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Wireless Global Congress: 2020 is not that far away

  1. Watson IoT / Presentation Title / Date1 2020 is not that far away! Capturing Business Value in the Cognitive Internet of Things Rob van den Dam Global Telecom Industry Leader IBM Institute for Business Value
  2. 2 The Internet of Things: Digitizing the physical world 30 billion connected things 40% of all data
  3. 3 80% is invisible to today’s computers Data will double by 2017; 85% will be unstructured Data is transforming cities, industries, and professions The world is being reinvented in code 100% of industries will be reimagined 1 million APIs available by 2020 Deep industry knowledge Systems that can understand, reason and learn Computing is entering a new cognitive era Industry forces
  4. 4 Weather Security AnalyticsEdge Cognition Blockchain Emerging technologies are impacting the IoT
  5. 5 Data is the natural resource of the IoT World'sData(Bytes) Sensors & Devices VoIP Enterprise Data Social Media 1023 (The number of stars in the universe) 2010 2016 IoT: Vast, diverse, distributed, complex, constantly changing IoT data • Most of the data is invisible (videos, sensor data, etc.) • New technology is needed to deal with this data • There is deep insight in this data
  6. 6 Can see, use, and operationalize virtually all data Are not programmed but pose hypotheses based on data patterns and probability Can understand, reason, learn and interact with humans naturally
  7. IBM Watson IoT7 Meet Olli, the cognitive self-driving vehicle Video VIDEO
  8. 8 The rise of the cognitive IoT • Actively learns from things, context, and interactions • Continuously adapts to be more useful and robust • Relates insights in easily understandable ways
  9. 9 Blockchains will do for transactions what the Internet did for information
  10. 10 In blockchains consensus is used to overcome ’trust’ issues Saves time Transaction time from days to near instantanuous Removes cost Overheads and cost intermediaries Reduces risk Tampering, fraud & cyber crime Increases trust Through shared processes and recordkeeping
  11. 11 Organizations are becoming digital Digital is foundation, not the destination Leaders understand data – and turn it into something new Blockchain will be part of the digital foundation A cognitive business creates knowledge from data to expand expertise, continually learning and adapting to outthink the needs of the marketplace. Cognitive is the game changer Digital is giving way to cognitive
  12. Watson IoT / Presentation Title / Date12 VIDEO
  13. 13 Operational performance Customer experience Industry transformation Environmental sustainability Institutional expertise
  14. Watson IoT / Presentation Title / Date14 Operational performance
  15. 15 Customer experience
  16. Watson IoT / Presentation Title / Date16 Industry transformation
  17. Watson IoT / Presentation Title / Date17 Institutional expertise
  18. Watson IoT / Presentation Title / Date18 Environmental leadership
  19. 19 Watson IoT Global Headquarters Munich, Germany IBM commitment to IoT • $3 billion investment • 6,000 client engagements • Client experience centers around the world
  20. 20 Thank you Rob van den Dam Global Telecom Industry Leader IBM Institute for Business Value