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Comenius Finland presentation

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This is a powerpoint produced by pupils before their trip to Finalnd. They explore the 4 Elements in Scotland, and pay particular attention to Beinn Eighe, a mountain near Gairloch.

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Comenius Finland presentation

  1. 1. Joe Jordan Iain Max *Comenius Group: Scotland
  2. 2. * Beinn Eighe is Britain's oldest National Nature Reserve (1951). It has 2 main aspects of the 4 elements; Earth and Water.
  3. 3. *Beinn Eighe is a complex mountain located in the Torridon area of the Highlands of Scotland. The mountain is located near our school in the NW Highlands.
  4. 4. * *Beinn Eighe has light coloured summits
  5. 5. ‘Quartzite Mountain’ Quartzite Rock (540 million years ago) Torridonian Sandstone (800 million years ago)
  6. 6. *The weather near the top can get very fierce. The picture on the right shows the iconic Triple Buttress. It is also the home of an aviation disaster in 1951.
  7. 7. WATER
  8. 8. *Beinn Eighe has been carved and sculpted over many thousands of years.
  9. 9. *Beinn Eighe is also a host of lochs and waterfalls, gathered from rain. Beinn Eighe also overlooks Loch Maree.