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  1. 1. minimalismStevenDaubenmeyer and Meg Ellis
  2. 2. what is minimalism?• simplistic design• focus away from artist• degree of anonymity• geometric forms• industrial materials among others"A shape, a volume, a color, a surface is something itself. Itshouldnt be concealed as part of a fairly different whole."
  3. 3. The goal of minimalist artist isnt to beflashy or over expressive. Minimalism ismeant to be looked at for simply what itis, not what the artist could have beenthinking when they made it. It’s meant topush was art can be defined as.
  4. 4. important artists• Donald Judd• Dan Flavin• Frank Stella• Sol LeWitt
  5. 5. DONALDJUDD"After all, the work isnt the point; the piece is."
  6. 6. Donald JuddJune 3, 1928-February12, 1994Judd helped found theminimalist movement. Primarilyused box shaped structuresthought his career. He felt artwent beyond the artist feelings.He began his career in the early 60’sand later went on to criticism art of thetime and he went on to create art thehe felt was disconnected the artistpersonal views and the art should bejust appreciated for what it is.
  7. 7. In his later years leading up to his death he created manypieces that were large structures made of copper and brasswith smooth features.Judd helped revolutionize modern sculpting by bring inbasic shapes, space and simple colors into focus.
  8. 8. CriticismMinimalism isnt very well received by many people.It is sometimes labeled as lazy, lifeless or just plaindull.“Donald Judds work is a blight on the landscape.They ought to take that crap to a recycling firm andget it ground up and used for something good”--Some Guy on the Internet
  9. 9. • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpM3LRPgnVA
  10. 10. DANFLAVIN"It is what it is and it aint nothing else."
  11. 11. Dan FlavinApril 1, 1933 - November29, 1996At the start of his career he showedearly interest in fluorescent lights andother light fixturesFirst major piece was icon V (CoransBroadway Flesh), 1962. A brown boxwith lights along the sides.
  12. 12. “The radiant tube and the shadow cast by its supporting pan seemed ironicenough to hold alone. There was literally no need to compose this systemdefinitively; it seemed to sustain itself directly, dynamically, dramatically in myworkroom wall—a buoyant and insistent gaseous image which, throughbrilliance, somewhat betrayed its physical presence into approximateinvisibility.”To Flavin the object and light created form the tubes were ableto stand alone as art and proceeded to make more workinvolving tubes and how the light effects the empty space
  13. 13. FRANKSTELLA“What you see is what you see.”
  14. 14. Frank Stella• b. May 12, 1936• Majored in history at Princeton University• “A sculpture is just a painting cut out andstood up somewhere.”• Listed by Art News as one of 10 mostexpensive living artists• Emphasized "picture-as-object" rather thanpicture as representation of an object• Believed that artists should not repeat their
  15. 15. early work• immediate recognition for The BlackPaintings• wanted to emphasize flatness of canvas
  16. 16. work slowly moved from painting to sculpturepainting painting with relief painting with deeper reliefsculptureMaxon’s Island 1995Example of transition piece--painting with a lot of examples of relief
  17. 17. famous quotes"Making art is complicatedbecause the categoriesare always changing. Youjust have to make yourown art, and whatevercategories it falls into willcome later.""Painting is a flat surfacewith paint on it."Chodorow II
  18. 18. SOLLEWITTThe system is the work of art; the visual work of art isproof of the system."
  19. 19. Sol LeWitt• b. September 9, 1928• d. April 8, 2007• Served in Korean War• Worked at Seventeen magazine• Later worked at MoMA as night receptionist& clerk
  20. 20. work• regarded as a founder of Minimalism• Best known for his Wall Drawingso draws out instructionso draftsmen execute the final product
  21. 21. philosophy• everything is temporary• "ephemeral quality" is not something toignore• the process is what is important, not the endresult• the artist is the generator of ideas
  22. 22. quotes "When an artist usesa conceptual form ofart it means that allof the planning anddecisions are madebeforehand and theexecution is aperfunctory affair.The idea becomes amachine that makesthe art.""Conceptual artists aremystics rather thanrationalists. They leap toconclusions that logiccannot reach."
  23. 23. criticism & commentary"[The Wall Drawings] turn space into a walk-incats cradle." --NY Times"He understood, as every teacher does, thatdoing preset tasks could stimulate creativity."--NY Times"These things have a legitimate place in acollection representing modern drawings.This should not confuse anyone intoimagining they have aesthetic merit." --an artcritic on Straight LInes in Four DirectionsSuperimposed
  24. 24. Minimalism and other artformsMinimalism can be seen in other art forms. Most in literature andmusic.Writers like Hemingway who were around long before theminimalist art movement in the 1960s-70s. He used as littlewriting as possible in order to convey his stories’ meanings.“For Sale, BabyShoes, Never Worn”
  25. 25. Artist like Philip Glass, Steve Reich, John Cage experiment withminimalism in music as a way similar to minimalist literature and visualart. With this they wanted to break down what was traditionally acceptedas music to create a wider view of what music was.“There is no such thing as anempty space or an empty time.There is always something tosee, something to hear. Infact, try as we may to make asilence, we cannot.”
  26. 26. AftermathFor some minimalism has gone and passed. Like the dadamovement it had gotten across the message so peoplestarted to not see any purpose in the movement anymore butMinimalism still has left it’s mark in the art would. Most withinthe field in architecture and furnisher.