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The 5 Most Influential Topics for B2B Marketing

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Every B2B marketer needs a plan for these 5 topics! http://bit.ly/upclose-lithium-tw

Dayle Hall of Lithium Technologies will help you get a better handle on your B2B marketing. You'll learn about effective influencer marketing, data overload and how to harness it, the digital Customer eXperience is the new battlground, the State of Social Engagement, and when marketing & sales align.

Listen to all 5 podcast episodes with Bernie Borges and Dayle Hall. Plus, download your free Social Business Journal.

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The 5 Most Influential Topics for B2B Marketing

  1. 1. The 5 Most Influential Topics F OR B 2 B M A R K ET ING
  2. 2. Cut through the noise BERNIE BORGES AND DAYLE HALL@bernieborges @marinadazza
  3. 3. “Engage with different influencers in different ways, depending on who they are and where they are in the influencer life cycle…They are different influencers, at different levels with different focus areas or concerns.”
  4. 4. B2B Influencer Marketing Is: • Building relationships between influencers and the brand and ensuring both parties see value from the partnership • Finding and partnering with people in your community/industry who have an influence on your target audience • Encouraging consistent and relevant advocacy by building trust. Trust drives better influencer marketing results • A celebrity plugging your product or service • Expecting a Fortune 50 executive to engage in a short-lived influencer campaign for your brand can strain credibility • A one-time endorsement B2B Influencer Marketing Is Not: Defining Effective B2B Influencer Marketing Listen to this Episode: http://bit.ly/B2B-Influencer- Marketing-Dead
  5. 5. "Your customers are out there, even if they are not your customers yet. If you’re not doing anything to reconcile social data, then you are missing out.”
  6. 6. How to Overcome Data Overload People: Hire the right talent to get and use data insights. You’ll need demand generation professionals and data scientists. Marketing leadership needs to work with business analytics experts to help craft the story. Process: Create a process for gathering, listening, analyzing, and improving your data. Each company as a whole should adopt a performance driven mindset and understand the value of data. Technology: Leverage analytics resources to measure traffic and performance. Integrate data into your marketing automation system to optimize campaigns, and tie campaign data to your CRM and active pipeline opportunities to run conversion analysis. Listen to this Episode: http://bit.ly/Data-Overload
  7. 7. “The way to deliver a better customer experience is to look where people are, look where they want to engage, and that’s on digital channels. The reason we say it’s the new battleground is because that’s where you can create differentiation.”
  8. 8. 3 Questions to Ask as a B2B Marketer 1 How has my customer changed in the last three years? Where do they want to connect with me now? 2 How can I activate my most passionate customers? How do I develop trusted relationships with them? 3 How can I take advantage of all the data on digital channels? Can I measure ROI and can I get to know my customers better? Listen to this Episode: http://bit.ly/Digital-Customer- eXperience
  9. 9. “As B2B marketers, we tend to do a lot of talking and pontificating about how we’ve got this all figured out. The reality is, only when we stop and listen can we truly help our brands get more from their digital and social investments.”
  10. 10. Insights from Lithium’s 2017 State of Social Engagement Report 98% of brands are stuck in broadcast mode. Tip: Authentic engagement and quick responses help to build and maintain your customers’ loyalty. Only 1% of brands build relationships with influencers. Tip: Don’t be tone deaf & leverage your influencers; this applies to BOTH B2B and B2C. Brands leverage Facebook (73%) and Twitter (63%) as platforms to engage with customers but almost entirely ignore other channels like Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Tip: Pay attention to all digital touchpoints. Listen to this Episode: http://bit.ly/State-of-Social- Engagement
  11. 11. “The mantra at Lithium, within my team, is that everything the marketing team does should impact sales. We are part of sales performance calls so we can identify challenges and issues they’re seeing and maybe create content around it. ”
  12. 12. A Love Story for the Ages Start with the C-Suite Revenue: Social can be used to link demand generation efforts to the sales pipeline. Reputation: Social media helps to build a brand’s reputation. Having a known and consistent presence and voice on all channels enhances the reputation. Incorporate Sales into Your Content Strategy Content marketing should benefit the sales organization the most. B2B brands should strive to make it easy for sales to participate, providing them with inspiration and training on content sharing in social channels. Listen to this Episode: http://bit.ly/Sales-Marketing- Alignment
  13. 13. http://bit.ly/5-Influential- Topics-B2B-Marketing Get All 5 Episodes Now THE 5 MOST INFLUENTIAL TOPICS FOR B2B MARKETING
  14. 14. PLUS Get a Free Journal