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Case study harlem pizza co

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I've co founded a SOCIAL MEDIA AGENCY in London back in 2010. 3 years zipped by and I can advise you how I think you should pitch, win and service SOCIAL MEDIA clients. You must treat SOCIAL MEDIA as another MEDIA CHANNEL, like RADIO, BROADCAST, NEWSPAPER, MAGAZINES and PRINT. My MADISON AVENUE roots have served me well over the last 17 years of the Internet. I hope this short DECK will exemplify that I am EXPERT at manipulating CONTENT and using our latest NEW MEDIUM (SOCIAL MEDIA) to build a BRAND from scratch. (yes, pun intended) ;)

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Case study harlem pizza co

  1. 1. HarlemPizza Co®Social MediaBranding
  2. 2. Solution launch restaurant brand from scratch with Social Media HPco is a new restaurant brand launched by a former wall street exec. BKLTD helped HPco scale their brand by creating Mad Ave quality assets to run on SM channels
  3. 3. 360 Social Media Ecosystem We use Tumblr tech as a Core site. We’ve customized it to remove common promo graphics Then we link it to the most popular SM tools >>
  4. 4. 360 Social Media Ecosystem
  5. 5. Curation and SEO Tactics BKLTD uses Paperli as a cost efficient SEO backbone for the HPco Brand rollout // What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process that ensures a website can be found on search engines for the relevant words and phrases that describe it. How does it work? SEO is intrinsically about Search, Social and Content. Search Engines follow an algorithm to make sure they are listing websites correctly. In order for a search engine to rank your website higher, it needs to comply with some key rules. To get a first glance of those, take a look at this great Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors by Search Engine Land: READ MORE ....
  6. 6. Madison Avenuescaleprofessional content
  7. 7. Impact 600% sales increase SM Ecosystem Q2 2015 Q4 2015 what now >
  8. 8. howit’sdone social media is just another medium BRANDS: focus on your ASSETS and CONTENT and your brand will succeed on ANY medium. You must USE social as a legit media channel. Let's make REAL stuff to run on it! { mailto:hire@creativemf.com } BKLTD.creativemf.com