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Marketing Like a Boss

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High level introduction marketing playbook for content and education industry but can be adapted for other industries. Discusses niche and consumer profiling, measuring customer commitment from your sales funnel, how to create the perfect products, the importance of communication and how partnering is the best advertising.

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Marketing Like a Boss

  1. 1. Marketing ... LIKE A BOSS like an employee Ben Strahan @_benstr
  2. 2. Business is for the tough.
  3. 3. Prepare yourself for a tough conversation….
  4. 4. Businesses fail.
  5. 5. Your business will fail.
  6. 6. All businesses fail, eventually.
  7. 7. Your time is limited.
  8. 8. Do business right.
  9. 9. Do customer service right.
  10. 10. Sell the right things.
  11. 11. Do marketing right.
  12. 12. Marketing is every part of business. Wherever you are, whatever the moment, your business is communicating. All communication is marketing.
  13. 13. It is work. It is not hard.
  14. 14. Marketing is a science.
  15. 15. Only 5 steps need to be mastered. But you must understand 1 thing first.
  16. 16. Consumers have less time than you.
  17. 17. Consumers hate time wasters.
  18. 18. All businesses waste consumer’s time.
  19. 19. Your business has wasted the time of consumers.
  20. 20. Only non-time-wasters win.
  21. 21. Don’t be a loser. Don’t waste time.
  22. 22. Be relevant. Be direct. Be attentive. Be flexible.
  23. 23. Do not let the wrong consumers waste your time.
  24. 24. Step 1. Identify who your Boss is. Niche, tribe, demographic, whatever.
  25. 25. Customers and Visitors = Boss
  26. 26. Serve your Boss or fail. People. Not cash, assets, investors...
  27. 27. Your Boss is a steaming, judgmental, complicated mess.
  28. 28. If you’re… to complicated, you’re fired. to expensive, you’re fired. to affordable, you’re fired. not relatable, you’re fired. a tattooed punk with a Rolls, you win? and on, and on, and on.
  29. 29. Know your Boss’ requirements.
  30. 30. Decide. Want to work for marry this Boss?
  31. 31. You must serve your Boss to be rewarded.
  32. 32. If you do not like your Boss… sell your business right now. Then go find a Boss you like.
  33. 33. Identifying your Boss... be specific, not general.
  34. 34. If your Bosses are not similar, you will fail sooner.
  35. 35. Your Bosses could be BFF with each other.
  36. 36. If not, your target is too general.
  37. 37. People grow, your business grows with them.
  38. 38. Always study your Boss. Notice when their requirements change.
  39. 39. Step 2. Maintain a Commitment Funnel.
  40. 40. 4 levels of commitment. L1 = Boss is “Curious” L2 = Boss is “Interested” L3 = Boss “Hires” you L4 = Boss puts you “In-charge”
  41. 41. Track everyone by commitment.
  42. 42. Things you sell are based on these levels.
  43. 43. Everyone who comes in contact is on one level.
  44. 44. More details...
  45. 45. Every visitor is “curious”. L1 Track IP address, social id, e-mail...
  46. 46. Every signup, like, download… “interested”. L2 Get direct contact permission. Start the conversation.
  47. 47. If they pay you, you’re “hired”. L3 You’re worth the risk to give a shot.
  48. 48. They love everything you do, you’re “In-charge”. L4 Satisfy your Boss & they’ll make you the Boss.
  49. 49. Once leveled up, it’s your job to keep them there. Yes, they can drop levels & drop out.
  50. 50. Sales funnels have a beginning and an end. So 1980’s.
  51. 51. Commitment Funnels have no end. plus a “no-end” stream of sales :)
  52. 52. The sale ends when you die. How do we make new things to sell?
  53. 53. Step 3. Stay valuable by making value. Stop making value? “You’re fired”
  54. 54. Make awesome and keep it simple.
  55. 55. There is always room for improvement... so there is room for more products.
