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Burnmark RegTech_q12019

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Burnmark has analysed 400+ RegTech startups to place them on a quadrant showcasing their unique skills and strengths. To subscribe, please write to info@burnmark.com.

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Burnmark RegTech_q12019

  1. 1. The RegTech Quadrant Q1 2019 Pioneering Transformative MeteoricEmbryonic MARKETSTRENGTH,GROWTHPOTENTIAL PRODUCT INNOVATION, BRAND MOMENTUM
  2. 2. Product Innovation and Brand Momentum (x-axis) Customers acquisition (Number of clients, clients market strength, geography served) Product capabilities (Regulation focus, 3rd party partners, Solution focus, ) Investments (Total funding, latest funding, investor quality) Technology initiatives (Technology used, deployment models, API integrations, Technology partners) Market Strength and Growth Potential (y-axis) Client Segment Focus (Banking segment, Non-bank segment) Financial Performance (Total Revenue, Revenue growth trend) Social media presence (Twitter engagement, LinkedIn engagement) Employee strength & hiring plan (Time since launch, number of employees, workforce growth rate) Expansion plans (Geography expansion, product line expansion) Awards & recognition (Awards, Patents)Executive team & founders strength Data points used Partner ecosystem (Technology partners, Business partners)
  3. 3. Top 10 RegTech startups to watch out for Behavox, a pioneering artificial intelligence data analytics firm, is recently named as one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK Cappitech, a provider of regulatory reporting and intelligence platform, raised $4m and was named one of the most innovative RegTech companies globally in 2018 Cynopsis, a SaaS-based AML and KYC solution provider, won multiple awards in 2018 including the prestigious MAS FinTech Award Dathena helps firms classify and manage data with high level of accuracy and comply with multiple regulations, including GDPR, FINMA, HKMA, and MAS TRM guidelines Dynamic GRC offers a comprehensive GRC Platform that allows firms to manage their governance, risk & compliance requirements on a single, low cost system Enforcd uses global regulatory enforcement data, related news and insights to help firms to identify, manage and mitigate conduct risks. Enforcd has raised investments from Seismic Foundry fintech fund in 2018 GreenKey, an AI-powered voice collaboration platform, formed a partnership with IPC to develop a solution that will convert real- time voice into useable data for financial market participants Kompli-Global is the world’s first multi-jurisdictional, multi- lingual platform discovering comprehensive, accurate adverse and negative information in order to meet regulatory 4MLD & 5MLD compliance REGnosys is founded by two former Goldman Sachs’ senior executives. Its unique technology combines programmatic compliance and open sourcing to approach regulatory compliance Waymark Tech offers world’s first artificial intelligence-powered solution that automatically identifies regulatory crossovers and conflicts between incoming regulations, such as MiFID II, GDPR, and PRIIPS.
  4. 4. § Burnmark has a list of 400+ RegTech startups that is regularly kept track of and data measured every quarter Some examples of RegTechs we cover are..
  5. 5. Regtech insights Market movements Funding rounds Announcements Product updates Patents filed New customers Founding team changes Partnerships Hiring plans Trends and analysis Industry view To receive monthly insight on RegTech Startups, their market movements, and new players in the space, please reach out to info@burnmark.com to become a client. New market entry Awards
  6. 6. • Burnmark defines RegTech firms as technology solution providers to financial institutions that help them get better at dealing with regulatory requirements. RegTech startups help financial institutions cut the cost of compliance processes, improve effectiveness by making the compliance processes quicker and more reliable and lessen the risk of costly compliance failures • RegTech startups use advanced technologies such as advanced analytics, robotic process automation, machine learning, biometrics, cognitive computing and the cloud to achieve regulatory and compliance outcomes more efficiently and effectively. The Fine Print • The report does not include the Regtech startups that were launched since Q2 2018, as it would be too early to analyse their strengths and market potential. • The analysis of the RegTech startups in the quadrant is based on the data captured till December 2018. Methodology • Burnmark conducted initial research to identify 400+ RegTech startups active across the UK, continental Europe, USA, Asia, Australia and Latin America. We did an initial comparative analysis of 100+ RegTech startups to shortlist the top 24 Regtech firms who have shown a strong performance across various parameters as mentioned previously. • RegTech has significant overlap with the Identity, Data, KYC, Biometric, Compliance Training, Tax and Legal industries. However, for purposes of analysis, we have looked at startups who primarily operate in the compliance and regulatory space with clear use cases for banks and significant traction selling into banks • Data was collected from primary sources such as the Regtech startup’s website, self-published blogs, annual reports, social media accounts, app store reviews, etc. Additional supporting data was collected from secondary sources such as crunchbase.com, craft.co, bankingtech.com, finextra.com, Financial Times, sifter.com, LinkedIn etc. We also took qualitative feedback from key stakeholders in the market.
  7. 7. Disrupting market research, data by data. info@burnmark.com www.burnmark.com @burnmark_