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Physics Tuition

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In order to do well for the examinations, higher order thinking skills like those of Synthesis and Evaluation should be revealed. Rote learning of your lecture notes will weaken your ability to achieve the highest level of response in the Physics paper.

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Physics Tuition

  1. 1. BEST PHYSICS TUITION We have the mission to enlighten all to the workings of the Universe, Environment and Self.
  2. 2. WAVES Show an understanding of experiments which demonstrate stationary waves using microwaves, stretched strings and air columns. Explain the formation of stationary waves using a graphical method, and identify nodes and antinodes.
  3. 3. CURRENT ELECTRICITYShow an understanding of the effects of the internal resistance of a source of e.m.f. on the terminal potential difference and output power. Define e.m.f. in terms of the energy transferred by a source in driving unit charge round a complete circuit.
  4. 4. FORCES Show a qualitative understanding of frictional and viscous forces including air resistance, (No treatment of coefficient of friction and viscosity is required.) Show an understanding that the weight of a body may be taken as acting at a single point known as its centre of gravity.
  5. 5. LASER/SEMICONDUCT ORDiscuss qualitatively the origin of the depletion region at a p-n junction and use this to explain how a p-n junction can as a rectifier. Analyse qualitatively how n- and p-type doping change the conduction properties of semiconductors.
  6. 6. DYNAMICS Show an understanding that, whilst momentum of a system is always conserved in interactions between bodies, some change in kinetic energy usually takes place. Recognise that, for a perfectly elastic collision between two bodies, the relative speed of approach is equal to the relative speed of separation.
  7. 7. CONTACT US Address: BukitTimah Shopping Centre 170 Upper BukitTimah Road Level B1, Unit 32 Singapore 588179 Call / SMS : 8700 9189 Email: SgPhysicsCoach@gmail.com Web – www.bestphysicstuition.com