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11 Challenges Of Delivery

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Package delivery and fleet management managers face increasing challenges raised by international economic development, technology updates and ever increasing customer expectations.

When it comes to technology, which are the most common challenges?

Understanding these challenges and how others solve them may be the first step to taking action.

Download "The Challenges of Delivery" to learn which are the main issues managers in the industry face.

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11 Challenges Of Delivery

  1. 1. The challenges of delivery And how to solve them
  2. 2. Customer Satisfaction Collecting feedback Providing updated information Managing expectations Operations Insights Access to data real time Transparency into delivery processes for other departments Driver Performance Understanding driver efficiency Providing route guides and support real time Collecting quality of delivery information Process Optimization Improve PoD management Improve invoicing processes Vehicle Tracking Know where vehicles are Know when delivery takes place Deal with route changes Issue management Track issues remotely Support issue resolution Understand delivery service limitations / improvements Challenges reported in:
  3. 3. “The information about the package is as important as the package itself.” Fred Smith, FedEx founder
  4. 4. Maintain customers informed on delivery status Challenges • Reduce uncertainty • Create a positive client experience from purchase to final delivery. • communicate real-time status of delivery and offer transparency into the process. Solutions • Automatically send and SMS or email when there is a status change. • Offer customers an online, real-time alternative for self management.
  5. 5. Challenges • Collect and manage proof of deliveries in real-time. • Easily connect proof of delivery, signature and shipment status. • Capture customer data in the field and eliminate backend paper-based processes. Solutions • Use mobile forms to capture ePoD. • Capture signatures and delivery photos on mobile devices, as part of the ePoD process. Proof of delivery management
  6. 6. Challenge Understand and predict delivery times and internal resource planning of deliveries. Solutions • Implement automatic time tracking and monitoring per delivery. • Implement KPIs and service level goals for delivery schedules. Track on-road performance of drivers and vehicles
  7. 7. Challenges • Implement flexibility within the delivery management process. • Respond and adjust schedules as unplanned issues arise. Solution Implement a delivery management platform which allows all internal stakeholders (driver, manager, customer support, sales) to adjust routes and priorities. Schedule and manage deliveries in real-time
  8. 8. Learn what other challenges are shaping the delivery industry and how you can overcome them. DOWNLOAD NOW Chile: +56 2 2405 4015 Mexico: +52 55 8421 2800 Chile: +56 2 2405 4015 Mexico: +52 55 8421 2800 Access all 11 challenges