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jIndividual advert analysis

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jIndividual advert analysis

  1. 1. Name: Ben Everitt BTEC Creative Media Production Advert Analysis: Nike, Risk Everything Advert Details (what happens?): Music & Sound Effects: Text: Group Roles: Audience: Message: The advert is actually a short, animated film featuring the some of the best international footballers from around the world: Neymar, David Luiz, Ronaldo, Zlatan, Rooney, Iniesta, Ribery and finally Tim Howard. The story goes that a new breed of super clones has been developed to replace conventional professional footballers, so the players featured band together to form a super-team. They challenge the clones to a first goal wins ‘last match’. In the end they vanquish the clones by demonstrating their incredible combined skills and technique, and more importantly their ambitions to risk everything to then win everything.  Diegetic sounds of a football match: cheering, clapping, whooping etc.  Conversation between two or more characters in the advert .  Music score composed by Judson Crane.  Song: Eagles of Death Metal, Miss Alissa.  Risk Everything Pictures (Logo)  Presents: The Last Game  Risk Everything (The End)  Passionate Football Fans.  Kids/ Younger People because of the cartoon effect in the advert.  Sports People.  Potential new customers (maybe who currently use a different brand e.g. Puma. The message being given to the audience is that if you buy our Nike products you can be like these incredibly talented football players and ‘Risk Everything’ like they as they pull off the difficult manoeuvres.