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Burnmark proptech_q12019

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Burnmark has analysed 150+ PropTech startups to place them on a quadrant showcasing their unique skills and strengths. To subscribe, please write to info@burnmark.com.

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Burnmark proptech_q12019

  1. 1. The PropTech Quadrant Q1 2019 Pioneering Transformative MeteoricEmbryonic MARKETSTRENGTH,GROWTHPOTENTIAL PRODUCT INNOVATION, BRAND MOMENTUM
  2. 2. Product Innovation and Brand Momentum (x-axis) Technology Innovation (Technology initiatives including blockchain, AI, data analytics, AR/VR etc. ) Products & Services Offered (Different types of offerings and their quality) Customer acquisition (User base, types of customers, acquisition trends, strategies) Social Media Presence (Twitter followers, LinkedIn followers, Social media engagement) Mobile app performance (App deployment, app ratings) Accelerator program (Part of an accelerator, funding thereafter) Awards & recognition Market Strength and Growth Potential (y-axis) Funding & Investors (Total funding, latest funding, quality of investors) Partnership quality (Business partners, technology partners, channel partners) Executive team & founders strength Financials (Revenue, profits & financial performance) Employee strength & hiring plan (Number of employees, future hiring plans, open positions) Geographical reach (Regions serviced, expansion plans) Data Points Used
  3. 3. § Burnmark has a list of 150+ PropTech startups that is regularly kept track of and data measured every quarter Some examples of PropTechs we cover are..
  4. 4. Top 10 PropTech startups to watch out for ATLANT has a decentralized blockchain platform to address two of the most pertinent problems in real estate i.e. tokenized ownership and global P2P rentals acasa is a household management tool and bill splitting package that helps students, sharers and couples. It is backed to the tune of $1.2 million from VCs and angel investors Refinere has built a Portfolio Intelligence platform for occupiers and brokers by leveraging big data and machine learning. They were built by former technologists, brokers and corporate real estate executives Figure has a mission of leveraging blockchain, AI, and advanced analytics to unlock new access points for consumer credit products that can transform the financial lives of customers Cloudvirga offers cloud-based intelligent Mortgage Platform (iMP) designed to streamline the mortgage process. The platform is digitizing the mortgage industry by leveraging data and automating workflows Avvir provides an end-to-end construction monitoring service. By automating the processes around data acquisition, visualization, and analysis, Avvir provides near real time insights into the state of a project including progress monitoring and defect detection OnSiteIQ collects 360-degree imagery and transforms it into interactive walkthroughs, mapped to floor plans. OnSiteIQ uses their expertise in construction and technology to deliver more control to large- scale development and construction projects HqO is a tenant experience platform that helps landlords create places people love. It provide transportation integration, smart building, retail and commerce. In september 2018, HqO raised a $6.6M round of seed funding from multiple commercial real estate partners Upsuite is an online B2B marketplace that makes it easy for teams to find the best co- working spaces. Upsuite provides complete verified inventory in local markets so that teams can find, compare, share, and tour spaces Basking is bringing an affordable, simple, and intelligent building automation solution to the office buildings of the digital age. Basking.io is an ROI-driven occupancy analytics platform for flexible office space providers and corporate real estate managers
  5. 5. PropTech insights Market movements Funding rounds Announcements Product updates Patents filed New customers Founding team changes Partnerships Hiring plans Trends and analysis Industry view To receive monthly insight on PropTech Startups, their market movements, and new players in the space, please reach out to info@burnmark.com to become a client. New market entry Awards
  6. 6. • Burnmark defines Property Technology, or PropTech for short, as a collective term used to define startups offering technologically innovative products or new business models for the real estate industry. PropTech startups spectrum spreads across the entire lifecycle of a property, residential or commercial, and helps architects & builders, landlords & tenants and property sellers & buyers, during the planning, building, selling, renting and management stages. • For this PropTech Quadrant, Burnmark has primarily focused on new age technology startups who have a digital interface with the users through App, chatbots or AR/VR technologies. Some of the key sub-segments that we have covered in our research includes: property search, digital mortgage, App-based utility bills payments, App-based property management, ConstructionTech, Architect planning(AR/VR), data analytics, blockchain-based investments and smart cities (devices, IoT, sensors). • We did not include online property aggregator portals i.e. players like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Procure etc. We have also excluded shared economy technology-based platforms, which facilitate the access and use of real estate assets, such as land or buildings, including offices, shops, storage, housing etc., such as WeWork, AirBnB, WhyHotel etc. The Fine Print Methodology • Burnmark conducted an initial research to identify 150+ PropTech startups active across the UK, continental Europe, USA, Asia, Australia and Latin America. We did an initial comparative analysis of 80+ PropTech startups to shortlist the top 30 PropTech firms who have shown a strong performance across various parameters such as product innovation, market movements, funding rounds, geographic expansion and financial performance. • Detailed research was done on these top 30 PropTech startups by collecting data from primary sources such as the PropTech startup’s website, self-published blogs, annual reports, social media accounts, app store reviews, etc. Additional supporting data was collected from secondary sources such as crunchbase.com, craft.co, bankingtech.com, finextra.com, Financial Times, sifter.com, LinkedIn etc. We also took qualitative feedback from key stakeholders in the market.
  7. 7. Disrupting market research, data by data. info@burnmark.com www.burnmark.com @burnmark_