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Tale of a New Bangladeshi NIX

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Tale of a New Bangladeshi NIX

  1. 1. “TALE OF A NEW BANGLADESHI NIX” Md. Rashedul Hasan System Admin DigiCon Telecommunication Limited
  3. 3. What is an IXP? Any place where providers meet to exchange traffic. ISP-06 ISP-02 ISP-05 ISP-03 ISP-01 ISP-04 IXP Switch
  4. 4. Why it is needed? • IXPs help reduce the portion of an ISP's traffic that must be delivered via their upstream transit providers, thereby reducing the average per-bit delivery cost of their service. • IXPs play an essential role in reducing the cost of transit connections over the Internet.
  5. 5. A NIX Deployment Journey …….
  6. 6. To ReachThe Destination…… • Study – historical data to get the idea of NIX Operation • Observation- others NIX to get the GraphicalView of a NIX. • Plan – what we would like to do and how. • Deployment – begin the journey towards the Goal. • Challenges – what we have faced. • Initiatives – to overcome those challenges what we have done. • Configuration – what changes we have made.
  7. 7. What Plan we have madeTo Deploy A NIX…..
  8. 8. Router IIG Server Zone SW IXP Manager Route Svr-01 Route Svr-02 SIPIX RPKI Validator Looking Glass NTP Server NMS Server NIX SW ISP-1 ISP-2 ISP-3 Server Zone NIX Diagram ISP-3 RTBH Root Server
  9. 9. We have deployed Route Server as a Route Collector
  10. 10. Operational View of a Route Server NIX SW Server Zone SW Route Server-1 Route Server-2 ISP-02 Router ISP-01 Router IIG IIG Router BGP Session (Routing Information Flow) Traffic Flow BGP Session (Routing Information Flow)
  11. 11. How Challenges we have faced during the “Route Server” Deployment - Route Server Selection: Router or Linux Server - “Open source” Routing daemon Selection: • BIRD • GoBGP • OpenBGPd: • FRR (fork of Quagga) • Quagga (LINX fork) BIRD is used in several Internet Exchanges, such as the London Internet Exchange (LINX), LONAP, DE-CIX and MSK-IX as a Route Server, where it replaced Quagga because of its scalability issues. - BIRD Version Selection: - Version 1.6, 1.7, 2.0.7, 2.0.8, 2.0.9, 2.0.10 (27.6.2022 - New release)
  12. 12. Why we select BIRD Version 2.0.9? • BGP: Flowspec validation procedure • Babel: MAC authentication support • CLI: New 'show route in <prefix>' command • Filter: Faster (16-way) prefix sets • Filter: MPLS label route attribute • Filter: Operators to pick community components • Filter: Operators to find minimum and maximum element of lists • BGP: Log route updates that were changed to withdraws • BGP: Improved 'invalid next hop' error reporting • OSPF: Allow ifaces with host address as unnumbered PtP or PtMP ifaces • OSPF: All packets on PtP networks should be sent to AllSPFRouters address • Scripts for apkg-powered upstream packaging for deb and rpm • Support for Blake2s and Blake2b hash functions • Security keys / passwords can be entered in hexadecimal digits • Memory statistics split into Effective and Overhead • Linux: New option 'netlink rx buffer' to specify netlink socket buffer size • BSD: Assume onlink flag on ifaces with only host addresses • Many bugfixes Source: https://bird.network.cz/pipermail/bird-users/2022-February/015949.html
  13. 13. Challenges to ensure the Security………
  14. 14. Challenge-01: Drop the UndesirableTraffic DDoS Attack
  15. 15. To Overcome the Challenge for Drop the UndesirableTraffic Expected Solution: 1. BGP Flow Spec Implementation 2. RTBH Implementation
  16. 16. How RTBH is Dropping the UndesirableTraffic ? NIX SW ISP-02 ISP-03 ISP-04 ISP-05 ISP-06 ISP-07 ISP-01 RS-1 RS-2 RTBH DDoS Detection Tool Attack Source Target
  17. 17. Validate BGP prefixes advertised by networks constituting the Internet. Challenge-02: Route OriginValidation
  18. 18. RPKIValidator Deployment Route Server Cluster NIX SW Server Zone SW Route Server-1 Route Server-2 ISP-02 Router ISP-01 Router IIG IIG Router RPKI Validator Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) is an opt-in service that provides security for Internet routing. Routinator is a full-featured RPKI Relying Party software package that runs as a service which periodically downloads and verifies RPKI data
  19. 19. Buildup the Inter Communication Between IPTSP to IPTSP for Call Forwarding
  20. 20. SIPIX Diagram for Inter Communication IIG NIX SW Server Zone SW SIPIX Server IPTSP-1 IPTSP-2 Subscriber-1 Subscriber- 1 IP User-X IP User-Y
  21. 21. Major Challenges What We have faced for SIPIX Challenges: - Unlimited concurrent calls. - Minimum Call SetupTime. - Ensure HighVoice Quality all time. - Ensure High Availability
  22. 22. What Initiatives we have taken against the Challenges  Unlimited concurrent calls is depends on No. of Cores & RAM. I have allocate more Core and RAM for the SIPIX Server as required.  Minimum Call SetupTime is depends on Optimized Routing. We have worked to do the same as required.  To Ensure HighVoice Quality all time, We have provided G711 Codec.  To Ensure High Availability, we are working for the same.
  23. 23. Root Servers Root Servers are responsible for directing each domain name lookup request to its respective nameserver.
  24. 24. Root Server Instances
  25. 25. Root Server Anycast Instances Deployment Deployment Challenges: 1. Meet the Requirements of the Operators for the ROOT Instance. 2. Availability of the Equipment's as need for deployment. 3. Deployment Plan for the Anycast Root DNS for the Specific Region. Initiatives for the Deployment: 1. We have communicated with Some DNSOperator for the Anycast Root Instance Deployment. 2. After getting the green signal from the operator, we have provided the required information. 3. Hope that, we will get the Root Server instance with in short possible time.
  26. 26. Looking Glass Deployment
  27. 27. Providing Routing Transparency Looking Glass provides you with information relative to backbone routing and network efficiency, providing you with the same transparency that customers on our network receive directly. Route Server Cluster NIX SW Server Zone SW Route Server-1 Route Server-2 IIG IIG Router Looking Glass
  28. 28. NTP Server Deployment Network Time Protocol (NTP) is an internet protocol used to synchronize with computer clock time sources in a network.
  29. 29. Server Zone SW IXP Manager Route SVR-01 Route SVR-02 SIPIX RPKI Validator Looking Glass NTP Server NMS Server NTP Server Deployment
  30. 30. IXP Manager Deployment
  31. 31. What is IXP Manager? - Manage peers, contact details and users. - Single solution to document everything (Switches, Ports, Ips, Cabling) - Provides statistics and insights to peers (MRTG, Smokeping, Sflow)
  32. 32. Full stack Management system for IXPs
  33. 33. What does the future hold?
  34. 34. What we would like to do? • Complete the Root Server Instances mapping • Establish Multi PoP Connectivity • Add Content Re-distribution/Caching Service • Add Domain Hosting Service