Automated Web Testing and Open Source Tools

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14 Feb 2014

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Automated Web Testing and Open Source Tools

  1. Automated Web Testing By  Henry  Huang
  2. ion at tom Au 90 % Mach h Doug nead in e K
  3. Why Automate?
  4. Automated Valet hmm...
  5. Repetition Leave the boring stuff to the machines
  6. TIME Agile It's about being efficient & stayin g ahead of the game.
  7. Free up the minds vs Being Robot Being Creative
  8. Human are error prone SINCE FOREVER
  9. Come in, WE’RE OPEN 24/7
  10. When  to  Test?
  11. 1. Code Releses 2. Bug Fixes 3. Availability QA
  12. What? How?
  13. 3 2 1
  14. 2 Functionality/Acceptence Testing
  15. Form File & Calculation Everything  from  feedback  surveys  to  creating new  to-­dos,  to  subscribing  to  a  newsletter. Check  that  submissions  work  correctly  and are  properly  connected  to  your  database,  and that  all  fields  accept  input  as  necessary. Image  and  document  uploads,  editing  and computation  functionality  and  correct output.  Also,  look  at  how  efficient  your  app  is at  computing  and  displaying  results,  to  allow for  a  smooth  user  experience.
  16. Search Media Component If  your  app  allows  users  to  search  through content,  files  or  documentation,  ensure  that your  search  engine  comprehensively  indexes this  information,  updates  itself  regularly  and  is quick  to  look  up  and  display  relevant  results. Test  for  smooth  and  seamless  audio  and video  playback,  animations  and  interactive media  (like  games  and  graphics  tools).  These components  should  function  as  expected  and not  break  or  slow  down  the  rest  of  the  app while  loading  or  running.
  17. 3 Usability Testing
  18. Navigation Error Messages & Warnings Cross Browser Help & Documentation
  19. Consistent Layouts Fonts & Glyphs Animation & Interaction Front-end Performance
  20. Automation Tools Mobile Appium GUI Sikuli Browsers Selenium Webdriver Continues Integration Jenkins