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John: Life to the Full

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God Revealed:Discovery of John's Gospel

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John: Life to the Full

  1. 1. The Gospels Acts of the Apostles Paul’s Letters Other Letters Revelation A New Testament Journey Lesson 5: John: Life to the Full
  2. 2.  Matthew: God’s Kingdom on Earth  Mark: Christ, Chief Cornerstone  Luke: Son of Man Seeks and Saves  John: Life to the Full
  3. 3.  Introduction  Seven Signs  Seven I Ams  Belief Criteria, Life  Summary  Discussion
  5. 5. John’s emphasis on “believing”, or faith is in order to attain “life”, abundant life.  31 but these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name.. John 20:31 (NKJV)  16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16 (NKJV)
  6. 6.  John’s Gospel: “Believe” 98 times, “Life” 36 times. Christ portrayed as the Son of God  Other keywords: “love” and “unity” [1]
  7. 7.  Only 7 miracles called signs used to endorse key themes.  Memorable events[2] only in John: ◦ wedding feast at Cana (John 2:1-11) ◦ woman at the well (4:1-42) ◦ raising of Lazarus (11:1-12:11)  John’s interpretation of Jesus is deeper than synoptic gospels
  8. 8. The seven miracles recorded in John are:  Turning water into wine at Cana (ch 2)  Healing nobleman's son at the point of death (ch 4)  Healing man at sheep-gate pool (ch 5)  Walking on water (ch 4)  Feeding five thousand (ch 6)  Healing man born blind (ch 8)  Raising Lazarus (ch 11)
  9. 9.  Bread of life - ch 6  Light of the world – ch 8  Good shepherd – ch 10  Gate – ch 10  Resurrection and the life – ch 11  Way the truth and the life - ch14  Vine – ch 15
  10. 10. The stories and signs with the “I ams” project various aspects of key themes:  Believe  Life What is required to truly experience “life to the full”?
  11. 11.  Context: feeding of the 5000 (ch 6), talking of “Living Bread”.  “Living Water” (ch 4) to Samaritan Woman  Faith that multiplies – in both cases  Ever satisfying life - “Those who eat/ drink will never hunger/ thirst”
  12. 12.  Christ gives sight to blind man (ch 8), warns of worse illness – spiritual blindness.  “light of life” - spiritual light, our spiritual life  Faith should result in freedom from sin. Christ exhorts both the blind man and adulteress (same chapter) to “sin no more”.
  13. 13. The adulteress who was forgiven (ch 8):  Obeyed Jesus’ command to “sin no more”.  History records, she even started a church titled after the “forgiving” Saviour.  Was responsible to internationalize Damascus  Enabled Thomas to have safe passage to India. [1]
  14. 14.  Good Shepherd (ch 10): Sacrificial life and death, to be emulated by disciples  The sheep must have a faith that obeys by hearing the shepherd’s voice.
  15. 15.  In Chapter 5, Jesus heals a paralytic near the sheep gate - gate where sheep enter for sacrifice never to return.  Same gate where the ill are cast off from society, most of whom never return.  Same gate where Christ gave the paralytic new life.[3]
  16. 16.  Promise of “abundant life” or “life to the full” to those who believe in Christ alone as “gate”. (ch 10)  He invites all to believe only in Him and receive abundant life
  17. 17.  Jesus asks Martha and bystanders to believe, to “see God’s glory” (ch 11) - Faith in death and distress.  He emphasizes the criticality of the Spiritual life which never dies.  In ch 3 he talks to Nicodemus of being “born again” into this spiritual life.
  18. 18.  Faith should result in Christlike love. (ch 13) – greatest commandment.  Christ says (ch 14) that those who believe in His absolute divinity can do greater works than Him in His name. They have an empowered life.  Walking on water (ch 6) also illustrates this power.
  19. 19.  “Apart from Christ, we can do nothing” (Ch 15) - Dependent Faith.  Fruitful life, obtained by being connected to vine.  Christ’s first miracle in Cana (ch 2) also shows that he can turn ordinary water into luscious wine.
  20. 20. I am Miracles/ Incidents Belief / Faith Criteria Life Impact Refs. Bread of Life Feeding 5000, Woman at well Faith that multiplies Ever satisfying life Ch 4,6 Light of the world Blind man, adulteress Faith resulting in freedom from Sin Light of life Ch 8 Good Shepherd Calvary Faith that obeys Sacrificial Life Ch 10,20 Gate Healing paralytic Faith in Christ alone Life to the Full/ abundant life Ch 5,10 Resurrection and Life Raising Lazarus, healing nobleman’s son from death, Nicodemus Faith in distress and death Spiritual Life which never dies Ch 3,4,11 Way, Truth, Life Walking on water Faith in Christ as God Empowered Life Ch 6,14 Vine Water into wine Dependent Faith Fruitful Life Ch 2,15
  21. 21.  In the table above the life impact is often offered without truly explaining the faith criteria. What aspects of belief criteria are often overlooked?  Share what aspects of belief criteria you personally want to improve.  What steps will you take to achieve that belief criteria?  In Jn 17 Jesus prays that all his disciples have unity, which will alone impact the world. Where does the church stand with respect to this? How specifically can we stand in the gap?
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