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Short-Training asp.net vNext

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asp.net vNext is the next major version on .net on the server. It’s a completely new way to work with awesome possibilities ; It contains a new flexible and cross-platform runtime, new modular HTTP request pipeline, Cloud-ready CLR, an unified programming model that combines MVC, Web API, and Web Pages, a no-compilation dev experience, ability to self-host or host on IIS, …
Best of all : it’s Open source in GitHub (https://github.com/aspnet/Home)

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Short-Training asp.net vNext

  1. 1. asp.net vNext The future of the Server MAXIME LEMAITRE – 11/12/2014
  2. 2. Agenda • Before to start • Let’s – create a new MVC project.. – open the project file … – add a reference … – add a nuget package … – build a class library… – build & publish the project… – edit source code… – add some configuration … – add a web api … – play with bower/gulp/grunt … • asp.net core & project K • Questions
  3. 3. Based on latest asp.net vNext version (Nov. 2014)
  4. 4. Let’s create a new MVC project … What’s different ? • New sections – wwwroot – Dependencies • New Solution structure – Src, artefacts, … • New files – project.json – global.json – (package.json) – (grunfile.js) – (bower.json) • Missing files/folders – MVC Content/Scripts/AppStart – Web.config – global.asax
  5. 5. Let’s open the project file … What’s different ? • K Project file is smaller – Where are references ? – Where are source code files ? – Where are X & Y ? • A new project.json file – Project settings – Dependencies & Frameworks – Commands – (but still no files)
  6. 6. Let’s add a reference … What’s different ? • No more direct dependencies • No more GAC dependencies • NuGet everything, even the runtime itself. Dependencies are now defined in project.json
  7. 7. Let’s add a nuget package …
  8. 8. Let’s add a nuget package … • Brand New UI • Version Selection • Combined Installed/Online/Updates Workflows • Version Consolidation • Operation Previews • Installation Options (Dep behavior & conflict action) • Infinite Scrolling • …
  9. 9. Let’s build a class library … • New project type • Nuget packages “All the way” • Cross compiling (net40, net45, aspnet, aspnetcore, …) • Can be built via command line or VS
  10. 10. Let’s build & publish the project … • What about the deployable package ? – the assemblies never exist on the disk – the compiler do all the work in memory Tip : > SET KRE_TRACE=1 • Same experience between command prompt and VS • Cross-platform
  11. 11. Let’s edit source code … No-compile developer experience ! vNext uses the Rosyln compiler to compile code dynamically. You will be able to edit a code file, refresh the browser, and see the changes without rebuilding the project.
  12. 12. Let’s add some configuration … • No more .config file ! But a new lightweight model – Configuartion that works everywhere (Core & Full CLR) – Configuration can be instantiated and initialized by the application Project.json Config.json Config.xml Config.ini Supports also command line arguments & environement variables ! Tip : ConfigR may help… Program.cs
  13. 13. Let’s add a web api … • MVC, Web API, and Web Pages will be merged into one framework, called MVC 6 – removes a lot of overlap between the existing MVC and Web API frameworks – uses a common set of abstractions for routing, action selection, filters, model binding, and so on – use the framework to create both UI (HTML) and web APIs. • No dependency to System.Web – leaner framework, with faster startup time and lower memory consumption
  14. 14. Let’s play with bower/gulp/grunt … • VS 2015 Preview has built-in support for popular package managers – Bower. Described as a “package manager for the web,” Bower lets you install and restore client-side packages, include JavaScript and CSS libraries. – Grunt and Gulp. Grunt and Gulp are JavaScript-based task runners. – npm : npm is a package manager that was originally created for Node.js. Bower, Grunt, and Gulp all use npm. • wwwroot folder – All of the static files (generated or not) in your project go into this folder
  15. 15. Microsoft’s Special K • KRE – K Runtime Environment is the code required to bootstrap and run an ASP.NET vNext application. This includes things like the compilation system, SDK tools, and the native CLR hosts. • KVM – K Version Manager is for updating and installing different versions of KRE. KVM is also used to set default KRE version. • KPM – K Package Manager manages packages needed by applications to run. Packages in this context are NuGet packages. Read more here
  16. 16. Levels of abstractions • The host application – in the past this was ALWAYS Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). This could be IIS, IIS with Helios, Katana, or some other OWIN capable host. • The CLR framework – previously you would choose which version of the Microsoft.NET framework you wanted to use. This may be .NET 4.5.2, K runtime, or Mono. • The Application Host – previously, this would be the W3C executable. Now, this can be a host for the Visual Studio designer, or the new Microsoft.Host.Runtime. • Your Application – Your application now loads the former ASP.NET frameworks (MVC, WebAPI, or SignalR) as part of its dependencies. Read more here
  17. 17. Asp.net vNext Features • New flexible and cross-platform runtime • New modular HTTP request pipeline • Cloud-ready environment configuration • Unified programming model that combines MVC, Web API, and Web Pages • Ability to see changes without re-building the project • Side-by-side versioning of the .NET Framework • Ability to self-host or host on IIS • New tools in Visual Studio 2015 • Open source in GitHub Read more here
  18. 18. Questions
  19. 19. Continue reading … • http://www.asp.net/vnext/overview/aspnet-vnext • http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Visual-Studio/Connect-event-2014/011 • http://www.tugberkugurlu.com/archive/exciting-things-about-asp-net-vnext-series- the-ultimate-guide • https://github.com/aspnet/Home/wiki • https://github.com/aspnet/Home/wiki/KRuntime-structure • http://www.hanselman.com/blog/IntroducingASPNETVNext.aspx • http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25431750/asp-net-vnext-is-host-agnostic-what- does-it-deeply-mean • http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/dotnetConf/2014/ASP-NET-vNext-101 • http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Visual-Studio/Connect-event-2014/023 • http://jeremydmiller.com/2014/12/02/some-thoughts-on-the-new-net/? utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter • http://gunnarpeipman.com/aspnet/ • http://www.omnisharp.net/
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