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How to build a product for product managers

In this talk, Janna Bastow gives some insight into what it's been like building ProdPad, a product that's designed for product managers.

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How to build a product for product managers

  1. 1. Howto:BuildaProduct forProductManagers
  2. 2. Hey,I’m JannaBastow Talk to me about product + Say hi at @simplybastow!
  3. 3. WhatisaProductManager? Hat tip to Martin Eriksson, Mind the Product
  4. 4. Hardestjob intheworld
  5. 5. HardestJobintheworld
  6. 6. YouareallRuined. Yay, XKCD reference! http://xkcd.com/1015/
  7. 7. Data + OpinionsAnartandaScience
  8. 8. Sowhat’sitliketobuild forProductManagers?
  9. 9. TheyUnderstandthe Challenges
  10. 10. TheyKnowWhat TheyWant
  11. 11. YouAreNot YourUser
  12. 12. WhoaretheseProductPeople? User Personas at ProdPad
  13. 13. Persona-SpecificProductDesign From this:
  14. 14. Persona-SpecificProductDesign To this:
  15. 15. Itdoesn’tmatter whoyourusersare Treat them like any other user, listen to, and design for their needs.
  16. 16. Thankyou! AMA or say hi at @simplybastow Try ProdPad for free! www.prodpad.com Slides at: bit.ly/pming-for-pms