12 Dec 2011

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  1. Cutting Super Curly Curly
  2. Consultation
  3. Curly • Stylist must notice the client’s face shape, the hair, the curl type, the hydration level, and body type to provide recommendation for the length of the haircut and where layers and volume should be achieved..
  4. • Curly hair will be cut dry for best results. Since the client has their hair curly most of the time, its easier to see how the curls sit at its natural state when its dry. Therefore, when cutting it dry the stylist can shape and cut the hair visually to achieve the best results of how it suits the client’s face shape and body. The stylist should let the client know ahead of time that cutting it dry may look overwhelming because of the different techniques used than cutting straight hair. Everything is done by the eye.
  5. • Determine the products being used and past chemical services performed, professional or self-administered. Knowledge of any potential product build up, previous coloring or past damage should be taken into account when determining the actual hair texture. With all these factors taken into consideration stylist should recommend the client to use products in the hair to properly maintain curl formation and hydration of the hair. (further details in the next question) If the client is unsure of how to style their curly hair then the stylist should teach them step by step on how to manage their curly hair.
  6. • Shampoo recommendations should be provided since curly hair tend to need more moisture as its more porous than straight hair.
  7. • Stylists should visually show the client where their hair will sit when the cut is executed. Show the client by lifting the hair, explaining why more volume is needed in the places that should have more body. This process is done by using the mirror.
  8. Required Tools • Scissors, clips, products, diffuser, cape, towels, alcohol bottle, mirror, wide tooth comb.
  9. Executing The Cut
  10. • First cut the perimeter of the hair, do not cut a blunt perimeter because it will fall too heavily on the ends. In order to create a softer well balanced perimeter, use your eyes to see where the curls needs to be cut. No tension is needed because dry curly hair shows where it naturally sits. Free hand point cutting the ends is recommended because it creates a softer perimeter.
  11. • Next, section with your fingers the crown. The section from the crown to the nape is to lessen the weight. In order to do so, you would need to do a concave round layers on the bottom half of the section and then do a convex layers on the top half to lessen the weight. With this technique the curls can stack nicely on top of each other. You can also slice and carve the curls with your scissors to lessen more of the weight.
  12. • Next, at the crown you can cut a concave or triangular layers to give the hair some shape.
  13. • Finally use your eyes to look at the overall shape of the hair, cut any scraggly ends and any area that needs more balance and shape.
  14. • After the haircut, the client’s hair is washed, diffused, and styled again to show the best result of the haircut that was executed. Lastly, educate the client on proper maintenance of the hair, as well as rebooking the client for proper cutting intervals.
  15. Be-Curly Style-Prep • Curly hair tends to be drier than straight hair, therefore it needs more moisture. The style prep adds moister and curl definition because it seals the cuticle, taming frizz, and detangles to reduce breakage from combing. It also helps maintain the curls longer while leaving the hair softer not ‘crunchy’. It contains wheat protein and organic aloe which helps expand the hair as its wet and retracts when its dry to intensify curls. The organic baobab and babassu oil and macadamia nut helps seal, soften, and moisturize hair. Guar bean and plant-derived cellulose help maintain curly styles throughout the day. Lastly, certified organic lime, lemon, bergamot, orange, and other pure plant and flower essences create a light, refreshing aroma. To Use: you would apply the product after it is towel dried. Put a small amount of products in hands and apply evenly through damp hair.
  16. Be-Curly Enhancer This product will help intensify curls, define curls up to 57%, tame frizz and heightening shine. The wheat protein blend expands when hair is wet, then retracts when the hair is dry so it can lock in the curls. To Use To apply, before diffusing apply a small amount of product by scrunching it into the curls. If the curls needs to be twisted, apply a small amount of product in each twist. You can mix a small amount of confixor with the curl enhancer to create more hold.
  17. Brilliant Humectant pomade • plant-derived aroma, enhances curl. Especially effective in dry climates, it activates and maintains wave in textured or treated hair. - Adds shine Used as a finishing product after - Defines diffusing. Only use a little or else the hair will look too greasy.
  18. Super Curly Cuts (Afro Texture hair)
  19. When cutting super curly hair, there is more “shaping” required rather than a structured cut. If a lot of weight is needed to be removed using techniques such as notch cutting and weave cutting will remove the most weight.
  20. There are two types of ways to notch cut: • 1) Taking small sections • 2) Taking horizontal and twisting the hair slices and cutting out and slide cutting down curls staggered to make the twisted section. room for other curls.
  21. • Another way to remove weight is weave cutting where you take slice of hair and weave out a section with your scissors and cut across horizontally.
  22. • The things you need to take into consideration about the client and what he/she wants.
  23. • 1. How often does your • this is important client wear their hair because if the client straight. wears their hair straight often you will need to do more of a structured hair cut
  24. 2. The types of curls your client has. • The type of curl your client has will determine whether you will do a structured cut or a visual cut. There are four different types of curls (wavy hair, curly hair, curly kinky hair, afro hair).
  25. 3.How much weight is wanted/ needed to be removed. • You need to know this so you can visualize the balance of the curls but also remove weight.
  26. 4. Wet vs. Dry Cutting • You will decide whether to cut it wet or dry depending on the curls and sometimes depending on how often they wear their hair straight. You would mostly cut hair wet if the curls are loose waves and cut dry when they have tight curls.
  27. Products that are recommend for Super curly hair is: Be Curly Style-Prep Adds moisture and curl definition as it seals the cuticle, taming frizz all day. Detangles to reduce breakage from combing. Also makes styling curls easier and helps maintain them longer—while leaving hair soft, not “crunchy.” Boosts the effects of be curlyTM curl enhancer. • Wheat protein and organic aloe blend expands when hair is wet and retracts when dry to intensify curl or wave—and control frizz all day long. • Organic baobab and babassu oil and macadamia nut help seal, soften and moisturize hair. • Guar bean and plant-derived cellulose help maintain curly styles throughout the day. • Certified organic lime, lemon, bergamot, orange and other pure plant and flower essences create a light, refreshing aroma. • Work a small amount of product in hands, apply evenly through damp hair and comb to distribute. Do not rinse out. • Style with be curlyTM curl enhancer to intensify curl, fight frizz and boost shine.
  28. Be Curly curl Enhancer For intensifying curls, taming frizz and heightening shine. Wheat protein blend expands when hair is wet—then retracts when hair is dry—to lock in curls or waves. • part of our 4-step curl perfecting system that dramatically reduces frizz and defines curl up to 57%* • For curly or wavy hair • Intensifies curl • Tames frizz • Boosts shine
  29. Confixor A lightweight styling product for medium hold on damp hair. Our formula—with MorikueTM protein— conditions and fortifies. • For fine to medium hair • Creates definition
  30. Humectant Pomade Humectant-rich pomade, with plant- derived aroma, enhances curl. Especially effective in dry climates, it activates and maintains wave in textured or treated hair. • Defines • Adds shine
  31. Shampoo + Conditioner • Be Curly Line, Dry remedy Line, Smooth infusion line and the Brilliant line.
  32. What we think • 4. There are different techniques that you can use for different types of curls. If you have loose wavy curls you would most likely do a more structured haircut rather than just notching, slicing, and weaving. For a structured haircut you would cut hair when its wet. If you have tight kinky curls you would cut your hair dried. You would obviously try and balance the hair out and slide or notch cut to remove weight and trim up the hair.
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