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K2016: Lumina® Royal Dragon Gold Effect Pigment

The new Lumina® Royal Dragon Gold effect pigment will join the Lumina® Royal family in October. This unique pigment displays brilliant golden-green styling for use on packaging, consumer electronics, and more.

Presentation held at K2016 Preview on June 28th, 2016. Presented by Marc Dumont.

Visit BASF at the K Fair 2016 from October 19th to 26th, Hall 5, C21/D21 in Düsseldorf, Germany. More information at www.basf.com/k2016.

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K2016: Lumina® Royal Dragon Gold Effect Pigment

  1. 1. Marvelous brilliance for fascinating creations Lumina® Royal Dragon Gold EH 0908 (9S282D) Marc Dumont Business Manager Pigments for Plastics in Europe BASF Schweiz AG
  2. 2. New at Lumina® Royal Family 2 Lumina® Royal Dragon Gold EH 0908 (9S282D) Lumina® Royal Aqua 9780H Lumina® Royal Indigo 9580H Lumina® Royal Blue 9680H Lumina® Royal Magenta EH 5001 (9480H) NEW Lumina® Royal Copper 9390H
  3. 3. Key features of Lumina® Royal Dragon Gold 3 Provides the most greenish golden shade, highest lightness and strongest sparkle against state of art alternatives
  4. 4. 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 70 80 90 100 Lightness Lumina Royal Dragon Gold EH0908 state-of-the-art greenish Gold state-of-the-art reddish Gold New styling shades with Lumina® Royal Dragon Gold 4 Attractive greenish shades with Lumina® Royal Dragon Gold  As self shade and in combinations  Superior boost in lightness and brilliance  Less shade dependancy with view angle 0.5% Effect Pigment + 0.1% Cromophtal® Yellow K 1210 FP 2mm injection molded plaque Byk multi angle measurement reddish hue greenish
  5. 5. Technology of Lumina® Royal Dragon Gold 5 Innovative technology controls pigment particles, their size, smoothness and surface treatment to optimize optical properties
  6. 6. Key benefits of Lumina® Royal Dragon Gold  Enriching customer’s current palette of reddish and pale golds especially from the Mearlin® and Lumina® series  Exploring new and attractive effects in the golden to green color space  Enabling a brilliant “coating-like” finish for transparent, high gloss, polymer moldings  Extending colors and effects space for new styling options in plastics, bridging with coatings 6 Lumina Royal Dragon Gold Standard Gold
  7. 7. Target industries and applications 7 Packaging Consumer electronics Household appliances Sporting goods
  8. 8. Global registration status 9 Lumina® Royal Dragon Gold EH 0908 (9S282D) Europe REACH Compliance – All Components are Pre-registered Switzerland Switzerland Consolidated Inventory (CHEMINV) USA U.S. Toxic Substances Control Act Inventory Canada Canada Domestic Substance List (DSL) Korea Existing Chemicals List (ECL) Japan Existing and New Chemical Substances (ENCS) China Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances in China (IECSC) Philippines Philippines Inventory of Chemicals and Chemical Substances (PICCS) Taiwan New Chemical Substances Notification Regulation (NECSI) New Zealand Exempt – The Hazardous Substances and New Organism Act (HSNO Act) Australia Australia Inventory of Chemical Substances (AICS)
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