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JC Physics Tuition

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BestPhysicsTuition.com offers unique programmes which have helped numerous students regained their confidence in Physics and scored distinctions at their national examinations.

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JC Physics Tuition

  2. 2. ABOUT US  Best Physics Tuition is an education centre that focuses exclusively on Physics tuition for A-level, O-level and IP students. It was founded by Mr Tony Chee, an ex-MOE school teacher with probably the most established credentials in the area of Physics. He obtained his First Class Honours degree from United Kingdom and have won several MOE teaching awards.
  3. 3. TUTOR’S FOREWORD  Dear students,  Thank you for visiting my website.  With a great passion for Physics, I founded Best Physics Tuition to enable students to achieve excellence in the subject of Physics. Simultaneously, it has the mission to enlighten all to the workings of the Universe, Environment and Self.  Physics is a field of study that mankind has developed to understand the fundamentals of the Universe. Due to man’s intrinsically curious and seeking mind, Physics is a field that intrigues all. In the area of academics, the GCE ‘A’ level examination places less emphasis on the lower-order thinking skills of knowledge and comprehension. In order to do well for the examinations, higher order thinking skills like those of Synthesis and Evaluation should be revealed.
  4. 4. METHODOLOGY D.E.E.P. Methodology  Database of JC Physics resources  Examination techniques for students to score ‘A’ in their A level Physics examination.  Email and WhatsApp after tuition hours for consultation.  ​Present and real world application of Physics concepts.
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  6. 6. Contact us