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IDZ Diversity Meetup - Beatrice Fraedrich

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Intel Diversity Meetup, Slides of Beatrice Fraedrich's presentation, London, July 14th 2015

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IDZ Diversity Meetup - Beatrice Fraedrich

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  5. 5. 6 Success Diversity + Inclusion = Success It is going to take time to ge there but we are on the road to increasing access to opportunities for everyone
  6. 6. Only 18% of computer science degrees in the U.S. are earned by women.3 Globally, 65 million girls who should be in school are not.1 The Internet Gender Divide is nearly 25% in developing nations.2 1: UNESCO (2007); 2: Whitepaper - Women and the Web, Dalberg/Intel 2012; 3: UNESCO (2011) 3. NCWIT, 2012. 8
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