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The Power of Storytelling and How to Create a Compelling Story

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These days you hear a lot about storytelling as a marketing strategy. Many marketers, therefore, believe they should ‘do storytelling’ as well. Whenever you do something, you want to know they ‘why’ (as Simon Sinek told us).

So, you might wonder why storytelling is such a powerful tool. What makes storytelling worth it? Do you invest time in it? And in what way? It’s important to know why it is powerful to be able to do storytelling right.

In this presentation I talk about three steps to a great story:

1 The Preparation
2 The Structure
3 The Story


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The Power of Storytelling and How to Create a Compelling Story

  1. 1. @basvandenbeld Bas van den Beld, State of Digital www.basvandenbeld.com | www.stateofdigital.com | www.speakwithpersuasio.com The Power of Storytelling and How to Create a Compelling Story @basvandenbeld Speaking, Consulting, Training Benchmark conference 2017
  2. 2. @basvandenbeld Attention is a currency
  3. 3. @basvandenbeld We want to convince people our product is best
  4. 4. @basvandenbeld We heard storytelling will do the job
  5. 5. @basvandenbeld Businesses think storytelling is telling a story about how great they are
  6. 6. @basvandenbeld We don’t really understand how storytelling works
  7. 7. @basvandenbeld What can the right storytelling do?
  8. 8. @basvandenbeld Stories stick
  9. 9. @basvandenbeld The right story builds trust
  10. 10. @basvandenbeld Stories affects the mind
  11. 11. @basvandenbeld Stories can change people’s minds
  12. 12. @basvandenbeld People believe stories…
  13. 13. @basvandenbeld The earth is flat… Until somebody checked..
  14. 14. Three steps to the perfect story
 1 The Preparation 2 The Structure 3 The Story
  15. 15. The preparation
  16. 16. @basvandenbeld Preparation: understand your culture and your audience
  17. 17. @basvandenbeld
  18. 18. @basvandenbeld Create a story that fits your audience
  19. 19. @basvandenbeld
  20. 20. @basvandenbeld
  21. 21. @basvandenbeld What’s in it for them? Outcome isn’t always the goal
  22. 22. @basvandenbeld Pooping is not the goal of eating
  23. 23. @basvandenbeld You only get convinced if you can imagine things to actually happen
  24. 24. @basvandenbeld See where you match your audience
  25. 25. @basvandenbeld
  26. 26. @basvandenbeld
  27. 27. The structure
  28. 28. @basvandenbeld Example ‘joke’ Fungi Mushroom
  29. 29. @basvandenbeld
  30. 30. @basvandenbeld Structure in a story is like the structure in a building: it can collapse if done wrong
  31. 31. @basvandenbeld Situation - Obstacle - Approach - Plan
  32. 32. @basvandenbeld First act: Situation: ★ Set the stage ★ Introduce your hero ★ Important to make people care about your hero
  33. 33. @basvandenbeld Act 2: Obstacle ★ Inciting incident ★ Build out the conflict ★ A series of challenges ★ It’s a growth opportunity for the character
  34. 34. @basvandenbeld People have to believe something is bad before they start believing solutions
  35. 35. @basvandenbeld Act 3: Approach, Plan (and solution) ★ Show the solution ★ You should feel they fixed the problem ★ The characters are in a better place now
  36. 36. @basvandenbeld A hero can have many shapes
  37. 37. @basvandenbeld
  38. 38. @basvandenbeld
  39. 39. @basvandenbeld You are not the hero, you are Yoda
  40. 40. The story
  41. 41. Bring it together
  42. 42. @basvandenbeld
  43. 43. @basvandenbeld
  44. 44. @basvandenbeld It doesn’t have to be (about) you
  45. 45. @basvandenbeldhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCtSgb-b7zg
  46. 46. @basvandenbeld Think about this… Open your eyes and ears to your audience to really build trust with your stories Make people recognise themselves in a story, they will remember it more vividly People don’t care about how, until they understand the why. A story tells the why
  47. 47. @basvandenbeld Takeaways ★ Structure makes or breaks your story ★ You need a hero that is not you ★ Stories are a powerful tool ★ Go from obstacle to solution ★ You improve someone else’s life
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  49. 49. @basvandenbeld Bonus story: Papa Johns