISN’T THE SOIL THE SOURCE OF ALL NUTRITIONAL SUBSTANCES? Animal and vegetable life are both dependent upon the soil, but the elements contained in the soil cannot be utilized by the animal, directly. They must first pass through vegetable metabolism. And, strange as it may seem, the vegetable cannot subsist on the soil, alone, either. Its nutritional values must first pass through animal metabolism. Nature has set up the two cycles, each complimenting the other. WHY IS ANIMAL METABOLISM NECESSARY FOR VEGETABLE GROWTH? Explaining why Nature has rules it so is a little beyond the intelligence of man. However, how Nature PROCEEDS with her plan is well known. It is easy to ascertain that there is abundant bacterial life in normal soil. This animal life devours all organic substances that find their way to the surface area. For instance, the vegetable cycle… The plan, if not harvested, falls to the earth and the rains or moisture from other sources soften its structure. Whether the vegetation is plowed under or left on the surface, Nature provides the animals to devour it – bacteria, for instance, and even the lowly angleworm. After passing through this animal metabolism, the substance is ready to be absorbed by and nourishes a new plant. This cycle is a must for healthy vegetable life. The element of soil bacteria is one of the most important phases of organic nutrition. 6
  7. 7. CAN I ALWAYS DEPEND UPON AN INTELLIGENT EXPRESSION BY MY LIFE-FORCE? You most certainly can, IF there is no external interference. But civilization, itself, has place a fantastic burden upon the physical structure of man, and this often does interfere with the normal expression of your Life Force. Poisonous fume from factories, automobiles, etc., have contaminated the air we breathe. Chemical fertilizers have altered the nature of the soil in which our food is grown. Refining, processing, chemicalization, storage, and overcooking have altered the protein, fat, vitamin, and mineral values in our foods. All of this makes it nearly impossible for your Life Force to gain free expression, and the resultant changes in body chemistry manifest themselves in a thousand ways, all of which are symptoms of “dis-ease”. WHAT ARE THE VITAMIN VALUES IN OUR FOOD? I can name only a few, for Nature still keeps much knowledge about other values locked in her secret vault. There are, however, a number which man has understood. Unfortunately, medical science has rendered a great dis-service to mankind by recognizing as essential only those which chemists can produce synthetically in a laboratory. If it can’t be produced synthetically, it simply isn’t recognized as essential. Let me put the “important” vitamin question to you this way – only 60 or so years ago, man didn’t consider ANY vitamins to be of importance. (In 1947, vitamin B12 was not considered of any importance) Do we now claim to know everything there is to know about them? 7
  8. 8. UNDERSTANDING OF THE ENZYMIC ACTIVITY The enzyme is a delicate substance found in every living cell, whether it be animal or vegetable. Destroy the enzyme of a seed, and it will not sprout and grow. No new cells can be produced without the enzyme. In fact, THERE IS NOT A LIVING CELL IN THE UNIVERSE WITHOUT AN ENZYME. Enzymes are absolutely essential to life, and Nature put the protein enzymes in our food for a purpose. This purpose is easily recognized, but few people realize how easily they are destroyed by heat. Again quoting Dr. Sherman: “Thus there is now abundant reason to accept the conclusion that the best-studied enzymes of the digestive tract are of protein or of protein-like nature, and that food protein furnishes amino acids to serve as material for body enzymes as well as body tissue in the more familiar sense.” If the activity of the enzyme is dependent upon keeping the protein intact, as Dr. Sherman so clearly states, what chance have enzymes of avoiding destruction through the methods used in food refining, heat-processing and cooking? Obviously, none. They cannot withstand the high temperatures of such processes. Through the wide-spread use of such destructive methods, we alter the amino acids – the Building Blocks of Nature – and we lose the enzymic activity so necessary in the process of distention and in every other life process in the body. 8
  9. 9. WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT IN PROTEIN? THE ENZYME Unfortunately for health reasons, the average American’s diet is one which appeals to the taste, rather than to the needed supply of natural, unaltered protein. Cooking, processing and refining may improve the taste for some people, but the end result can be (and usually is!) nutritionally detrimental. This fact is confirmed by Dr. Sherman of Columbia University, one of our country’s greatest nutritional authorities. As Dr. Sherman states in his book, Chemistry of Food and Nutrition: “And the enzyme activity has repeatedly been found to depend upon keeping the protein intact, activity being lost when the enzyme solution is subjected to treatment which coagulates, hydrolyzes, or otherwise induces chemical changes in the protein matter.” Here, from this noted authority, we have confirmation of the basic reason why our foods should not be altered by processing, refining, chemicalization or over-cooking…. Once they have been altered to the point which “coagulates, hydrolyzes, or otherwise induces chemical change in the protein matter”, the enzyme activity is lost! We get the full impact of such a statement when we realize that the enzyme activity is completely destroyed at a temperature of about 130 degrees, which is far below the boiling point. How much pure, unaltered, raw protein do you eat each day. THIS IS VITAL! You must remember that your protein food is dependent upon “hydrolysis by ENZYMES to yield amino acids, which in animal metabolism are required for life processes”. (Emphasis is ours.) Why should you destroy the enzymes in all of your food, when you have PROOF that they are required for all life processes? Your life depends upon enzyme activity! 9
  10. 10. SHAKLEE’S PROTEIN The quality of Shaklee’s Protein Shaklee is committed to the extraction process and the ability to obtain the amino acids in the Protein mix. Power of Protein for Long-Lasting Energy Protein is an essential building block for health, critical for muscle retention, tissue repair, health blood formation, immunity, and virtually every other function in the body. Shaklee provides the highest-quality soy protein with a full complement of essential amino acids. 10
  11. 11. SHAKLEE’S VITA-LEA The Shaklee Difference Shaklee is committed to innovating through science and looking to nature for the answers that can provide healthier lives. Shaklee ensures the highest quality and safety standards-conducting over 100,000 quality tests per year to ensure our products are safe for you and your family. Vita Lea • Developed from the foundation Dr. Shaklee created with his work on the first multivitamin in the US., Vitalized Minerals in 1915. • Based on seven clinical studies • Patented Bioactivated Absorption System™ a microcoating designed to enhance absorption of folic acid. 11
  12. 12. Dr. Shaklee created a combination of nine herbs that had detoxifying and healing benefits that he had learned from his mother as a child. Besides nutrients, he knew he needed support from nature to promote blood, liver, lymph, bowel, and cellular cleansing to overcome the damaging impact of the radiation poisoning. This was the origin of Shaklee Herb-Lax … one of Shaklee’s most popular products still today. SHAKLEE’S HERB-LAX 12
  13. 13. Presidential Master Coordinators Jim & Mary Jo Burke Office in Rapid City, SD Shaklee Car - Mercedes Home in Mesa, AZ New Villa in Rapid City, SD Rapid City, SD GT 500 Shelby Cobra Mustang 13