savitribai phule pune university sppu fe 2015 pattern syllabus. this pdf includes t engineering mechanics sppu classification of truss zero force member assumption made in analysis graphical method procedure of method of section procedure for analysis trusses using method of joi methods of analysis types of loads problems related to beams types of support types of beams equilibrium of coplanaar forces problems on lami's theorem pulley problem's hand written notes solved question paper of sppu boom problems. many more problems related to equil electronics fpl mathematics 1 and mathematics 2 physics mechanics electrical basic civil graphics properties of cement different type of stones stone this ppt include the details about the basic build different types of cement concrete. sand use of bricks different types of bricks manufacturing of stone uses of stones manufacturing of bricks characteristics of cement concrete different types of steel steel different types of concrete pcc rcc precast prestr difference between stone and brick advantages of steel cement properties of steel pier footing continuous footings superstructure- wall. masonary. masonry beams friction footing etc settlement- differential set different types of footings mat footing combined footing different types of foundations slabs columns uniform settlement isolated footing this ppt covers the topics substructure - footing types of construction- masonry and frame structure live load pile footing rcc structure types of loads - deal load different types of settlements safe bearing capaci spread footing samart material ecofriendly material eco-friendly material
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