  56. 56. Give your Boss what they want.
  57. 57. You don’t know what they want. You think you know, but you don’t.
  58. 58. Asking them what they want is meh.
  59. 59. Observing what they want leads to pleasant endings.
  60. 60. How do we observe?
  61. 61. Follow the “Perfect Product Formula”.
  62. 62. a. Create “curious” L1 content.
  63. 63. L1 content is... ● Free ● Public ● Abbreviated ● Entertaining ● Opinionated ● Introduction to L2 content
  64. 64. Guess what they will like. See what sticks.
  65. 65. Measure views, comments, shares, etc. What is your most popular content?
  66. 66. Take the best L1 content and...
  67. 67. b. Create “interested” L2 content. E-mail list, PDF download, private vid
  68. 68. L2 content is... ● Free ● Private, requires contact ● Less abbreviated ● Packed w/valuable insights ● Missing step-by-step ● Introduction to L3 content
  69. 69. You must get direct contact permission. They’re not L2 if you can’t contact them.
  70. 70. Measure conversion from L1 to L2.
  71. 71. Conversion high? You did good. Move on.
  72. 72. Conversion low? You missed something. Trash and try again.
  73. 73. Tell your past L2 Bosses. They are L2 for a reason, keep them feed.
  74. 74. Take the best L2 content and...
  75. 75. c. Create quality “hired” L3 thing*. *thing = product or service. You are going to charge $$, make it good.
  76. 76. You’ve done the polling and beta, it should be a hit!
  77. 77. L3 things are... ● Not free but affordable ● Risk free & great value ● Private ● Step-by-step detail ● Additional resources ● Awesome support ● Introduction to L4 content
  78. 78. Tell all Bosses about new thing. Email them directly, entice with discount. Learn more about Product Launches.
  79. 79. Sell thing as normal. Make it available to the public.
  80. 80. Add thing to L2 drip campaigns. Automate future L2>L3 level-up process.
  81. 81. Measure conversion from L2 to L3.
  82. 82. Take the best L3 content and...
  83. 83. d. Create amazing “in- charge” L4 thing. Special club, expensive course, etc.
  84. 84. L4 things should be exclusive, limited, pricey & worth it.
  85. 85. L4 things are... ● Not free and fairly-expensive ● Risk free & great value ● Private ● Bundles lower products ● Videos, alternatives, etc. ● Gives direct access to you ● Introduction to L4 content
  86. 86. Offer new thing only to L3 & L4 Bosses. Email them directly, entice with discount. Again, learn about Product Launches.
  87. 87. Dangle success of L4’s in front of L3s and old L4s “Greener on the other side” effect.
  88. 88. Add thing to L3 drip campaigns. Automate future L3>L4 level-up process.
  89. 89. Measure conversion from L3 to L4. Your Boss must really love you.
  90. 90. Partner with L4s & other pros to make thing better > the best!
  91. 91. Repeat. Inspire. Lead. Your creativity is your limit.
  92. 92. Warning: Do not guess what your Boss wants.
  93. 93. Guessing is gambling.
  94. 94. If its worth making then it is worth verifying first.
  95. 95. This system verifies a thing is wanted, first.
  96. 96. It ensures you spend your time right.
  97. 97. It ensures each thing you release can be a success.
  98. 98. Making the right thing will not guarantee success...
  99. 99. Step 4. Communicate, no-waste-iate. Connect levels through direct contact.
  100. 100. This is how you maintain a Boss’ level.
  101. 101. This is how you upgrade a Boss’ level.
  102. 102. L1:Communicate through blogs, videos, social, events, & others.
  103. 103. Your content needs to be valuable & entertaining.
  104. 104. Creating content will not bring visitors.
  105. 105. You need introductions to future Bosses.
  106. 106. Strangers need to share your content.
  107. 107. Your Bosses need to share your content.
  108. 108. Other pros need to share your content.
  109. 109. Cross-pollinate between content.
  110. 110. SEO your content.
