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physics tuition jc

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physics tuition jc

  1. 1. A-Level Physics Tuition by Award-Winning JC Lecturer Most probably the only JC Physics Tutor in Singapore with two Outstanding Contribution Awards by MOE
  2. 2. Recall and use Coulomb’s law in the form F=Q1Q2/4(pi)E0r2 for the force between two point charges in free space or air. Recall and use E=Q/4(pi)E0r2 for the field strength of a point charge in free space or air.
  3. 3. Show an appreciation that a force might act on a current-carrying conductor placed in a magnetic field. Recall and solve problems using the equation F = BIL sin(theta), with the directions as interpreted by Fleming’s left-hand rule.
  4. 4. Show an understanding of the principle of operation of a simple iron-cored transformer and recall and solve problems using Ns / Np = Vs / Vp = Ip / Is for an ideal transformer. Distinguish between r.m.s. and peak values and recall and solve problems using the relationship Irms = Io / sqrt(2) for the sinusoidal case.
  5. 5. Distinguish between conduction band and valence band. Discuss qualitatively the origin of the depletion region at a p-n junction and use this to explain how a p-n junction can as a rectifier.
  6. 6. Show an understanding that an element can exist in various isotopic forms each with a different number of neutrons. Show an understanding of the concept of mass defect.
  7. 7. Bukit Timah Shopping Centre 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road Level B1, Unit 32 Singapore 588179 Call / SMS : 8700 9189 Email: SgPhysicsCoach@gmail.com