  111. 111. We will come back to this in step 5.
  112. 112. L2:Communicate through email, direct messages, private content.
  113. 113. If you can’t contact a person they are a stranger.
  114. 114. Strangers will never care about you.
  115. 115. Befriend all, build rapport... … and get permission to contact.
  116. 116. Friends have similar interests.
  117. 117. Friends stay in contact frequently.
  118. 118. Friends ignore you when you’re annoying. Do not waste your Boss’ time.
  119. 119. Friends are generous. Give L2 exclusive stuff for free.
  120. 120. Grow the friendship over time. Do not jeopardize the friendship. Be honest & fix mistakes.
  121. 121. L3:Communicate through private launches & L2 ways.
  122. 122. Ask for feedback on pre-released L2 content. Give them a glimpse of L4.
  123. 123. Follow the “perfect product formula”. Or you will make wasteful products.
  124. 124. Listen to your Boss.
  125. 125. If they say nothing, you’re in deep sh*t!
  126. 126. If they say bad things, GREAT! They just gave you secrets to fix it.
  127. 127. If they say good things, GREAT! They just gave you advertising.
  128. 128. Whatever they say, be thankful.
  129. 129. Prove to them you listened and changed if needed.
  130. 130. L4:Communicate through a group, give them direct access to you.
  131. 131. Give them ongoing support.
  132. 132. Collaborate on content.
  133. 133. Help them until they succeed...
  134. 134. Create products together with top members.
  135. 135. The more you let them help... the more they are invested in your success.
  136. 136. This whole thing has been a waste of your time. If you can’t get your future Boss’ attention. Step 5 is the only proven remedy.
  137. 137. Step 5. Get introduced to new Bosses. Grow by partnerships not advertising.
  138. 138. Identify the who’ s who. These are your future strategic partners.
  139. 139. Your customers are partners. Who posted us on Reddit? Your partner/customer/Boss did.
  140. 140. Treat advertisers as partners. Facebook ads, better partner than Adwords?
  141. 141. What can partnering do for you? Grow your lists, reputation or sales.
  142. 142. Introduce you to their followers. (endorsement)
  143. 143. Let you talk on their platform. (guest blogging)
  144. 144. You sell their things. They sell your things. (affiliate)
  145. 145. Sends your email to their Bosses. (list sharing)
  146. 146. Reviews your thing. (validation)
  147. 147. Interviews you. (exposure)
  148. 148. Outright advertises your thing. (promotion)
  149. 149. Adds to your thing. (bundling)
  150. 150. Offer your things as add-ons at checkout. (cross-selling)
  151. 151. Create something together. (co-authoring)
  152. 152. Confirms you. (reference)
  153. 153. Defends you. (ally)
  154. 154. Shares all your content socially. (syndication)
  155. 155. You work hard to earn your Boss’ trust. They will listen to you.
  156. 156. Same goes for your partners. Their Boss’ will listen.
  157. 157. Pay it forward currency. For all things partners can do for you, you should do for them and others.
  158. 158. Review
  159. 159. Your business will fail. Time is limited.
  160. 160. Don’t waste time. Be relevant. Be direct.
  161. 161. Identify your Boss Serve them above all other biz goals.
  162. 162. Commitment Funnel L1 = Boss is “Curious” L2 = Boss is “Interested” L3 = Boss “Hired” you L4 = Boss put you “In-charge”
  163. 163. Perfect Product Formula Let the Boss tell you what they want. Consistently create new products.
  164. 164. Communicate Through friendship, level up the Bosses in your funnel.
  165. 165. Partner for Introductions How Bosses find you and trust you.
  166. 166. Abbreviated Summary 1. Understand your situation as a business. 2. Be thoughtful with consumer’s time. 3. Be dedicated to your customers above all. 4. Track your customers commitment to you. 5. Continually create valuable content & products. 6. Communicate clearly, often, and with purpose. 7. Partnerships are by far the best advertising.